Great Orgasm Challenge Weekly Check-In: Discomfort

In this week’s orgasm challenge, we’re going to talk about when sex doesn’t feel quite so good. I know. Seems kind of anti-orgasmic. More after the cut.

You know how sometimes, when the natural lubrication isn’t quite right, and maybe you thought you were in the mood but your body’s not responding and you try extra long or aggressively to make it happen anyway, but you end up kinda…sore?

Or maybe that’s just how my week went.

I mean, it started off really well. We’re over our quota for the time being, anyway, and we were going for one more. But it was crazy late at night, on a “school night,” if you will, and I just couldn’t quite go there.

Wiping has been sensitive for the past couple days.

Anyway, the truth is, sometimes you need to take a break. I’m delighted for you if you don’t need one. But for those of you who do need a little hiatus from the great challenge, tell us what’s up in the comments. We’re here to commiserate as always.

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7 Comments Great Orgasm Challenge Weekly Check-In: Discomfort

  1. Avatar of twiddletwiddle

    I totally did that at one point this week. I mean, it was third day in a row of sexy times (which was an unintentional long streak, but kind of necessary – sidebar: anyone get really horny right before their period? It’s like my body goes into overdrive right before it goes into sex-shun for the next few days.). By the end, I had to tell Fiance to give it up, it wasn’t going to happen. At least I’ve learned to call it before it becomes orgasm by sheer force of will.

    1. Avatar of lhinellelhinelle

      Sidebar: Holy crap yes. You’re not alone on this one… and then by the time the period starts, I’m having mixed feelings: relief that it started on time, and frustration that the incredible horny desires are no longer fulfill-able with le dude.

    2. Avatar of verunaveruna

      My super horny days are all immediately after my period, but I think that’s because even my uterus is not ready for kids yet. But a lot of my friends have those days right before.

  2. Avatar of [M] QoB[M] QoB

    Oh yes, I know that feeling. If I wasn’t careful it would often turn into a UTI, as well. The right lube makes it much less frequent, though.

  3. Avatar of amicusdiptusamicusdiptus

    Huh. I know that feeling. Sometimes it seems you’re almost there, but not quite getting there. And after a while your body loses interest, but you are too frustrated to give up without an effort.

    I think we shouls all just let ourselves “off the hook” once in a while. Nice try, maybe next time – now lets stop before it starts chafing for real.

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