The Big Cheese Bracket: Day 12

No surprises for Day 11–a veritable tidal wave swept Cheddar into the Final Fromage, while Feta handily topped its Wild Card competition.

Results for Day 11:
Cheddar 81% v. Asiago 19%
Feta 79% v. Queso Fresco 21%

Today is not so simple. The beloved Brie goes against Chevre, the great goat; the oft-overlapping Mozzarella and Ricotta duke it out, as well. Curd conundrums! What will you do? This is a bitch of a bracket, and you should all make air-tight arguments for and against your chosen cheeses. No wimping out on me now, folks: defend the honor of your dairy drawer! Fail to deliver your cases, and I will crown the cheese of MY choice! The threat is real!!


I apologize, the poll being late is completely my fault, I got wrapped up in something else. My very sincere apologies to readers and 14k, I promise it will not happen again. ~Selena

41 thoughts on “The Big Cheese Bracket: Day 12”

  1. Just a small cheesy aside: yesterday Mr Brum had his first EVER taste of provalone. It was a magical moment.

    That being said, I am SHOCKED AND DISMAYED that asiago is no longer in the running.  Where are the sharp, dry cheeses? Are we all to be forced to eat wet runny mould for the rest of our days? Today’s vote is easy because NONE OF THEM ARE THAT GOOD, YEAH I SAID IT. You got a problem, bring it on.

  2. I’m going chevre/mozzarella.

    Honestly, I like brie, but I don’t really get what’s so special about it? Like, if I’m going to go balls to the wall “super rich creamy cheese” I’d rather just buy St. Andre.

    Mozzarella and ricotta was a little harder, but I like pizza more than I like, well, ricotta.

    1. Have you ever had Fromage d’Affinois? It is my absolute favorite of the “super rich creamy” types. Delectable stuff. It’s slightly oilier, or maybe just less milky, than St. Andre, but more generous with the fruit and earth components. It pulls the Camembert trick of tanginess in Brie-types, but is even more complex and delicate.

  3. Okay, I did it. Chèvre and mozzarella. Mozzarella for mxandb’s sake, because she pulled my heartstrings, and chèvre for the memories: I lived in France for two years and almost every Sunday I went to the market to buy fresh chèvre with cracked pepper or herbs from the goat farmer. Then I would meet up with my friends and we would take the chèvre, some meat, a few baguettes, and bottles and bottles of cider to an island in the Seine, where we would eat and drink and watch the boats go by. Those Sundays were some of the best days of my life, and chèvre made them possible.

    Vive le chèvre!

      1. but… but…. without mozzarella, i would have to give up my very favorite sandwich – mozzarella, pesto, tomatoes, and proscuitto, on baguette.  it is so very tasty, and would not be the same with a schmear of ricotta!  and yes, i’d give up lasagna for that.



    I DO NOT COME TO THIS CONCLUSION LIGHTLY. Brie, while lovely, is ultimately rather one-note. You can spread it. You can bake it. It’s rich and creamy. But it has very little subtlety (unlike its cousin Camembert), and always tastes the same. Chevre is the essential I am serious about cheese! cheese. The goatiness divides the casual enjoyer of cow’s-milk basics from those truly interested in exploring the gamut of cheese experience. The vast range of textures and flavors allows for considerable experimentation and adaptation to many different tastes. Brie may hit all the high notes, but the orchestra is made of Chevre.

    Mozzarella is essential to so many things, and on its own it is lovely as well. You can smoke it! You can melt it! You can unwrap it! But ricotta is something altogether different. It is fundamentally unrefined–‘ricotta’ sounds like ‘cottage’ for a good reason–but utterly transformable. It is a dessert cheese, a savory cheese, a baking cheese, a cheese for eating alone or heightening another dish, a creamy glop of delight. Mozzarella is what you see on top of lasagne, but ricotta is the body of the dish. Mozzarella is practically synonymous with pizza, but if you’ve ever had a really good pie you know that it is unessential. Ricotta pie without ricotta? Impossible! Ricotta gnocchi, Italian cheesecake, blintzes, all not only contain ricotta but are built on that foundation, celebrate the cheese in its inherent beauty. What besides string cheese can lay the same claim on mozzarella?

    Vote the goat. Record the ricotta. Make cheese happen.

  5. *sigh* I’m new to this community, and I’m so excited to see this because le fromage is my absolute biggest weakness.

    Chevre, mmmmm. Nothing compares to the texture or how it goes so nicely with a bottle of red. Plus, it’s versatile. You’ve got le petit chevre, honey chevre, italian herb chevre, the list goes on. And I made a wonderful salmon fillet a couple days ago stuffed with italian herb chevre. It was amazing b/c chevre is just amazing!

    And mozzarella. oh my. I’m a sucker for an expensive buffalo mozz with expensive olive oil and fresh ground pepper. What would summer be without the weekly caprese with fresh tomatoes, basil from the garden and the best damn cheese ever? Mmmmmm.

  6. I call upon everyone to vote for Mozzarella! Do it because it is the one cheese I miss the most. :(

    Just think, what would you DO if you found yourself one day unable to top your salad with feta, add a slice of swiss to that ham sandwich, dip a grilled cheese sandwich into tomato soup? Eat lasagna?! Live a life without cheesecake?!

    I have to order pizza without cheese. :( So please, give your vote to Mozzarella. Because it is beautiful, creamy, meltable, versatile and easily eaten with a simple slice of tomato and basil.

    (It is also deadly and painful for us weak souls.)

          1. :( I can’t.

            I can’t eat any cheese! It’s horrible. And it’s not a lactose thing, there is no pill. Only a punishment for a crime I did not commit. (it causes severe, blinding pain in my intestinal system)

            My family never really ate it until I was older and by then, it was too late.

            Though, while I was living with a cheese-obsessed roommate I did learn how wonderful a slice of pickle on a bit of cheddar and cracker were. That was nice…    Actually, if I hadn’t lived with her, we probably would have never figured it out. Because she ate a lot of cheese, I started to – and then I figured out what was causing the pain. So, yah for pickles and cheddar?

        1. Consider this enabling your vicarious enjoyment! I’m doing an ice cream bracket in the summer, you’ll be able to take part in the testing process for that :)

          It happens. And remember, it could be worse. Much worse, in fact–my grandma was allergic to garlic.

          Sit and think on that one for a while!

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