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Last week, QoB, challenged anyone who’d accept it to write a 1000 words in one week. They could be 1000 words about anything ““ a poem, some fiction, a short story, that paper you’ve been putting off doing. The point is to get us actually writing.

a pen and paperReception to the post was so positive that we’re going to make this a weekly affair. Every Sunday a new challenge will go up ““ you’ll have until the following Sunday to complete it.

This week: Write 280 words every day. That’s the length of a couple of tweets. It’s not a lot and if you blow past that number, that’s great for you. But for many of us, it’s the “˜every day’ part of writing that is the difficult part. This number is small enough to commit to without needing to carve out a huge chunk of time.

That’s it! You have until 10pm next Sunday night to check in and tell us how you did.


Need a little inspiration? Try this writing exercise:

“Sit in a restaurant or a crowded area and write down the snippets of conversation you hear. Listen to the people around you – how they talk and what words they use. Once you have done this, you can practice finishing their conversations. Write your version of what comes next in the conversation. Match their style.” (from

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[E] Slay BelleSunday Writing Challenge

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  1. Profile photo of Lady Fabulous
    Lady Fabulous

    I’m going to have to put reminders in my phone about checking the challenges on Sundays. But! I did do about 500 words last night. Nothing quality, but it’s a start!

  2. Profile photo of dellbot

    Wow, I love this place. It’s like, in the span of a couple of weeks it went from being awesome to being freaking fantastically most awesome unicorn paradise. Also, I just found out about this challenge so I’m a few days behind but I just did a whole bunch of writing (for a submission that was due yesterday… eep!) and now I’m totally on board. I feel like Kermit when he yells “Yay!” and runs all over the place.

  3. Profile photo of BicuriousShoes

    I’m SO in! I can’t start today, though, because I’m still grading the pile of papers from hell – unless I count “no structure, weak conclusion, very little analysis” (which I must have written in at least forty papers) towards today’s goal.

    Right now I’m at the research stage (i.e. READ ALL THE THINGS), so nothing I write will be brilliant or final, but I’m sure it’ll help get me going for when I have to do the actual, brilliant, final writing. Plus, I always have trouble transitioning from research to writing, so I’m hoping the daily writing exercise will make it easier. Anybody else  signing up for the Academic Writing category of the challenge?

  4. Profile photo of [E] Slay Belle
    [E] Slay Belle

    Hi guys! I’m excited so many people are on board for this week’s challenge!

    I just wanted to say that if anyone has any challenges they’d like to issue, I’d be happy to include them. I mentioned in the comments that this one is aimed at one of my weaknesses (daily writing), but I would love to hear what other people want.


    1. Profile photo of QoB

      Do you reckon our benevolent Editor Overlords would add it to the Reader Challenge box on the right sidebar?

  5. Profile photo of veruna

    Oh, I think I’ll try this this week. I have to pull together my research for a presentation in March and have not been focused enough to get it done.   *fingers crossed* that I don’t get super bogged down by class and Board studying.

  6. Profile photo of Amanda

    I’m in again! Sometimes the daily writing is the roughest part, I agree.

    At least this will hopefully motivate me to do something  every day instead of word vomiting once a week.

  7. Profile photo of Brynn

    I’m jumping on board with this! I write mostly poetry, but now that I have a commute, maybe I’ll try writing prose again

  8. Profile photo of Elfity

    Yay! Motivation to work daily on the paper I have due in a couple of weeks. Perhaps this will cure my procrastination…

  9. Profile photo of MJ

    I missed this somehow last week, but this might be helpful.  I write fanfiction, too, and sometimes the muse plays hide-n-seek with me, even if I’m sticking to an outline.  Damn her.  *lol*

    1. Profile photo of Pam Newman
      Pam Newman

      I missed this too, though I vaguely  remember someone on my tumblr dashboard talking about a challenge like this!

      Anyway, I’m in!

  10. Profile photo of deuteragonist

    Aren’t tweets 140 characters? (Not that 280 words isn’t a good daily goal, anyway).

    I was panicking when I saw the update in the open thread, but turns out I have written 1000 words this week after all! Being on a plane with my book already read, no magazine, and no electronic devices allowed was good for my writing.

      1. Profile photo of BicuriousShoes

        Haha, I was going to say what deuteragonist said. (Yes, I get nitpicky about the math when somebody is trying to use it to make me write – even when it’s for my own good!)

    1. Profile photo of [E] Slay Belle
      [E] Slay Belle

      You’re so close. That’s awesome! If you have a specific challenge you’d like to see that would be helpful for you, let me know. This one is aimed at my personal roadblock — writing every day.

  11. Profile photo of Michelle Miller
    Michelle Miller

    I can’t wait to put this into action this week! I have a novel outline and some articles (with SEO) that have been waiting for me to finish for weeks. This is the motivation I need to get cracking.

      1. Profile photo of Michelle Miller
        Michelle Miller

        Your challenge worked wonders. Not only did I write a post for Persephone last night, I *also* finished one of my SEO articles. And it wasn’t even Monday yet!

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