Tuesday Fun Time

I’ll be honest, I’m all out of trivia.  By next week I’m sure my useless knowledge battery will have recharged, but for tonight we’re going to try something different.  I’ll give you a list of categories and a letter, you give me an answer for each category that starts with the magic letter.  Once an answer has been used in the comments it can’t be repeated, so if I say “Something you eat that starts with ‘C'” and the first person says “cucumber,” then the next person has to think of something else besides cucumber.

So, can you think of;

A popular woman’s name

Something you eat

A musician or band

An article of clothing


A book or author

That starts with the letter “G”?


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13 thoughts on “Tuesday Fun Time”

  1. Ok, so:

    Name: Georgia (I know this name doesn’t won’t be hitting the top baby name of the year list anytime soon, but I’ve known a surprising number of ladies named Georgia)
    Food: Gumbo
    Band: Gnarls Barkley
    Clothing: Galoshes
    Author: George Orwell (or does that not count since someone else said George?)

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