100 Day Burpee Challenge: Week 1 Check-in

You’ve survived week one, my fellow Burpee Challengers! Are y’all still going strong? I have a confession to make: I’ve had to make up a day already. It was Saturday, my Day 7, and I found myself with a tooth/gum issue that warranted a visit to one of the many urgent care facilities in my area. But as much as it kicked my butt to do so, I made them up on Sunday, my Day 8 (a steady stream of pain medication may have aided in that).

What have your challenges been this week? Are you incorporating your burpees into your daily routine, or just doing them when you find time? Are you finding the movement itself any easier? Any tricks that you want to let us know about?

Let us know your triumphs and tribulations in the comments and I’ll see you next week!

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27 thoughts on “100 Day Burpee Challenge: Week 1 Check-in”

  1. What happens if we miss more than one day in a row? Do I have to do double the factorial? I had some trouble these last couple days (have been dealing with depression and just getting out bed on Saturday and Sunday was pretty much a success), but I don’t want to cheat in order to get back into it.


  2. OK, Day 12 is done, but I’m having a bit of a challenge. Maybe someone can help me (paging @queSarahSarah): I’m doing about half modified push-ups, and as I mentioned, walking back to plank instead of jumping. But the movement I’m having the most trouble with is plank-to-squat. I find myself rocking back a bit (almost like a very slight Child’s Pose, if that makes sense?) so I can get back up from the plank. Any ideas? Am I just not capable of doing a proper Burpee?

  3. I am hopping on the burpee bandwagon very late but posting here for accountability. So I can’t tell myself in a week that I’m not really doing the challenge, it’s fine if I stop, blah blah blah. There will be none of that namby-pamby copping out, I say. None!

    1. I tagged it like that mostly for kicks. To see who would respond that this was most certainly not fun. Because burpees aren’t really fun. They’re fairly awful, I’ll be the first to admit that. There are pages and pages of items on CafePress that say nothing but “Burpees Suck.”  Don’t be surprised if you see one on your doorstep someday.

  4. I did 10 today (I started at 3 on the 3rd, for countability). I don’t stress when I get tired/my form gets bad, because every day I’ll have more chances to do them! I’m not sure how I’m going to manage, time-wise, after like… 15. We’ll see!

  5. I feel myself adjusting to working out again, which I’m enjoying. It makes me happier. I’m on Day 8, so far no hiccups. Since I’m super busy, I’ve found myself at a quarter to midnight, jamming in the burpees. I need to work on my push-ups since I find as I approach the end of the set, I tend to arch my back instead of pushing straight up. I also need to work on the height of my jumps; I barely make it an inch even when I’m trying hard. No basketball for me.


    I’m enjoying this though!

    1. I’ve had a night or two that right before I was going to bed, I was like, “Oh, shit! I forgot my burpees!” And then proceeded to do them.  I try to do them in the mornings, but there are days that getting up just to go to work is a challenge, and that extra few minutes just isn’t happening.

      1. I have bad knees, so I’ve had to walk (rather than jump) back to the plank, and my jump at the end is really low, which I guess is kind of cheating, but I checked with a few fitness-type people, and they said it was still valid, as long as my form for everything was good.

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