State of the Fall TV 2011 Address

Earlier in the season, Coco Papy talked about this fall’s woman-friendly new shows and how that all that was given to us was complete bupkis. In this void of quality entertainment, a few gems have emerged, though. Ladies, I give you the State of the Union Fall TV 2011 Address.

Gone and Soon Forgotten

How to Be A Gentleman

Some of the worst offenders were quickly off the air, including Charlie’s Angels (8 episodes), The Playboy Club (3 episodes), and the not women-centric, but just completely terrible How to be a Gentleman (3 episodes). PamAm‘s fate is vague, with episodes left to air but not on the schedule and no more ordered, but ABC is claiming that’s it’s not cancelled.

Problematic with Promise

2 Broke GirlsI’m going to admit something that will probably make all of you stop reading right here and now. I actually kind of like New Girl and, most horribly of all, Two Broke Girls. If you’re still reading after that sentence, let me plead my case. Each of those shows are definitely problematic, no doubt. New Girl is perpetuating the awkward in an oh-so-charming-and-pretty-way trope, and Two Broke Girls has serious problems with relying on racism and rape for its “jokes.” Each show shows promise, though. The supporting cast of New Girl is just excellent, with Schmidt, especially, gaining a surprising amount of depth since the first episode and the douchebag jar. Two Broke Girls actually passes the Bechdel Test frequently and both lead characters are growing to become more than just stereotypes. If the problems with the two shows are addressed and fixed, both could actually become shows you wouldn’t feel guilty watching.

Once Upon A Time

Outright Great

One show that really surprised me was Once Upon a Time. What could have been a show populated with one-dimensional characters (I mean, they’re fairy tales, after all), has shown a great amount of conflict within many of them. I can’t deny that I was happy to see the evil Queen finally show her evilness, though. The mysteries of the show are being handled well, giving out clues and hints to the big ones occasionally and revealing smaller ones along the way.


The Spring Outlook

It’s good news and bad news for the Spring, unfortunately. Whitney is still gracing (that’s sarcasm) our screens and Are You There, Chelsea? staring Laura Prepon as Chelsea Handler and Chelsea Handler as her sister (confused yet?), is set to double team with it. Community is off the schedule (but not cancelled), but 30 Rock is back on. Prime Suspect is pretty much cancelled and Bones will be on pregnancy-related hiatus, but Angelica Huston visits us weekly in Smash, which I’m really really hoping will be good.

What’s your take on this season so far? Are there great shows I missed that you’re loving? Shows you’re looking forward to in the new year? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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