Have Some Autumn Latkes With a Side of Applesauce

Have you been apple picking this season yet? I haven’t, but tentative plans to go have inspired me to make applesauce. And if you’re going to have applesauce, you’d better make some latkes to go with it. I recently tried out an Autumn Latke recipe with beets, sweet potatoes and carrots that you should probably know about.

Photo of beets
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The Autumn Latke recipe comes from Vegonomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook  by Isa Chandra Moskowitz of Post Punk Kitchen and Terry Hope Romero. If you are getting just one vegan cookbook, let it be this one – seriously unbelievably good.

Cooking with beets is a messy, beautiful thing.  To make these latkes, the beets, sweet potatoes, and carrots are all shredded and combined with scallions, corn meal, and flour to make the patties that are then fried in olive oil.

The recipe calls for two cups beets, one cup sweet potatoes, and one cup carrots but when I make them again I will probably use more sweet potatoes than beets and carrots. I haven’t tried them that way, but Bianca over at Vegan Crunk did and look how well they turned out!

Autumn Latkes photos from Vegan Crunk blog

Sadly this particular exact recipe isn’t available online, but a similar recipe is offered by Isa on the Post Punk Kitchen for Potato Latkes.

To make the applesauce I peeled and diced four apples, dashed in some cinnamon and nutmeg and covered to cook for about 15 minutes. Mash those babies up and call it a day.  The apples I used were moist enough that I didn’t add water, though some recipes call for it. Also sugar. And a lot of other things. I kept it simple and it came out wonderfully.

What is your favorite dipping sauce to have with latkes?


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  1. This looks DELICIOUS. I’m definitely going to have to try this recipe when I can get a hold of some decent beets.

    I’ll never understand why people balk at vegetarian or vegan labeled recipes. I’m not either, but that doesn’t mean that veg/vegan recipes don’t taste delicious. I’d probably want sour cream with these, to have a tart flavor to offset the sweetness. Tahini or hummus might be good too.

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