The Big Cheese Bracket: Day 4

Hello, my cheesy friends! These are starting to get a lot tougher, huh? I see the agonizing you poor souls are going through! But it will only get worse! I’m sorry, that’s the nature of brackets!

Day 3 results:
Gorgonzola 65% v. Colby 35%
Gruyère 93% v. Époisses 7%
Gouda 69% v. Provolone 31%
Feta 72% v. Mascarpone 28%

As you can see, the contests weren’t actually too close; however, the comments suggested DEEP CONFLICT. Well, today’s gonna be similar, I’m afraid. Some are underrated, some are underexplored, some are popular but not necessarily convincing on their own… Have at it, Persephoneers! State your cases! Choose your cheese!

Poll closes at 6:30 p.m. EST.

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80 thoughts on “The Big Cheese Bracket: Day 4”

  1. OMG! There’s some sort of cheese contest going on and I was not notified??? Blasphemy.  How do I subscribe to all cheese related posts?

    I will figure out how to be an active user soon and stop asking so many questions…

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