Do You Have a Moment to Discuss the Gospel of Our Lady, Mrs. Pollifax?

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It’s been almost three years since I posted an article on Persephone. How are you? I’ve missed you! You’re so pretty! I like your earrings! Man, this week, right? But, really. This week, right? There are so many horrible things I want to talk about, but I can’t find the words. Sometimes internet rage simply fails us. The problems are … Read More

KelsiumDo You Have a Moment to Discuss the Gospel of Our Lady, Mrs. Pollifax?

It’s Back: The Bathroom Meme

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What’s back, you may ask, dear P-Mag reader? The shittiness that is the bathroom meme. Oh, but Alyson, what is the bathroom meme? Well, dear reader, it is a repeated belief statement that trans people should not be allowed to use the correct restroom. Why would someone want that, Alyson? Well, because people are assholes who believe their twisted version … Read More

AlysonIt’s Back: The Bathroom Meme

News in Europe: No News Here

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Unicorns and friends, I have just spent the most blissful week of no news in Eastern Poland. We went potato harvesting and looked at some week-old baby cows. That was literally it, and it was grand. I never want to leave.

KaroNews in Europe: No News Here

Deciding To Use Low Cost Vet Care

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Pets are expensive, and sometimes it’s hard to afford even basic veterinary care. Startup care for young or new animals can be a burden, especially spay or neuter surgery, but with the improvements in low cost care that is available in many communities, it’s often not a case of cutting quality or skipping services to decrease costs. Too many people skip these … Read More

Laura-CDeciding To Use Low Cost Vet Care

2014′s Summer TV Lacked Sass

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This summer, many networks have dunked their toes into airing original, first-run programming. While fresh summer TV is old hat for cable networks like USA, it seemed like every network had an idea for a prestige drama or two.

[E] Selena MacIntosh*2014′s Summer TV Lacked Sass