Celebrity Instagrams You Should Be Following

In an age of social media overload and over-saturation of celebrity culture, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the carefully curated lifestyles of celebrities. We all know Beyoncé’s Instagram will be heavily filtered and edited by a team of image and brand consultants who need to make her life flawless. Luckily there’s a whole slew of celebrities who go the opposite route and post their unfiltered thoughts (for better or worse) on the Internet.

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Escape From Reality: My Favorite Sci-Fi TV Characters

Science fiction has been used as an escape for a long time for many people. I am no different. Though my first introduction to sci-fi was kid’s cartoons, I have grown up with science fiction. It has been one of the most watched genres of my entire life. It has kept me grounded and let me escape to other worlds or other times. Science fiction has allowed me to disappear when I am having a bad day. It is one of the best forms of self-care available to me. Read More Escape From Reality: My Favorite Sci-Fi TV Characters

Dealing With the Traumatized Dog, Part 1

Sometimes people will adopt a dog, and despite all of their best efforts, they end up with a dog who has some serious personality problems. If you are in that position, here are some tips to wrap your head around when considering how to help your dog. Read More Dealing With the Traumatized Dog, Part 1

Caregiving: Monsters, Furniture, and Awareness

October seems to be the month of awareness. I feel very aware of mental illness. I watch it drag him down, bring him to his knees, smack him around for good measure. It’s interesting to see the manifestations of mental illness when personified or anthropomorphised. What kind of monster will it be? If I’m honest, I see mental illness less as a monster and more like a piece of furniture. Read More Caregiving: Monsters, Furniture, and Awareness

Book Review: The Middle of Somewhere, by Sonja Yoerg

In Sonja Yoerg’s novel The Middle of Somewhere, Liz Kroft is about to turn thirty, but for someone so young, she has a lot of emotional baggage she needs to work through. The opportunity presents itself when she decides to take a solitary hike on the John Muir Trail in the Yosemite Valley. When her boyfriend Dante joins her, though, her plans change, and the secrets she carries become an unpleasant weight for her. Throughout their journey, they encounter a host of different characters: an actor who is unwillingly making the hike for a movie role; a devoted older couple who found love the second time around; and a pair of sinister brothers, both professional outdoorsmen, who have their own secrets to hide as well. Read More Book Review: The Middle of Somewhere, by Sonja Yoerg

PoC News in America

This week, we congratulate the President and the First Lady for celebrating 23 years of marriage and looking fly throughout their time together.

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Weekly Anime Review

It’s the last week of the summer season. God Eater finally shows back up, but unfortunately, the rest of the episodes were pushed back to this winter. Overlord ends with a bang and cash shop items. Finally, Arslan Senki has a proper ending, hopefully we get more of that. Next week, I’m going to have all new shows: the second seasons of Fafner Exodus, K – Return of the Kings and Owari no Seraph. I am also going to try Heavy Object (humans against huge war machines) and the new Gundam show (because mecha). Read More Weekly Anime Review

News in Asia

This week, we talk about the completely preventable tragedy of a hospital hit by U.S.-NATO forces, some good environmental news, girls climbing mountains and Internet protesters. Read More News in Asia