4 thoughts on “William & Kate: Not My Kind of Lifetime Movie”

  1. Whoa there, why pay $79 for a knockoff, when you can have one for a mere $19 from the very reputable-sounding Sterlington Collection?


    (I love how the voiceover says “Nineteen dollars ninety” – because OMG THAT’S HOW ENGLISH PEOPLE TALK)

    I bet they’re even made in the same factory. Although, with the Lifetime version you get a “hinged jewelry gift box with black leatherette exterior” while the Sterling Collection version comes in a “hinged decorative velveteen jeweler’s box.” Velveteen? Feh. Only a peasant would accept anything less than leatherette to surround their fake 30-carat stone.

  2. I saw ten minutes of this movie and it just looked awful. And my husband kept asking ‘wait, what is this?’ I’m not sure he’s aware of all the sappy tv movies that were made when Diana and Fergie got married.

    Watching Diana’s wedding is a huge memory from my childhood. I’m totally down with watching this one too.

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