Fun Time Open Thread: Is It a Rose?

Happy Valentine’s Day, pretty ladies! Let’s see if we can’t come up with something fun to do tonight. 

Since this is the night of roses, I thought we’d play a game I just invented called “Is It a Rose?” Rose names are a lot like racehorse names. They mean a lot to the namer, but sound a little strange to everyone else. The following list is mostly comprised of actual rose names, with a few extras thrown in as red herrings. Can you pick out the faux flowers?

  1. A Shropshire Lad
  2. Twilight Trail
  3. Careless Love
  4. Ain’t Misbehavin’
  5. All that Jazz
  6. Anything Goes
  7. Falstaff
  8. Cymbaline
  9. Tess of the D’Ubervilles
  10. Xerxes
  11. Blueberry Hill
  12. Cheesecake
  13. White Lightnin’
  14. Bedazzled
  15. Cuddles
  16. Twilight Sparkle

If you bred a new rose, what would it look like and what would you call it? I’d try for a purple one I could call “Prince,” or possibly “The Flower Formerly Known As.”

Photo of a purple rose.

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      I don’t know what’s happening, but maybe Persephone should think about moving servers? I highly recommend MediaTemple. They are just awesome for hosting.

      1. We run on a dedicated server, and we push it to the limits of what it can do. When we expand, we’ll get a second box. I’m really happy with our host, I know all the tech guys by their first name, and they’re super helpful. I don’t want to give up my five-star customer support.

        The thing about expanding is that it will double our costs every month. We’re completely independent, so the only $ we make is through our ad revenues and the kind donations of our beloved readers. Coincidentally, the extra traffic we’re getting that’s slowing us down right now will increase what our advertisers pay us, so hopefully it’ll be in the budget very soon.

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        1. Thanks for the explanation, and I understand y’all (including the tech guys!) are doing your best! I really appreciate all the effort you’re putting into this place.

          I’m still not seeing new content, though. :( Is that “normal” considering there’s been such a surge in P-mag activity?

    1. Welcome and salutations! I’m loving all these new voices. The commenters are pretty boss, but the writers here just awesomesauce drizzled on fantasticecream. Who’d have thunk a magazine could actually provide content AND stimulate conversation?


  1. The new reply notifications are fun but can we still get notifications about posts? I liked seeing those – they helped me remember to take breaks between work. (a built-in UFYH type system)

    And a Loud HELLO! to all the newbies. Welcome! I hope you like it here as much as me. I was once a regular commentor on the late-formerly-great Jez (known as Sukie In The Graveyard or just Sukie). But when Perseph here was built, I never looked back. Except to see all the drama type stuff. I love watching good drama.

    You’re gonna like it here. It’s not Jez but it’s still a community – one that contributes, shares and enjoys each other’s company. There’s also honesty here. And editors with integrity and duty. They are good people.

    Make yourself at home. Explore. It’s a whole new world (a wonderous place I never knew! I’m like a shooting star, I’ve come so far!…). hehehe.

  2. Hey all.  I don’t know if anyone is still on this thread but just want to introduce myself.  I’m another Jez refugee.  It’s gettin weird over there, and now with lots of my favorite commenters coming over here, I thought I’d give it a try. Hopefully I can reconnect with some of my Jez buddies and make some new ones. :D

  3. Mornin’!

    I’m another Jezebel refugee, although I tended to lurk more than chat.  Hoping maybe I’ll be a bit more chatty around these parts–it seems as if all the Jezzies I used to fangirl have ended up here.  In a flagrant attempt to curry your favor, I brought cake.

  4. so does anyone actually read jezebel anymore?  i “unliked” them on facebook the other day (not that that means anything, really) so as not to get any updates from them.  i was actually totally unaware i actually  “liked” them on facebook!



    btw, is anyone else addicted to

        1. I think POM covered the basics on Monday:

          They’re basically just forums – there’s an Everyone group for, well, everyone, and then other groups related to particular interests/topics/hobbies.


  5. It might be a touch late for this thread, but I shall continue anyway:

    I was just wondering from where everyone hails. I have a vision in my head of the majority of people (writers, editors, etc.) being North American, but I’ve seen a  few people mentioning New Zealand and Australia, so I figured I’d ask to appease my curiosity.


    I’m from Canada, by the way. Northern Ontario.

  6. When Ricky and I were first dating, on V day the florist accidentally switched the cards and delivered me a beautiful bouquet with a card for Carol.  I didn’t think too much about it but got a FRANTIC call from the florist asking if I had Carol’s flowers.  Apparently Carol FLIPPED OUT on her husband, thinking Lucy was his secret chippy and  Carol’s husband had to have the florist call her and make it clear that it was their mistake, that her flowers got sent to me, etc.  Someone came and switched the arrangments out.  I’ve always wondered how it turned out between Carol and her husband.  Did not sound like they were doing too well.

  7. I LOVE seeing what a hoppin’ party it is.

    I missed a chunk of it given that 10:00 is a twee late for me to be crusin’ the internet.

    Want to say a big ol’ welcome to those of the mass exodus; I, too, am an ex-Jez, but I’ve been out of the ring and over here for some time.

    I’m running to the library today. I took yesterday off, which generally leaves me with huge sensations of guilt that are so overwhelming that I fall into a vortex of self-hate. But Monday wasn’t such a hot night and I take a long time to recover from emotions, so I needed the day (seriously, I slept in until NOON…. I’m normally up like 6 hours before that). Today I feel more refreshed and ready to move back into work. Still, I’m finishing work from last year (incompletes) and my work load is just outrageous. I’m not totally sure I’ll be able to graduate this semester as planned; I may need the summer to work on papers.

    Erfghf, I’m rambling. But these are the thoughts that I walk through EVERY DAY.

    *Breathes Deep* Now, must enjoy these last few minutes with my tea before bookin’ it to get ready.

    Anyone else have a super large portion of work sitting on their plate?


    1. Ouf, that vortex of self-hate is brutal! I think being in school (especially grad school) does that to you (mounds of work, and no real measure of your advancement/success until you hand in the damn dissertation!) I’ve found that you really have to set clear limits for yourself. For example, I do not work at home at all. Once I’m home, I cook dinner, read up on some internets and play Wii. Work is strictly for outside of the home! Of course, that may mean that you’re not coming home from the  library until 10 p.m., but I find it really makes your “down time” more enjoyable when you can force yourself to ignore that nagging voice telling you you’re not allowed to relax.

      I’m just about maxed out with my work load right now too: I’m currently juggling thesis research (reeeeally hoping to wrap that up by the summer so I can move on with my life), US immigration paperwork for the Mister, negotiating buying a house, and finding work for the both of us in anticipation of our return to the US!

      Woof. Yeah, that about sums it up!


    1. I saw a copy of the Irish, ultra-Catholic newspaper Alive!  yesterday and I don’t think even the Onion could make it up. Did you know that IVF deprives a child of the right to be conceived in the fleshy union of their biological mother and father?


        1. Also, the ‘atheistic, communistic’ Irish state wants to confiscate your children, but you can stop this by signing up to Eucharistic Adoration once a week.

          That particular gem was in relation to the UN Declaration on the Rights of the Child.

  8. Well, I don’t know too much about flowers, so I’m not going to try to guess which one of those are roses. This did remind me of an article I saw yesterday on Yahoo, though. It was a list of critiques on common Valentines Day gifts. One of the things she wrote was that you should never buy your woman roses, because they are cliche. Now, I understand maybe wanting to get unique flowers, but what in the world is wrong with roses? She also apparently had a problem with getting boxed chocolates. Then again, I don’t really expect much from Yahoo. Their trending story now is “What guys love about your hair.” Featuring “The hairdo men think is a trainwreck.” Glad they can speak for all men and they’re here to save us from our male-repelling hairstyles!

      1. Yes, we are all special snowflakes and this MUST be reflected in flowers our SO’s gets us. Those roses imply that he must think you are just like any other Jane out there. My bf knows that if he brings me home anything less than an Amorphophallus titanum (, well, I’ll kick him to the curb.

        But, no, I’d never sneeze at flowers or boxed chocolate. Unless I was allergic and then I’d just tell ask him not to buy it again.

  9. Holy crap! I go to bed early and miss a fuckton of awesome new commenters and find that Selena’s been hitting the comment notification gremlin with a hammer? Stupid sleep, making me miss out on all the fun stuff.

    Anyhoodles, welcome to P-Mag, new folks! I’m PoM, your lead copyeditor (so all typos are my fault; direct your outrage accordingly). Anyone who was a real old-timer at the other ladyblog may know me by my old avatar, which I took out of the post because it’s giant, but you can see it there in its tiny form under this comment.

    Ooh, and there’s a really helpful post (I wrote it, OK?) pinned to the sidebar explaining who we are, what we do, and what’s what around the site.

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