This Week in Misogyny Found Some Sexist Pigs

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Happy Friday, everyone! It’s time to learn about all the things that sucked this week! Hooray! Let’s talk about Miss America, the NFL, and why you really should smile more, ladies! Trust me on that one. (As usual, trigger warnings for pretty much everything apply.)

[E] HillaryThis Week in Misogyny Found Some Sexist Pigs

A Step Back in Time and Down Memory Lane

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I went to the Oregon Renaissance Festival this weekend! I saw some shows, had my hair braided, and ate delicious baklava. I didn’t eat any turkey legs, though, and we left before the joust. But the best part was thinking back to my time as a Safety and Security Officer at the Bristol Renaissance Faire.

NatashaA Step Back in Time and Down Memory Lane

Why Do We Need Ballet to Be a Sport?

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In late July, the athletic wear company Under Armour unveiled a new ad campaign featuring gorgeous badass ballerina Misty Copeland of the American Ballet Theater. The campaign, titled “I Will What I Want,” immediately became the subject of much publicity and discussion all over the Internet. Countless outlets, including USA Today, announced it under the headline, “Under Armour Settles Whether Ballet … Read More

(e)KelsiumWhy Do We Need Ballet to Be a Sport?

The Crybaby Syndrome

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This past year and a half I’ve allowed myself to be vulnerable, which, if you know me, it has been quite a difficult task. I’ve been successful in building an impenetrable wall all these years making it a laborious endeavor to puncture through. As I began to tear down that wall, a lot of goodness and positive energy seeped through, … Read More

LuannThe Crybaby Syndrome