FunTime Open Thread: Jeopardy!

Guess what I just did? I took the online Jeopardy* test! It’s exciting, empowering, and intimidating all at the same time. It got me wondering, though, how much do you know about Jeopardy?

  1. Who created Jeopardy?
  2. When did it first air?
  3. When did Alex Trebek take up the reins as Jeopardy‘s host?
  4. What is the most common Jeopardy category?
  5. What is the most common Final Jeopardy category?

And now for something a little more fun:

  • Rhyme Time for $200
  • A small fake horse
  • Art for $400
  • His painting “The Scream” was inspired by a vivid, blood-red sunset.
  • Science for $600
  • This is the tendency for objects at rest, to stay at rest.
  • Shakespeare for $800
  • This modern day actress shares her name with Shakespeare’s wife.
  • Potent Potables for $1000
  • When these are used in winemaking, the wine takes on a slight vanilla flavor.


Here’s a little something to motivate you while you answer the questions:

*I am leaving out the exclamation point at the end of the official title, because all the extra punctuation was driving my computer (and me, by extension) bonkers.

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21 thoughts on “FunTime Open Thread: Jeopardy!”

  1. I’ve been waiting for this post to go up, because I took the test too and I have a lot of feelings about it! Partially, that it was way harder than I expected it to be, and partially that I think I did really well? Okay, maybe not really well. But the internet tells me that “passing” is usually getting 35 out of the 50 questions right, and I think I might have done that? Maybe? But also, at the same time, while I like jeopardy well enough and always do well when i watch it, it’s not like i watch it regularly or anything.

    Also one of the answers was one of my most favorite animals and i answered that one in all caps. I kind of think you’re not supposed to talk about the test, though.


      1. I did have a mushroom question! I also had a question about “broadway musicals” and the correct answer, which I missed and that pissed me off (cause damn, i know my musicals inside and out) was Jersey Boys, which in my head, DOES NOT COUNT AS A BROADWAY MUSICAL.

        There were also two questions that i realized the correct answers for with less than three seconds left, so I credit my fast typing skills with getting those in in time.


          1. I think we all had the same test. You’re allowed to talk about it because they have different ones for the subsequent days. And JERSEY BOYS!! I SAW that show and I was like, I know I have seen that musical, but I was thinking of a classic  musical. I said South Pacific.  I tear it up on any word play ones, give me rhyme time and before and after any day.

            There are just some major gaps in my knowledge. Wars is one.  I said that that battle was battle of the bulge but I have no idea, and the one about arms of a sea. Fuck if I know. What sea has arms? I think I said Black Sea or Baltic Sea but I have no idea.  Stupid history and geography.

      2. The day 2 test was definitely different, no mushrooms or Jersey Boys. I think I got somewhere between 35 and 40 right, which is about how I did last year but didn’t get called back. Sigh.

        Best part? There was a question about Marie Curie, which I only knew because of the piece I wrote on her for PMag last year. Boo-yah! (I knew who she was before, obvs, but I didn’t know the name of her co-winner and that was the clue.)

  2. I forgot about it!!! I’ll have to set a reminder and jump on with tomorrow’s test.

    Ooh! And answers:

    1. Merv Griffin
    2. No clue… 60’s?
    3. Um… 80’s
    4. Before and After?
    5. Literature

    And for the questions… Phony Pony, Edvard Munch, Inertia, Anne Hathaway, and no clue.

        1. The actual answers are:

          Merv Griffin (it was actually his wife’s idea, but he turned the idea in to the show)
          1985 (?) I forgot to write it down, and I can’t check Wikipedia today to confirm.
          Before and After
          U.S. Presidents
          Phony Pony
          Anne Hathaway
          New oak barrels

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