Everything You Wanted to Know About P-Mag But Were Afraid to Ask

Greetings, Persephoneers old and new! We know getting used to the workings of a site can be a little overwhelming, so we’ve put together a little welcome packet to help you get the lay of the land. 

Quick Links:

What’s This Place All About?

Persephone Magazine is a daily blog focused on topics of interest for modern, intelligent, clever women. We strive to give a voice to more women from a variety of backgrounds and with diverse interests. We feature articles not only from our talented staff of writers but from our incredible readership, as well; readers who give voice to their opinions and viewpoints out of a desire to educate, entertain, or engage with our community. We encourage thoughtful discussion and respectful debate. We are an environment that welcomes all perspectives that come from a place of respect and consideration for fellow community members.

Who’s Who?

Your editorial team is here for whatever you might need. You can PM any of us.

Editor-in-chief: Selena MacIntosh

Deputy Editor: Hillary Meyer

Art Director: Liza

New Writer Mentors/Weekend Editor:  Slay Belle

Moderators: QoBKym G.Freckle

Chief Marketing Unicorn: Sally J. Freedman

Community Outreach: Coco Papy

Chief Copyediting Unicorn: pileofmonkeys

Copyeditors:  Sally LawtonqueSarahSarah

When Do You Post?

Posts are published most weekdays, and some Saturdays.

Points & Ranks

You earn points for the following activities, which are all explained in their own sections.

[sws_ul_ui indent=”10″ ui_theme=”ui-smoothness”][sws_ul_ui_item item_indent=”5″ position=”outside” icon=”ui-icon-pin-s”]Joining [/sws_ul_ui_item] [sws_ul_ui_item item_indent=”5″ position=”outside” icon=”ui-icon-pin-s”]Logging in [/sws_ul_ui_item] [sws_ul_ui_item item_indent=”5″ position=”outside” icon=”ui-icon-pin-s”]Leaving a comment on the main page blog posts [/sws_ul_ui_item] [sws_ul_ui_item item_indent=”5″ position=”outside” icon=”ui-icon-pin-s”]Completing a friend request [/sws_ul_ui_item] [sws_ul_ui_item item_indent=”5″ position=”outside” icon=”ui-icon-pin-s”](For writers) Having a post published [/sws_ul_ui_item] [sws_ul_ui_item item_indent=”5″ position=”outside” icon=”ui-icon-pin-s”]Random acts of kindness [/sws_ul_ui_item] [/sws_ul_ui]

Points lead to our completely ridiculous ranks:

  • Sweet Summer Child (0 – 50 unicorn points)
  • Pomegranate Seed (51)
  • Slayer (101)
  • Respendant Rainbow(251)
  • Glittery Superstar (501)
  • River Song (751)
  • Aeryn Sun (1001)
  • Kara Thrace (2501)
  • Zoe Washburne (5001)
  • Donna Noble (7501)
  • Olivia Pope (10001)
  • CJ Cregg (15001)
  • Ellen Ripley (20001)
  • Lt. Uhura (25001)
  • Persephoneer General (30001)
  • Brienne of Tarth (35001)
  • Turtle Wexler (40001)
  • Hermione Granger (50001)
  • Lyra Belaqua (75001)
  • Meg Murry (100001)
  • The Wrath of Julia Sugarbaker (125001)
  • Zombie Vonnegut (150001)
  • Cheesemonger (175001)
  • Unicorn Khaleesi (250001)

The Activity Stream/Status Messages

The activity stream has its own tab, “The Latest” on all the blog pages. The stream shows everything that’s happening everywhere, including new blog posts, new status messages, and new comments. You can sort what it shows with a handy drop-down.

At the top of the activity stream, there’s a field where you can enter a status message. We’ve not really embraced that feature, but reserve the right to do something interesting with it in the future.


You can send a friendship request to any of your fellow members. If they accept, you get points. You can cancel a friendship after it’s been accepted, but you can’t cancel a request once you’ve sent it. You can invite people in your friends list to join your groups, and you can set up the activity stream to only follow your friends’ activities.

Private Messages

To send a private message, go to the user’s profile page, and click the “send private message” button. You can select several members at once. We reserve the right to take away PM privileges from anyone who abuses them.

I Want to Comment. What Should I Know?

We at Persephone magazine are big fans of keeping it simple. This applies to our commenting policy as well.

1. How to become a commenter: Click the register link in the right sidebar. After you receive a confirmation email, you can log in.

2. How to be an awesome commenter: We will let a lot of things slide in the name of sparking good conversations, but we ask that you keep the following in mind when you post:

Empathy: Are you at least trying to look at an issue from someone else’s perspective?

Levity: We have a warm place in our cold, cold hearts for comments that display a sense of humor. Make us laugh and win us over forever.

Vitality: Are you adding something lively and important to the conversation?

In context: Does your comment fit the post to which you are replying? We love personal stories, but keep ’em on topic.

Sensitivity: Be aware that not everyone who visits this site has the same experiences. Opinions will differ because you’re all unique and come from a unique set of circumstances. Respect that we all have subjects that are of particular importance to us, and we all may respond passionately about those issues. Listen and think before you post.

In other words, our commenting policy boils down to ELVIS, and ELVIS says to be cool to each other.

Don’t Be Cruel.

Additionally, the standard blanket rules apply: no spam, don’t pimp your own site/blog beyond reason, don’t be a jerk, don’t post porn, don’t post copyrighted material without a source, and keep the swearing to a minimum. A few random cuss bombs are fine, just keep on the sassy rather than the vulgar end of the continuum feel free to swear, as long as it’s not directed at your fellow commenters or site staff.

We reserve the right to delete any comments for any reason at our discretion, and we reserve the right to warn, suspend, and ban commenters who repeatedly thwart our efforts at civility.

Why Don’t You Have On-Site Comment Reply Notifications?

Short answer: because we don’t have a giant media empire providing us with Scrooge McDuck-worthy rooms of gold coins to dive into.

Longer answer: our tech team and code whisperer (who is also our Chief Unicorn Selena) have spent numerous hours, days, and weeks trying to find a way to make this happen without breaking the site. As of right now, it is an unpossible thing, but we’re always looking for solutions. It’s not that we don’t want you guys to have this capability, it’s that it must be built with Narnian unicorn tears and moondust and binary incantations that would make our human minds explode if we ever tried.


I Still Have Questions

We have a handy-dandy Ask Us form that allows you to submit questions great and small, or you’re always welcome to PM or @message an editor, and we’ll do our best to help you out.

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[E] Rachel

I punctuate sentences with Oxford commas, and I punctuate disagreements with changesocks. Proud curmudgeon. Get off my lawn.

112 thoughts on “Everything You Wanted to Know About P-Mag But Were Afraid to Ask”

    1. There’s a little check box you can check when you post a comment that will enable email notifications when someone replies to your comment. Unfortunately, on-site comment notifications are an unpossible thing right now, despite our best efforts and hours and hours and blood, sweat, tears, and creative cursing expended trying to make it happen.

  1. My goose is named Elvis…but after reading this acronym I may need to just call him Elvi (may need to drop the “E” too), however, he definitely adds levity to any situation especially involving my husband or the neighborhood children. It is quite hysterical to watch him sneak attack anyone brave enough to enter our yard. All goose chat aside, thanks, this post was helpful. As a newbie I feltl a bit like I was staggering around commenting in the dark.

    1. Ooh, a goose! I am getting a pair of baby gooses this week, and I am so excited! I don’t have a pond for them yet but I understand that they need a water bucket deep enough to submerge they little heads; got that.  I have a dozen or so chickens but this will be my first experience with geese.  What do they like? How do I make them love me?

      1. Oh I just saw your comment! So sorry! My activity updates don’t always show.  Geese are much more demanding personality wise than chickens.  My chickens tend to be sweet and docile my geese tend to be more along the prima dona line…I had two, Elvis and Priscilla.  Priscilla was killed by a dog :( because they tend to be aggressive and territorial.    Chickens will run from a dog, geese will stand their ground and fight.  It isn’t pretty and they don’t win. Make sure your geese have a safe area, dog free.

        Elvis loves me, he hates my husband and my mom which is a problem b/c they are both secondary flock-managers.  He loves the chickens, they are his harem and he would defend them at all cost.  He can be very possessive if we are all in the yard he will try to pull me away from the hubby and if I won’t go with him he will attack/bite/flog the hubs.  A lot of this behavior is probably because he doesn’t have a partner.  We’ve considered getting him another mate but are afraid he would not be accepting and be mean to them.  Then we would have 2 mean geese in the yard.

        Baby goslings must be kept warm and clean.  We got Elvis and Priscilla as hatchlings so they lived in our bathroom for several weeks.  They are REALLY stinky and messy.  Be careful with the water when they are tiny.  They need to be able to submerge their bills to drink but if the water is too deep they can drown or get hypothermia.  You need a heat lamp and a big bag of start and grow crumbles.

        Also Elvis has a baby pool from kmart.  No pond.  We bought him a huge children’s swimming pool and he would not get in it.  Not even when I stood in it.  He likes his feet to touch bottom when he “swims”  he’s weird.  I’ve tried to coax him into the river too, no dice.

        Another thing to note is most domestically bred geese don’t fly.  So they can’t get away from predators even if they want to, be cautious with their safety.

        I met a woman this weekend at the vet who had trumpeter swans.  They were really docile and way sweeter than our geese.  If you haven’t bought yours yet maybe consider swans instead…teeheehee just a suggestion.  Although I will say, geese are excellent alarm systems.  No one gets withing 100yards of our property that Elvis doesn’t advise us of their presence!

        Here is a pic of me and Elvis.

        1. Thanks for the advice. Catherine & Alexander are staying in my husband’s office (a/k/a the doghouse) which is a little room by the garage. They have a heater and a big pen lined with an old mattress pad and some towels. They just have a little ramekin of water for now. We’ll get them some more water when they have their feathers and a little more sense.  At the feed store where I got them, they told me to feed them wild game bird starter instead of chick starter, so I got some of that but it looks just the same. I chopped up some spinach and gave them a little grass but they aren’t really interested, although Catherine did nibble a ramen noodle last night.

          I spent 1.2 metric fucktons of money on a perimeter fence last summer, so we aren’t seeing any alien dogs around here. Hawks fly over all the time but we don’t let anyone outside of the wire-roofed enclosure until they’re too big to be swooped up.

          I hope my babies grow up sweet! I’m sorry your Elvis is such a meanie; maybe he’d be nicer if he had a goose to love or fight with. Either way, I think it’s worth a try.

  2. Apologies if this has already been asked/answered – having some trouble replying to longer threads. The page just, like, jumps around, dude, it’s freaky… no, seriously, it does. I thought maybe “click ‘reply,’ scroll to bottom, look for comment box,” but that doesn’t seem to be it, either. Words of advice?

    1. Yep, that’s a bug. I’ve been trying to figure out why it does that for a couple of weeks, and haven’t nailed it down yet. Usually, the reply box will be somewhere, it’s just not always where you would expect to find it. I’m about to update our theme (tonight, when it’s slower) and that might just fix it, keep your fingers crossed!

  3. Does anyone else have an issue with the content being too wide for the layout? Everything on the right gets cut off a bit, and I’m pretty sure it’s just that the layout doesn’t work with this screen resolution, but I thought I’d ask.

    1. I submit that all users start out as “Cheesemonger.” At least if you’re shy or not very active, you still have a title to take pride in.

      Alternative superlatives: “Dr. Crusher” and “Thompson’s Water Seal of Approval.”

  4. I have another question please! Is there any sort of long-term open thread where we can just hang out and yak all day without worrying about being off topic? (I often find that I’ve missed a lot of post activity due to being all the way across the Atlantic, so it would be  nice to have one thing that’s open 24/7.)

    1. What you CAN do is have it send you an e-mail any time anybody comments on the post at all – it can get annoying if there are hundreds of comments on a post, but most of the time, it’s manageable.


      Just click on the “notify me of follow-up comments by email” and then confirm in your email.

      1. I wish the emails also gave a bit of the thread the comment replied to. This is not a complaint about Persephone but about Word Press in general; I follow a couple of other blogs based in Word Press and it’s the same for all of them.

      1. Also, somebody shared an article of mine on Facebook and said “if you don’t mind some light swearing, it’s a great article.”  I was like, WTF?  I didn’t even swear!  I was talking about standards of beauty!

        I re-read it, and I think I dropped the f-bomb four times.  In my defense, I really wanted that fucking sundae.

        1. I caveat almost every P-Mag article I share on my FB page with something like “haters of expletives beware,” but I also say that every article kicks ass and anyone who doesn’t like them can shut the hell up…well, maybe I don’t say that, but now I wish I did.

    1. I am relieved to hear swearing is allowed here. I have been swearing, quite literally, since I could speak. My first word was “shit.” My second word was “no.” I always imagine my mom following super-handful baby me around trying to put out fires and keep me from killing myself, repeating “Shit! No, Mcstabbypants!  Put that down Shit!” She said that she was so mortified by my first word she cleaned up her sailor mouth toute de suite and didn’t swear again until I was in high school. I, however, have continued to swear profusely throughout my life.

      My poor mom. I really should send her some flowers.


        1. Beautiful! I was laughing so hard.

          My daughter miraculously never picked up any of my swearing, but at the age of 2 1/2 she spent a solo weekend with my in-laws and this was the result:

          My son, however, picked up “fuck” very early on. I managed to convince him that he was actually saying the word “fork,” just saying it wrong, and he eventually made the switch. I was about 80% relieved, 20% disappointed.

          1. OH MY GOD.  OHMYGOD.

            The “ohhhh shit!” in the car was on the way back from Thanksgiving at my parents.  Grandparents!  You are teaching our kids to be hilariously inappropriate!


            Ohmygod.  Seriously.  I am crying from your video.

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