Fun Time Open Thread: Super Secret Identities

After watching Castle last night, I am in a comic book state of mind. Tonight’s theme is alter egos.  I’ll give you the secret identity, you give me the super hero.  Ready?  Then up, up and away!

  1. Bruce Wayne
  2. Clark Kent
  3. Peter Parker
  4. Jay and Silent Bob
  5. Prince Adam
  6. Bruce Banner
  7. Diana Prince
  8. Barbara Gordon
  9. Jean Grey
  10. Susan Storm
  11. Kit Walker
  12. Selena Kyle
  13. Ororo Munroe

And now for one of my favorite childhood superheroes:

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19 thoughts on “Fun Time Open Thread: Super Secret Identities”

  1. And they say girls don’t read comic books.

    From now on, unless I have something relevant to say about the trivia, the answers won’t get their own post.  I’ll just post the answers in the comments after a suitable period of time.  In this case, I don’t even have to do that because Slay Belle is a secret identity rockstar and she got all the answers correct, including extra credit for the multiple personalities.

    1. I worked in the comics industry for a while. Its sort of an occupational hazard. Do you know what happens to you if you don’t know the nitty gritty details of the evolutions of mainstream comic superheros? It’s not pretty. (I didn’t even list all of Jean’s aliases. She has a couple more, but I didn’t want to cheat and look them up.)

  2. Bruce Wayne – Batman
    Clark Kent – Superman
    Peter Parker – Spiderman
    Jay and Silent Bob – Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith?
    Prince Adam – He-man
    Bruce Banner – The Hulk
    Diana Prince – Wonder Woman
    Barbara Gordon – Batgirl
    Jean Grey – Phoenix / Dark Phoenix
    Susan Storm – Invisible Woman
    Kit Walker – The Phantom
    Selena Kyle – Catwoman
    Ororo Munroe – Storm

  3. I love this post! Fun story, when I teach the chapter on electoral systems in my comparative class, we do mock elections, and the candidates are always the real name/cover identity name of superheroes. After “John Smith” and “Jane Jones,” I was pretty bad at coming up with fake generic names, so I used those instead. It’s always a big hit. Also, Bruce Wayne is totally a Conservative, anyway. You just know it.

    1. The Batman
    2. Superman
    3. Spiderman
    5. He-man
    6. The Incredible Hulk
    7. Wonder Woman! (I can never think of the name Wonder Woman! without singing it in my head and appending an exclamation point.)
    8. Batgirl
    9. Uuuuugh. Phoenix or whatever you want to call her. I hate her more than I ought to hate a fictional hero. She and Scott Summers were made for each other in their giant pile of awful.
    11. The Phantom! He is my favorite one that my students never know.
    12. Catwoman
    13. Storm

      1. It’s not just the writers though — there’s been a real invasion of very conservative commenters. I mean, it’s not like you have to pass some sort of liberal feminist shitass litmus test to find the site or anything, but so many of them right around the same time makes suspect hinkery. Like an organized troll invasion or something.

  4. Some of the people have multiple aliases. I don’t know if I’m proud or saddened by doing this off the top of my head.

    1. Batman

    2.. Superman

    3. Spider-Man

    4. Bluntman and The Chronic

    5.  He-Man

    6. The Hulk

    7. Wonder Woman

    8. Batgirl, Oracle

    9. Phoenix, Dark Phoenix, Marvel Girl

    10. Invisible Girl, Invisible Woman

    11. The Phantom

    12. Catwoman

    13. Storm


  5. 1.  Batman
    2. Superman
    3. Spiderman
    4. Bluntman and Chronic
    5. Crap crap crap…I don’t know this and I feel like I should.
    6. The Hulk
    7. I have no idea
    8. Batgirl
    9. Jean Grey/Phoenix
    10. The Invisible Woman
    11. Ummm…???
    12. Catwoman
    13. Storm

    X-Men FTW!

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