Lunchtime Poll: Productivity and Three-Day Weekends

I’m coming down off a three day weekend today, and I’d say that’s a bummer, but I’m still too psyched about all the stuff I accomplished with my extra day off. I planned out our week’s meals, did the grocery shopping, cleaned our entire house top to bottom, reorganized all of my books and DVDs, the dog got bathed and nails trimmed, we tried a new soup recipe, and I watched like a season and a half of Community.

So, if you had a three-day weekend, what extra stuff did you get done? Or, did you just get to have fun?

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23 thoughts on “Lunchtime Poll: Productivity and Three-Day Weekends”

  1. No three day weekend for me either. Mr Cesy was away making horrible noises and getting extremely sunburned, while I held a lovely drinks and nibbles evening with some lawyer friends and hid from the sun.

    This weekend I plan more hiding from the sun, digging over gardens when the sun starts to go down and attempting to clean the outside of my house which is covered in ash from a big factory fire on the other side of town. If it could rain, it would make the house cleaning and gardening jobs much easier!

  2. This has absolutely nothing to do with the actual question, but I saw a woman on the bus today wearing a knit unicorn hat, and I thought you’d all like to know.  It was very well made, multicoloured and everything (but not glittery, sadly).

  3. No three-day weekend.  I think I might have been supposed to have the day off, but I had class anyway, because I wasn’t sure and I didn’t think about it when I made the syllabus.  I am comforting myself with the belief that the spirit of Martin Luther King, Jr. would have been happy with the class that I taught about equality, and justice, and how his philosophies relate to the current issue of human trafficking.

    It would have been nice to sleep in, though, not gonna lie.

  4. I WISH I had the day off as it was cold and rainy here in Chicago and my dogs and fireplace were beckoning.  However, over my two day weekend, we FINALLY had our last Christmas gift exchange.  My husband and I have four sets of parents who each live in a different state, so holidays last a while.

  5. my weekend was pretty average.  it consisted of chores (grocery shopping, cleaning), and i went out with a friend to this interesting place downtown.  boston-area, beer (and cocktail)-oriented p’neers, check out stoddards.

    in other eventful news, did anyone hear that burger king is trying out a delivery service? lolololol

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