Dear Caitlyn

Content Warning: Suicide Ideation, Transmisogyny

Caitlyn, it’s been over six months since you announced who you really are. While the hoopla over a Olympic gold medalist coming out as trans has not died down, trans women have increasingly been trying to distance ourselves from you.
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Joining the Cult of Greyhound

You won’t find dogs more elegant and sleek in appearance than sighthounds, and greyhounds are the most prominent representatives of this category.  But all is not as it seems: if Basset Hounds are the WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) dogs, Greyhounds are the Not-At-All-What-You-Think dogs. Read More Joining the Cult of Greyhound

Keep The Plus

Recent attempts to get retailers to stop separating out plus sizes are misguided. The campaign known as #DropThePlus wants models and clothes to exist without the size qualifier, which seems like it promotes inclusivity but really does us a disservice.
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Weekly Anime Review

I am at the point where all I care about is Fafner Exodus and the new Gundam show. Heavy Object, K: Return of Kings, and Owari no Seraph are too “we have a plot, but not really” for me, although Owari no Seraph is mostly failing in the execution there. Read More Weekly Anime Review

A Diwali Carol Playlist

It’s time to clean everything, go shopping, and eat until you explode. As I mentioned last year, I don’t know that much about Diwali. I do know there aren’t enough Diwali carols, or really any.

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Friday News Bites: #Mizzou Protests, SeaWorld Changes + More

This week’s collection of links has nothing to do with the holiday implications of red coffee cups. Instead, we have some LGBTQ+ news, bookish things, and one woman who is not about to be a cooperative Trump spectator. Read on!

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