Monday Night Flashback OT: Board Games

Happy Monday, Persephoneers! I’m glad you’re here. I hope everyone made it through the first day of the work/school week with flying colors. To be honest, I could have used another weekend to recover from my weekend, but I made it through.

For tonight’s flashback, I’m heading back to the mid-’80s. I was reminded of all the games my brother and I used to play when my own kids received Connect Four last week. SUCH a fun game. It, along with Uno, Yahtzee and other classics, have all been jazzed up and “improved upon” by adding exciting timers, batteries and what-nots to them.

What are some of your favorite classic games? Have you tried the “new” versions? How was your day?

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  1. I could play Monopoly for days. My cousin and I once played for hours at a sleepover, with no end in sight, so we wrote down all the money we had, what properties we owned, and what spaces we were on so we could continue. That was an epic game. Not a fan of the new version though, the illustrations on the board and cards had changed, so I found an old one at a thrift store. One of my uncles taught me how to play Stratego, I still love that game although I’m not very good. My mom and I played a game called Mastermind if anyone knows what that is. Guess Who, Parcheesi, Mall Madness, Operation, Battleship. I love going to thrift stores and finding all the older versions of the games- I’m only 24 but with the newer games come newer graphics and I like to have the ones I remember as a kid. I found an early 90’s Battleship, Monopoly from the 70s, a couple old Strategos.

    Oh, and the game of Life!! Loved that game. My cousin would always bend the tips of the cards of the house/job she wanted, and we’d put our husbands in the backseat of the car.

  2. Okay, I’m having way too much phone with this board game thread. I was such a board game nut when I was little.

    Anyone remember playing those stereotypical girl board games? I’m talking Pretty Pretty Princess, Dream Phone, Mall Madness, etc. (links to the commercials). They were such sleepover staples for me growing up. I did like Mall Madness, but I thought Pretty Pretty Princess and Dream Phone were so boring.

    Can anyone think of any other games like this? I feel like there were others that I’m forgetting.

    1. I loved Pretty Pretty Princess when I was little, and anyone who came over, aunts or cousins, I made play with me. My cousin and I played Mall Madness a lot..I can hear the commercial in my head right now! “It’s Mall Maddddness!” haha oh geez..never heard of Dream Phone, or at least I don’t remember it.

  3. Oh my gosh, I just remembered one of my favorite games growing up. Did anyone ever play Hip Hip Hooray? We had so much fun playing that game! There were different cards you would draw, like Charades, Party Games, and Drawing, and you’d have to do the activity on the card. I remember we used to be in hysterics laughing over some of the Party Game activities, which tended to be ridiculous. You got chips for completing the activities, which had point values on them that you would add up at the end.

  4. My next door neighbor and I spent hours and hours and hours playing Monopoly and Mall Madness in the summertime.

    The Mister and I got together over many games of Scrabble, and we still play a lot of board games. We usually end up playing Sorry! or Uno with his sister when we go for a visit. We got Life as a gift from someone, but I don’t remember it being as lame as it is. We don’t play it very often, so there’s a lot of rule-reading and whatnot at the start, which takes up more time than the actual game play, but it seems like it used to be a lot more fun than it is now. Maybe it was just fun because it was entertaining to imagine grown up things, when it’s less cool in reality.

  5. So I come across some Valentine’s Day article and OF COURSE there are comments to the effect of “why isn’t there a MAN DAY?” and blah blah blah.

    STFU. If you’re so irritated at the thought of buying something for your significant other…just don’t. If I knew my boyfriend was being such a whiny turd about it, I wouldn’t want to do anything. No one is making you buy anything. And if you’re significant other is demanding some extravagant experience and you don’t like to do those kind of things and instead you’re bitching about it on the internet, then maybe, just maybe, you two aren’t meant for each other. Or at least need to sit down and talk about your expectations.

    Sheesh. I always expected a card for Valentine’s Day (e-cards fine) and gave the same back. A nice dinner out sealed the deal (we both paid) and if I was too poor to go out I’d make one. This year, we skipped the cards and are just going out to dinner. But apparently, my boyfriend needs a MAN DAY.

    1. Eww, how ridiculous.

      Maybe this isn’t everyone else’s experience, but I’ve never been in a relationship where my significant other bought me a bunch of stuff and I did nothing for him. We either both did cards and little gifts (I don’t do flowers, anyway) or we just went out for dinner, drinks, or dessert. We always split the tab.

      You know, I used to gripe about Valentine’s Day, but now I appreciate it as a day where I remind the people important to me, not just my significant other, that I love them.

      1. Right? It was always a give and take situation. In the first few years of our relationship, he went out of his way to get me small gifts (even though we had agreed on cards!). I told him I never expected him to do things like that for me, but that I appreciated it all the same. Then I made sure to do something sweet in return. He’s never told me that he’s felt put out. He did those things because he wanted to.

        I like the way you think of it…a day to appreciate the people you love.

  6. I’m leaving for work in about an hour and have to figure out an outfit that’ll go from ‘bookstore wage slave’ to ‘fancy French restaurant date’ while still keeping me warm in the Canadian winter that has finally arrived.

    I’m thinking my pink/white/black floral dress with knit tights, light boots and a wool hooded cardigan. Just fancy enough and won’t freeze me to death. Backup outfit are dress pants (which are just a little too short on my long-ass legs), sequined top, same boots and same cardigan. HMM.

    Happy V-Day, all!

  7. I love Monopoly. But I really don’t like playing it these days. I get outrageously competitive. Last time I had been drinking and playing Monopoly. Bad combo.

    Apparently, one time as a kid, I got so mad at my father’s friend for winning a board game I jumped on his back and started hitting it. Yeesh.

    So, I stay away from board games.

    Strangely, I don’t get this way during card games. Possibly because I’m good at them.


    1. We have this game called Pandemic that’s a lot of fun. I think you can play with up to six players, but it’s cooperative rather than competitive. The game has four different diseases that you all have to work together to limit their spread; the goal is to “cure” all four of them before the cards run out. Each player gets a role – researcher, scientist, medic, operations expert, etc – and each of those roles has specific things they’re able to do that others can’t. You go around and make your moves individually in turn, but you’re not racing to beat anyone, you’re trying to beat it all together, so there’s cooperation instead of competition.

      It’s pretty fun. The Mister is very good at board games, and I tend to get frustrated when he beats me, so this is a good one to play with fewer hurt feelings.

  8. I’m not really from a board game family, but boyfriend is, so I might have played more board games in the last four years than in the previous fifteen.

    But before that: Monopoly (in Afrikaans, major cool), Trivial Pursuit (with Disney questions!), Snakes and Ladders and Ganzenbord (which now I’m going to look up to see if it’s proper Dutch).

  9. As a kid, we had a ton of board games.  Not just the usual (Monopoly, Sorry, Clue) but games like the Mad Magazine board game; Trump the board game, the Wheel of Fortune board game, and others I’m sure but ones I can’t find in a Google search.  Mad Magazine was a fun game, as was Wheel of Fortune.  I  LOVED playing board games, but no one would play with me, so I spent a lot of time playing alone.

  10. Cranium. And there was a 2D timed version of a Rubik’s cube that was awesome.

    In other news, my boyfriend will be home today – yay! – but it’s because his relative is dying. Giant boo. So we’re both wondering how to manage the excitement of seeing each other with the weirdness and grief of essentially waiting for someone to die.

    Humans are weird, eh.

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