Cold-Brewed Coffee: It’s a fancy thing, and you can make it too!

More ways to enjoy my coffee? Yes please! Cold-brewed coffee by way of New Orleans offers a more concentrated caffeine punch minus the bitter acidity. If you have some coffee grinds, a container with a lid and enough patience to let the concentrate brew overnight, the following recipe may well change the way you enjoy iced-coffee forever.

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Making Cold-Brew Coffee Can Get Funky

As of late, I’ve been hearing much hype about cold-brewed coffee. It turns out the process is incredibly simple and while you can find prepared concentrate, making it yourself is easy.

Making Your Own Cold-Brewed Coffee

Making cold-brewed coffee at home basically involves:

1. Combine coffee grinds and water in a container with a lid (a mason jar will work).

2. Cover the blend and let it sit overnight (or about 12 hours).

3. In the morning, after the coffee has brewed overnight, strain the concentrate through a coffee filter or cheesecloth into a glass of ice. If you have a French Press, you can also filter the grinds with that.

Enjoy by mixing the concentrate with water to taste. More detailed measurements can be found here.

Exploring with different coffee grinds will obviously vary the taste of the concentrate. In the cold-brewed coffee from New Orleans, the chicory mixed into their coffee blends adds an interesting flavor.

Cold-Brewed Coffee Makers

There are some  coffee-makers made specifically for cold-brewed coffee on the market. One example is The Toddy, which The Washington Post has deemed, “the ultimate coffee maker.”

Another cold-brew system is the Hourglass Coffee Maker, illustrated by Gail in the following video.


I Want Someone Else to Do the Work!

Cold-brewed coffee is also available prepared from  Grady’s in Brooklyn. The stuff is a pricey $15 a bottle, and is basically the same stuff you make at home but with some added chicory and spices. When sealed, it lasts about four days. Shipping the bottles costs a pretty penny, so unless you live in Brooklyn it doesn’t seem like a very realistic option for satisfying your cold-brew coffee fix.

If you are a caffeine fan, there is no excuse not to try this out. And if you happen to have any insider tips for making cold-brewed coffee pass it on!


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