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Over the weekend we were hanging out in our imaginary Persephone HQ, talking about how cool it would be to have official P-Mag T-shirts. A lot of ideas were tossed around, but we have yet to come up with the definitive design.

Now I’m opening it up to you, our dear readers. What do you think the P-Mag T-shirt should look like? Make up a design, post a picture in the comments and if we choose yours, you will get a free shirt when we get them made. Bonus points will be awarded for incorporating pomegranates, unicorns, zombies or Fuck Yeah, Jessica Fletcher. Enter as often as you like, if you have trouble loading your image in a comment, you can e-mail it to me at

Need a T-shirt template? Try speckyboy! If you want to be considered for the contest, please make sure you use images that are legal and free for us to use. If you just want to make something for fun to share in the comments, anything goes. :)

menacing opossum

I would also award bonus points for using Jen L. Disarray's awesome possum.

If it were up to me, this would be it.

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[E]SaraBFun Time Open Thread: It’s a Contest!

42 Comments on “Fun Time Open Thread: It’s a Contest!”

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    I would wear a similar, less “vibrant” version all the damn time.

    Also, only the DS9 episodes with at 25% of the time devoted to Odo are worth it. This episode is stupid. Odo was only in the first ten minutes…

      1. Profile photo of mxandb

        I like Odo and Kira mainly. Garek isn’t around much as of yet. And every time Bashir speaks, I want to slap him and say “Shut Up Bashir! The adults are talking.”


        1. Profile photo of LittleOrangeElephant

          I never liked Kira on my first watch when it aired back in the day but she’s really quite growing on me as I re-watch it all now – she’s one of my favorites now. Bashir, however, hasn’t improved. Thankfully they toned him down a bit after the first season and he’s less obnoxious.

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          Savannah Logsdon-Breakstone

          I once made a wine bag out of an intact opossum skin- I even added red glass beads for the eyes, and got some real fangs to sew in to the mouth. You drank out of the mouth and you changed the bottle of wine out the ass flap. It was a wedding present for a friend.

          It was their favorite wedding present, even 3 years later.

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