100-Day Burpee Challenge: Week 6 – Finding Motivation

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Ahoy, Perspehoneer challengers! We’re rapidly approaching the halfway mark. Congrats to all of you for sticking with it! Today I’d like to talk about motivation, and what you do when it’s faltering mid-workout. I know for myself, I tend to let out a “RAWR!” and dig deep to find whatever shred of energy I have left and get that shit done as fast as possible. If I have music playing, it’s usually a very specific playlist that I made for running that has angry or uptempo songs at the times I noticed that I slowed way down. And then there’s my home stretch song:

The studio version is way better, but this is one of the songs that gets me through those last few brutal moments when I’m ready to call it quits.

So, what do you do to get through the end of a tough workout (besides curse at me)? Do you have any super workout songs? Please share them in the comments!

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Part-time artist, full-time crankypants who dabbles in knitting, running, and burpees.
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[E]queSarahSarah100-Day Burpee Challenge: Week 6 – Finding Motivation

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      I’ll start with you! I’m new from the mass Jezebel exodus as well. I’ve been looking to kick my own ass with something, and this is brilliant! I feel like every time I log onto P-Mag I find something new to be thrilled about.

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    So I switched to push ups, as you may recall, and I was telling my boyfriend that they seem consistently just as hard as always, and he (who is a personal trainer) said, “yeah. You shouldn’t do push ups every day. You can do twice as many every other day, but you need rest days for most muscle groups.” So I just switched to every other day. But not double the number. I keep talking myself into easier challenges! But I can do 15 real push ups in a row now, and I’m up to 44 total!

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    freckle [M]

    I have written down every exercise and every song that belongs to it. If I have ticked of everyone of those, my workout is done. It makes me unable to sneak out early or pretend to forget an exercise, I know that I will be done after 45 minutes and besides that .. I pretend I’m making a fitness video for the people.

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    [E] Rachel

    Day 43. I’m doing sets of 10 or 12 without much problem, and actual pushups for at least half of my total reps. I still take about an hour to catch my breath after each set, but it’s getting better.

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        Bryn Donovan

        oh! OK, I will! I didn’t even know what a burpee was exactly till I came here, though I had heard of them.

        I will start tomorrow though, as right now I’m drinking champagne and wearing a silk nightie.

        No wait, you know what, I’ll do one anyway.

        ETA: Done!

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