The Problem With Self-Help Guides and the “Lean In” Phenomenon

I’ve been thinking a lot about self-help books lately. With my current situation of transitioning out of grad school and into the working world (at least for a year or two until I decide if I want to pursue a Ph.D. or not), I’ve contemplated frequently about my skill set and abilities. Like with most transitions, the path is not easy and having anxiety hasn’t been much help either. So I’ve found myself turning to the world of self-help books. Continue reading

The Perfect Drug

When I say music is my drug of choice, I’m not making an offhand statement. I don’t know how it is for other people, but music truly is a drug for me. The effects it can have are as real and intense as if I ate some speed or smoked a big ass blueberry blunt. All I have to do is jam the ear buds as deep as they’ll go and find that fine line between loud enough and ouch-that-hurts.

Continue reading

Being Trans Enough

As we are all aware, the trans* population is fairly small. This has obviously made it hard for us to unite and gain ground as a community over the years. With the Internet, trans* people have found it easier to talk and get to know one another. It has also facilitated our activism, and 2014 seems to be the year of the trans*person. We’ve seen Janet Mock, Laura Jane Grace and Laverne Cox everywhere. For me, this has been awesome.  Continue reading

5 More TV Movies to Stream

Our love of Lifetime Movies is well-documented here on Persephone. One of the big losses of my new living abroad lifestyle was the loss of these cheesy, melodramatic, overwrought TV movies, which were a weekend staple at my house. It was to my delight that I discovered a virtual slew of old-school, based-on-a-true-story LMN movies secreted away in the depths of Amazon Prime Instant Viewing. And I was going to let my subscription lapse! Not anymore, bucko. They’ve got my money for another year. Continue reading