19 thoughts on “True Blood Recap: Season 4, Episode 2 ““ “You Smell Like Dinner””

    1. And now, seriously. In the book, you could at least have come up with some sort of plausible explanation that he’s naked. Like, maybe he fought a bear or something on the way to Sook’s house. But in the show, we seem him run out of the meeting — in a shirt and a jacket! — and then just wandering down the road, sans shirt and jacket. What happened? I need to know!

      Also, I appreciated that he was walking towards Sookie’s house. I thought that was a nice touch.

  1. One thing that I found impressive was ASkars’ ability to transform from super sexy vampire to little lost puppy with the mere manipulation of some face muscles. Yes, his main job is to wander around in various states of undress, but the fact that he looks almost like a different person post-witch encounter makes me praise his ability as an actor.

    1. I agree. I mean, I’ve been lusting after him since the moment I saw him with that short hair, but only in the past year or so of watching the show have I realized that he’s actually very talented. He takes after his Dad I suppose. I can’t wait to see him in some films – he has quite a few coming out this year, so I’m excited.

    2. He looks about 15 years younger post-witch (or 985 years younger, depending on how we’re counting vampire years). I’ve always thought he was a hottie, but watching someone completely change their face from one shot to the next is pretty impressive.

          1. Actually, they more or less are that way. Because the books are filtered through Sookie’s perspective and she runs with a supernatural crowd, most of the people she meets does have some sort of tie to the otherworld.

            But it works on two levels — 1, it tells us that the world isn’t as ‘normal’ as people think it is and 2, that the boundaries between those two states aren’t as solid as some might like.

            Tara is not supernatural in the books, but book Tara and show Tara are completely different entities. And let’s not forget that Tara’s dabbled in the supernatural too! First season, with the exorcisms and second season, with the meanad.

    1. The Jason-werepanther storyline is kind of a non-issue in the books. It comes up now and again, but because the series is POV of Sookie, we don’t see a lot of what’s going on over in Hotshot. It causes some tension between Jason and Sookie too — not because he’s a werepanther, but because he’s a selfish asshole.

      I kind of liked him talking care of the old folks and the kids. I could do without Crystal.

  2. I liked the pace of this episode except for the flashbacks. I thought they were overdone and unnecessary for the information that was gained. I had some trouble believing that Nan would be ok with Bill setting up Queen Sophie-Ann over Sookie but realize she had her own motives. I think that all the ladies loving cool Eric love him more after this episode and I hope his amnesia is temporary. Sookie is so distrustful of Eric yet she seeks help from Bill of all people.I think Arlene is right and that little baby is possessed! So many things were going through my mind during the panther scene that at first I thought he was going to have mate with her!

  3. This episode made me weak in the knees, I’m embarassed to say. I’ve already watched it twice. Eric’s sweetness in the beginning, telling Sookie how he cares about her, fixing her door, and the line, “He built a cubby in my house” just slayed me. Oh, I love it. I love romantic Eric. *sigh* I’m a 30 year old fangirl, it’s pathetic. My ovaries exploded when he said he would see to it that her door got fixed.

    The rest of the episode was fantastic, IMO. I didn’t see the Jason thing coming, and even though the plotline is kind of stupid, I’m just happy that they are going a direction with his character that doesn’t involve banging various hot women. At least he’ll be something cool now.

    I didn’t understand why Sookie would want to automatically stake Eric in that scene. She doesn’t know Marnie or any of the rest of the coven and it would seem to me that she’d be just as suspicious of them as she is of the vamps. Lala wasn’t in any real danger, so it just seemed weird to me that she’d try to stake Eric. But then, she seems to have a pretty heavy hatred for any vampire dude who expresses interest in Sookie. I wonder if her girlfriend is going to have a bigger presence on the show.

    Eric with amnesia…oh, I knew it was gonna happen cause some of the folks who’ve read the books spoiled it for me, but I was still SO PISSED. DAMMIT! I am 12, but I was just devastated – why can’t Sookie and Eric just bone already and be in love forever + ever?

    I love Bill as an asshole. He is so sexy when he’s not a blithering pile of simpering B.S. I love him when he’s a dick. And I loved hearing his real accent in the scene with Callum the bartender (loved that they used that name, cause that’s my son’s name).

    The first two episodes have made me more adamant that I have to buy these books. I’m gonna bid on a set on Ebay when I get my next paycheck.

      1. I was thinking the same exact thing about Tara during that scene. It didn’t seem to make sense to me that she would react that way especially knowing how fast and dangerous vampires are. Just because you have been in a few cage fights doesn’t mean you can take on Eric.

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