2012 Sexy-Times Challenge: Week 2 Update

Well, hello, there! This month on Persephone, you’ve been challenged (by yours truly) to have at least 52 orgasms in 2012 (if that’s your thing, more if you like), and you’ve been challenged elsewhere to put a vibrator in your nightstand drawer already. Well. Have you?

Since we’re closing out the 2nd week of 2012, if you’re aiming for 52 orgasms I am hoping that, by now, you’ve had two.

Two orgasms, that’s not so hard, is it? (LOL.)

If you haven’t achieved two… hell, if you haven’t started making your O-face at all yet this year, there’s still time! Doing them weekly is fine, but if you want to go on hiatus from orgasm-having (I guess? I don’t know why you would want to do that, but if you do) feel free to catch up later in the year.

I’m right on track with partnered orgasms, having had one just last night in celebration of workplace success. I believe in the power of an orgasm to be a great method of celebration.

Last week in the comments, someone brought up the fact that not everyone is able to orgasm, and I think that’s a valid point. I would also venture to guess that this challenge is not for you, or at least, not as it’s stated; but not having orgasm doesn’t mean you should restrict yourself from having sexytimes; lots of good sex doesn’t involve orgasm at all. Lots of self-stimulation feels good even without shooting for climax. I think, like a fitness challenge or any other kind of blog-sponsored challenge, adapt the contest for whatever your needs and interests are, and go for that. It’s sex! It’s supposed to be fun and enjoyable and a source of pleasure for you.

Anyway, whether your goal is orgasms or just getting it on with some frequency, let us know how you’re doing! Share your frustrations; I hear there are cheerleaders out here in the sexy wilderness for whom 52 yearly orgasms is a laughably small goal, and I know they will be lurking in the comments to provide inspiration and support. And if you’re going this road solo, check out Ms. Vagina Science’s post from yesterday, How Do You Masturbate?

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70 thoughts on “2012 Sexy-Times Challenge: Week 2 Update”

  1. I haven’t been counting, but I am positive I’m ahead by at least 5. So I’ll say I’m up to 7, just to keep it fair.

    Here’s hoping that later this year I can get my partnered number to be at least half of my annual total. So, I suppose this is a conversation I’ll have to have with any new partners I encounter. “Hey, before we have sex, I just want to let you know that I have a very important challenge I’m participating in via the internet… So, I’m going to need multiple orgasms from you for the first few weeks we’re together, to get my partnered number up!”

  2. Well, I can certainly say I am working on it! I’m not always able to get there, but when I do it is fabulous. We tried last week, but no dice. Tonight is another night, though! And I’m sure I’ll make up for that missed one at some point :)

      1. Depending on your orientation, I recommend Japanese manga (comic) porn. The ones meant for men can be a bit scary (boobs like watermelons, anyone?) but some are good and romantic. There’s also a whole class called yayoi, which is gay (male) romantic stories designed for women. Very sexy.

  3. Ok, so I want to know if anyone else has this happen to them: orgasms from stimulus of non-traditional places.

    The back of my head appears to be extremely sensitive, and I have given myself an orgasm by blowing a hairdryer at the back of my head. Scalp massages are like heaven for me, I try not to let myself get carried away when I get one at the hairdresser.

    Anyone else got a weird quirk like that?

      1. Huge fan of having my breasts played with. For a long time I thought having my breast played with while have PIV sex was the only way I could come. From further experience, it just appears my ex and I were rubbish at sex together.  Now that things are much improved, having my breasts played with is all the more awesome.

        (I think I’m super-sensitive with being touched. I’m totally the person who is all DO NOT TOUCH MY FEET UNLESS YOU WANT A FOOT TO THE FACE.It appears sometimes Mr Cesy does want a foot to the face, as he kept on doing it for a while.)

    1. I’m making the assumption you’re heterosexual here, but have you tried stimulating yourself while having sex? The easiest way is to lie at the edge of the bed with your legs wrapped loosely around him, or just kinda splayed out. It gives him plenty of room to do his part, and you have easy access to the rest of yourself.

      If we’re talking same-sex-sex, well. I don’t know. I’ve never had it, but from what I’ve read, communication with your partner and uh, physical demonstrations and practice, will lead you down the road of your partner being able to get you off the way you like it.

  4. I’ve probably had 10 or so partnered orgasms this year. I never even knew I could orgasm until last August, so this is extra good!

    And so far in 2012, I’ve introduced my boyfriend to my Hitachi. Unf unf unf unf unf. WE HAVE BEEN MISSING OUT. *fans self*

  5. I usually climax pretty easily, so this challenge hasn’t been much of a challenge, but it’s still been ridiculously fun. Right now I’m actually working on the squirting/female ejaculation thing. I’ve done it before, but it takes a lot longer than I’d like, and I haven’t really figured out exactly what it is that gets me to do it. It feels SO nice though.

    I feel like I should apologize for TMI, but, well, it’s a thread for masturbation. Even I realize that would probably be a tad silly.

    1. For me it’s a bit random as well but usually the following things have to be happening: turned on a lot for a relatively long time (no quickies) and a certain kind of internal stimulation that I can never quite remember afterwards cos I’m… not paying attention at the time.

  6. Yes, I’ve got 52 in the bag…

    I think I’m going to try have at least one orgasm every day during masturbation month (May). For those who have not heard about it:

    We all owe a big thank you to Jocelyn Elders, the Surgeon General under the Clinton administration. In 1994, this lovely, highly educated, progressively-minded woman was asked if masturbation had the potential to discourage early sexual activity. She had the sex-positive thinking to boldly reply: “I think it is something that is part of human sexuality and a part of something that perhaps should be taught.” Just like that, the career of the first black Surgeon General was over. Ouch. She was crucified for suggesting we include masturbation information in sex ed classes, even with the purpose of discouraging early sexual activity.

    The staff at the San Francisco based sex toy and education company “Good Vibrations” were outraged and decided to find a way to keep the focus on Ms. Elders’ unfair treatment. National Masturbation Month was born! Good Vibrations recognized the need for bringing discussion of masturbation into the mainstream media (much to the horror of the sexually repressed), and providing support, encouragement and information. Huge thumbs up to Good Vibrations.

    So yeah – at least once a week for now, but I’m gearing up for May!

  7. I’m doing incredibly well. I’ve had maybe…10 orgasms in 2012, three from masturbating and seven from partnered sexytimes. I had two of those partnered ones last night and one this morning, even though I’m sick with strep throat (Mr. Whalers knew the risks…) I’m feeling much better now though, so orgasms seem to help lessen the symptoms of strep! Woo!

  8. Partnered?! I don’t remember this from the last post!! Yet I can see it inspiring another article (shall have to think some more about it!). On the partnered front, the challenege i’m going for is 12 in 2012. However, yes, cheerleading!! 52 in 2012!! Yes!! Huzzah!! Totes on track!! (I can’t believe I just wrote ‘totes’.)

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