The Daily Goodie: 1/28

Happy Friday once again, my dears. Today’s Goodie is for all you bookish nerds out there. I’ve just been made aware of Book-A-Minute, a years-old website that provides short, slighly snarky summaries of classic books. I’m aware that y’all hate clicking through to external websites, but believe me that this is worth the click. Here’s probably my favorite summary, which will hopefully entice you to click through for more.

The Great Gatsby
By F. Scott Fitzgerald

Ultra-Condensed by Annie Berke


Daisy, I made all this money for you, because I love you.


I cannot reciprocate, because I represent the American Dream.


Now I must die, because I also represent the American Dream.

(Gatsby DIES.)


I hate New Yorkers.


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