Wrapping Up the School Year by Saying Thank You

Schools throughout the Midwest are wrapping up this week, and even schools that started after Labor Day are counting down into the single digits (some of them, anyway). With all of the anticipation of summer, it can be easy to let the last few days of school fly by without a notice or acknowledgment of the year that has passed.

Take a minute to say thank you.

Say thank you to the bus driver who greeted your child with a smile every morning.

Say thank you to the staff member who directed traffic as minivans lined up to pick students every afternoon, directing a traffic pattern that would baffle some air traffic controllers.

Say thank you to the school secretary who called to let you know your child did, in fact, have the permission slip originally thought missing.

Say thank you to the classroom teacher, who emailed you in the evening, graded papers on Saturday morning, and stayed after school to help your child understand something.

Write a little note to these people who made your child’s day brighter and enriched her world. If your child is old enough, have her write the note. One of my favorite thank yous ever was a picture drawn by a four-year-old, with a caption dictated to her father who wrote the whole story down.

If you have the resources, a gift card, garden plant or other memento is nice, but it’s the handwritten thank you notes that always made my day. A heartfelt, “Enjoy your time off” always made me feel like the parent thanking me realized how all-consuming teaching was. How if there was a class in my charge, then, well, I was in charge, and it was never far from my mind.

This year my daughter finishes a three year cycle with a fantastic teacher. I will be giving her my family’s heartfelt thank yous, because she has been instrumental in helping my daughter become who she is today.

How do you say thank you?

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  1. I couldn’t agree more. I think its a sad commentary on our current culture that teachers, school workers, and volunteers are taken for granted by so many parents. Todays teachers are expected to do so much more than teach. They are responsible not only for the academic advancement of the next generation, but the moral, social and emotional development of our most important “natural resource” – our children. A heart-felt Thank You is well deserved.

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