Persephone Fall Bracket 2011: Supporting Lady in Comedy/Musical/Variety Nominations

We are assembling quite the list of badasses, promising that voting for a winner in this contest is going to be very, very hard. Mwahahaha. Today we’re adding supporting funny ladies to the mix, so get out your #2 pencils and let the nominations fly. 

Some ladies were nominated in the original thread, so I’ve listed them below.

Sue Sylvester and Santana Lopez (Glee)

Jordan and Carla (Scrubs)

Aunt Dahlia (Jeeves and Wooster)

Jane Lane (Daria)

Sookie St. James (Gilmore Girls)

Jackie and Darlene (Roseanne)

Margaret “Hotlips” Houlihan (MASH)


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15 thoughts on “Persephone Fall Bracket 2011: Supporting Lady in Comedy/Musical/Variety Nominations”

  1. Some of these have already been mentioned, but I want to put my support behind them as well:

    Lindsay Bluth Fünke, Arrested Development

    April Ludgate, Parks and Recreation

    Ann Perkins, Parks and Recreation

    Britta Perry, Community

    Shirley Bennett, Community

    Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler, The Big Bang Theory

    Jane Lane, Daria

  2. Rhoda, who gets the odd position of being both a lead (in her own series) and supporting actress (in Maude).
    Florence, The Jeffersons
    Gloria, All In the Family
    Hot Lips Houlihan, MASH (She got nominated in the lead category too, but she might be classified as ‘supporting.)
    Mrs. Garette, Facts of Life and Different Strokes
    Dee What’s Happening
    Carla, Cheers
    Gabrielle, Xena
    Calisto, Xena
    Foxxy Love, Drawn Together
    April, Parks and Rec
    Karen, Will and Grace
    Ms Piggy, The Muppet Show
    Athena, BSG
    Veronica, Better Off Ted
    Cameron, Sarah Conner Chronicles

  3. Betty White’s character on Mary Tyler Moore (Suzanne Blevins? Am I remembering that right?)

    Ethel, I Love Lucy.

    Rudy the underestimated Huxtable, The Cosby Show

    Charlene and Suzanne, Designing Woman

    Busy Phillip’s character on Cougar Town and/or Freaks and Geeks

    KAT DEELY. If she can’t have an emmy for SYTYCD, she can be an honorary Persephoneer.


  4. Juliet O’Hara from Psych!

    Jen from the IT Crowd (Is she supporting or leading? They’re all supporting, really!)

    Prairie Dawn from Sesame Street

    Mahandra from Wonderfalls (Does anyone else even know what I’m talking about?)

    Dana Whitaker from Sports Night (see my question re: Jen!)

    Tasha Mack from The Game

    Mona from Who’s the Boss

    Kari Byron from Mythbusters (Is that a variety show? It’s kind of funny. Do we have an educational category we could put her? I know she’s not a fictional character, but…)

      1. I feel like that’s the trouble with defining ensemble shows like that. Who’s a lead and who’s supporting when six or seven characters all get about the same air time?

        See: Everyone who’s not Whitley on A Different World. (Because OBVIOUSLY Whitley is the star. Of everything.)

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