Cesy’s Zucchini Fritters

I went out into my garden recently and discovered my two zucchini plants had absolutely gone bananas again. They were groaning in delicious sweet vegetables. Mr. Cesy was away for the weekend, so I decided it was time to make my favourite vegetarian dish: zucchini fritters.

The recipe I use is cobbled from two sources; I use Nigella Lawson’s flavours with the technique from Just Hungry. This recipe is gluten free, and can be easily made vegan by omitting the feta.

[Note: my zucchini are yellow for some reason, they are normally green. I couldn’t find green zucchini plants when I planted my garden, so yellow it is. There is no discernable difference to the taste]

Cesy’s Zucchini Fritters

Ingredients for the fritters including zucchini, besan flour, herbs and spices
Please excuse my food photography, it really isn't the best

– 4 medium zucchini

– 1 cup of chick pea flour

– Small bunch of coriander

– Several mint leaves

– 1 teaspoon garam masala

– 1 teaspoon curry powder

– 100 grams feta cheese

– Salt and pepper


Courgettes being shredded in food processor
My trusty Whizz 'n Blend, saving me the hassle of grating

Shred the zucchini. Since I had a lot of zucchini to use, I used the shredding function on my food processor, but generally I use a plain old box grater. Dump the shredded zucchini  into a large bowl.

Finely chop the herbs, and put that into the bowl as well. You could also use flat leaf parsley.

Dump the spices into the bowl. Again, what you actually use can be amended. Just Hungry says add some chilli powder, Nigella says some paprika. I do like the warmth from the garam masala and the slight spice from the curry powder, so they’re generally a given in my version of it.

Add the cup of chickpea flour. I found this at my local Indian food shop, and it is incredibly cheap and gluten free.

Crumble up the feta and add that to the mixture. Mix to combine.

At this stage, I recommend seeing how thick the mixture is. If I had grated 4 medium zucchini like the recipe told me to, it would have been enough. However I used one very large one (it was getting close to marrow stage) with some smaller ones. Accordingly, there was a lot of water in the mixture, so I had to add much more chickpea flour. You want it to be a thick batter.  The good thing about cooking, is unlike baking, you don’t have to be exact! Just add the chickpea flour until it is rather thick.

The fritters, already cooked on one side are being cooked on the other side
The smell right now is divine.

Heat up a non-stick pan with some your favourite shallow frying oil (I used rice bran oil), and fry spoonfuls of the fritters. Flip them over when toasty on the bottom. They do not take long to cook, as you can see by my slightly burnt ones.

My favourite serving suggestion is with a tomato/basil/balsamic vinegar salad, and with a bit of Kewpie Mayo on the side. Enjoy!

Cooked Zuchinni Fritters Plated Up
I had to eat all these by myself. What a shame.


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Cesy grew up in a sheep farm in New Zealand. Accordingly some of her views are a bit strange.

18 thoughts on “Cesy’s Zucchini Fritters”

  1. Oh my goodness, my stomach is growling. And I’m in the middle of class. Thanks for that!

    But really, I’m making these tomorrow. I was wondering what I could fix as a side, and I’ve got zucchini on the counter that’s been staring at me.

      1. Regular mayonnaise… I know I’m not the only one with some strange issue with it. That Kewpie’s stuff sounds more flavorful and less of an objectionable consistency. Two questions that came up as I re-read:

        1) Does the rice-bran oil do something special? I’ve never used it before.

        2) Do you have an ISLAND in your kitchen? Are your zucchini shown on an ISLAND?

        1. Rice bran oil is mostly flavourless and has a relatively high smoke point so it is a good one for frying things in. It’s basically all I had in the house, but it is great for these type of things.

          Alas, I do not have an island, my kitchen is U-shaped but it does have a really good sized, deep work bench section. It is a really nice kitchen to work in, everything is set out nicely! It’s the same set up as the kitchen in the house I grew up in, which my mother designed so you know it’s a good set up!

          1. ::seething jealousy::

            You’ll have to excuse me, I need to go balance a cutting board over my sink or on the six-inch sliver of counter in front of the microwave.

            (Didn’t know that about rice-bran oil; thanks!)

      1. Have to admit, living in New Zealand, I’m not sure if I can get matzo or masa. We’re a bit limited here :/ but the crunchy cracker mixture sounds awesome!

        I’m not gluten free myself, but I do have a good friend who has just been diagnosed with Celiac Disease so I’eve been trying a few recipes that I hope she may enjoy, because one of our favourite things to do together is cook.

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