The Big Cheese Bracket: Day 11

Welcome back to the Big Cheese Bracket! We’re now entering the semifinals, the Elite Eight. The “specialty” cheeses have largely fallen by the wayside, as have the lesser standards; the powerhouses remain in the running, spiced up with a few underdogs and wild cards.

The Wild Card playoff was a nailbiter–you all can’t see the results as they come in, but all weekend long I got to watch the votes for Queso Fresco and Paneer rack up, the leader changing every hour or so, the margin rarely more than two or three votes! This held true through the end, with the winner up only three votes.
Results for Day 10:
Queso Fresco 51% v. Paneer 49%

Because of last week’s oh-so-close competition between Parmigiano and Feta, today’s match includes the next-level fight for the Wild Card between Feta and Queso Fresco. Will Feta make a grand comeback? Or will Queso Fresco continue its winning streak? The second match-up throws the underdog Asiago against the mighty Cheddar.

Persephoneers, ready your position’s artillery! Load your argumentative bullets! Aim your curdled darts and arrows at the enemy! Stop me before I make more horrifyingly limp metaphors!

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