Fun Time Open Thread: T-Shirt Contest Update

I’ll be honest, I’m a little disappointed. Where are the designs? This is your chance to be a part of Persephone Magazine history!

So far, we have a few possibilities:


And this, which I think would make a fantastic canvas shopping bag:

But I want more. I’m going to keep nagging until I have more options here. Channel your inner graphic designer and make us a T-shirt. No design is too big, no design is too small. We want them all. Once I have a few more to choose from, I’ll compile them all and we’ll run a vote for the fan favorite.

Now go my lovelies! Design like the wind!

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8 thoughts on “Fun Time Open Thread: T-Shirt Contest Update”

  1. I made one! The “Persephone” text is aptly named, I think: Shit Happens. The picture is smaller than I thought. The tag says “Books, Scissors and Fuck Yeah Jessica Fletchers.” My mom talked me out of adding “And where the feta died.”


    I just watched the first episode of the PSN’s The Tester 3. Barf, vomit. I cannot, hell, I refuse to believe that all these people are this awkward and unlikeable. And what… They are interviewing for a producer position and cockroaches and no. Just no. A million times no. I live tweeted my reactions here if you feel like taking a peek.

    Some one said, “Y’all jelly?”



    Oh no. Nonono. This will be the worst.

    Also, I like Egoraptor. Do the judges honestly think that people go on reality television without the goal of having people watch them? That’s silly. If they wanted a job working as a producer in the industry, they could actually apply for those jobs. Most of these people don’t even work in the entertainment or gaming industries! Ugh. I could rant forever about the badness.

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