Monday Night Flashback OT: Board Games

Happy Monday, Persephoneers! I’m glad you’re here. I hope everyone made it through the first day of the work/school week with flying colors. To be honest, I could have used another weekend to recover from my weekend, but I made it through.

For tonight’s flashback, I’m heading back to the mid-’80s. I was reminded of all the games my brother and I used to play when my own kids received Connect Four last week. SUCH a fun game. It, along with Uno, Yahtzee and other classics, have all been jazzed up and “improved upon” by adding exciting timers, batteries and what-nots to them.

What are some of your favorite classic games? Have you tried the “new” versions? How was your day?

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      1. Settlers is the game my family always plays when we’re all in one place.  My favorite strategy is to forget about building anything but roads until you block everybody else off from half the board.  Gets you longest road, AND all those other people are cramped on one side while you pick and choose what resources you like best.  Also, everybody whines about having to trade with you.  Which is awesome.

    1. My family and I played that way, too!  We’d go through the baby-getting area as many times as we could, until we’d have two carfulls of kids (or more).  I’ve tried to play it on the computer, but it’s not the same.  I should go buy it and make people play with me.

      1. The only thing I liked about the computer one was that you never (or almost never) didn’t get any kids. I think they designed it that way.

        Also, I’m not gonna lie; I definitely cheated a few times while playing with my sister to get the $100,000 salary. We were super competitive in everything we did when we were little. (Still are, to a degree.)

  1. Well, I do love me some Trivial Pursuit, because it makes me feel smart. Unfortunately, it also makes me feel competitive. A drunken Elfity playing Trivial Pursuit gets vicious. I really don’t care for board games at all simply because I am frighteningly competitive, so mostly I enjoy watching others play. I do Scrabble every now and then, but usually I just watch everyone else play. My aunt collects Monopoly, so my family plays every Christmas and I watch and play banker. Sometimes I play an evil banker, until they make me stop.

    1. Drunken and/or sleep deprived Lurkerina gets really damn good at Trivial Pursuit. I don’t know how to explain it, but whenever I am in either of those two states and play it, I win. Against my hyper competitive and knowledgeable family. Which is why I usually only play team games with them.

    2. I have been known to be rather nasty while playing Trivial Pursuit. We were then at my in-laws and we all decided it was a good idea to play TP. Not a good idea. A room full of super competitive people playing TP.Bad bad bad.

      Still recovering from that one

    1. That was Perfection. My sister and cousin used to play a game called “Time Bomb” where they would put all the pieces on the board and set the timer; then they had to do a bunch of random tasks and finally hide under a blanket before the board “exploded.” They always liked games you could misuse.

  2. I have no idea if anyone else played this game (and probably you’d have to be in your mid-30’s and above to even remember it), but I loved the game Superstition. It was kind of like Mousetrap, because it had the whole mechanical element, but it also had ghosts and hexes and whammys and things. I actually bought one off of Ebay a few years ago and now my daughter loves to play it too!

    Oh, and I also loved Mousetrap, but mostly the trapping, less the actual game-playing.

  3. Hands down Scrabble.  And Sorry.  It was the only game we could all agree on as kids.  But our collective favorite was this Christmas board game created some time in the mid 80s.  Me and all of my cousins played it at one time or another lying on the floor of my grandmother’s house with my aunt.  You had to collect presents, and there were little detours where you had to sing Christmas carols.  And the box was blue.  Has anybody else ever heard of this game??

      1. Thank you! It should be ok, I have a feeling the judge that likes to play with newbies is not sitting tomorrow. It’s only a plea in mitigation on a minor traffic charge, so it shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve briefed the client not to freak out in Court, so I’m hoping for smooth sailing and to be out by morning tea time.

  4. Travel Scrabble.

    So hey sister. That light screaming you can hear from across the great divide? That’s all of our literate ancestors flipping shit over that triple word score I just landed. I know, you’re kind of excited to see “Xylem” this early in the game, but that’s just how I roll. We’re an hour and a half into this car journey and I plan to beat you before the M25 Orbital.

    Just wait until I whip out Upwords. Fucking carnage.

  5. Unrelated to board games (I’ve always been a Trivial Pursuit kind of girl), I still owe some terrible poetry for server donations.

    PoM’s Poetry Corner, for the irreplaceable @lurkerina:

    Came out from lurking
    Comments and kicks so much ass
    We’re glad to have you.

    Book club is calling
    Made possible with your help
    To feed the server.

    Thank you for your donation! I hope you enjoy these terrible haiku!

    1. Aww, thanks! I’m hoping to participate enough to un-earn my user name, which I’ve had since before P-mag started up. This seems like such an awesome group of people, I want to be a part of it!

      I’m so glad to see so much love for Trivial Pursuit. As the kind of person who reads wikipedia for fun (and used to read the encyclopedia pre-internet days), I love that I can feel at home here in my nerdery. I will also sometimes just read the Trivial Pursuit cards. I’ve got two sets.

      I would like to also add – Taboo. That is my family’s go-to game. It is often hilarious.

  6. I’m a big monopoly fan. I gave the classic version to my 8 year old nephew for Christmas this year and we have had ridiculous amounts of fun playing together. Every time I go over to his house he has the board set up and ready to go.

    He also got an UNO Robot game that I think has made the old game more fun. We can create “house rules” and the robot will follow them.  Really, what in life couldn’t be improved by adding a robot? Robots make everything more fun.

    Also, hi everyone. This is my first comment.

    1. Yay! Welcome!

      Uno Attack (I think that’s what you mean by “Uno robot game” actually helped me get a special rule against board games in my Junior high school’s rule book. I was (and am) quite proud of getting those banned. My games, including Uno Attack, Life and 13 Dead End Drive, fortified that rule. /happy sigh Oh Junior high shenanigans, how I miss thee. :)

  7. I am side-eyeing the Battleship movie, because I love some old school Battleship, and I have no idea how or why anyone would make such a gross special-effectsy movie out of the minimalist, mathematical beauty that is Battleship.

    Well, I do know, I just don’t like it.

    I have been playing Monopoly on Kindle, against AIs. They are not very good at trading, so I simply acquire all the railroads and sit back and watch them hemorrhage money. It was fun for a while, but is getting old.

  8. They play Pictionary at my work whenever we have a party/special lunch, which I hate. I was always more of a Trivial Pursuit kind of person. I also like Monopoly. One of my earliest memories is of playing Life, and I loved the game Uno in first grade.

    Today went better than expected. I had a slightly larger dinner than I planned– Trader Joe’s gnocchi and mushrooms. A lot of work today, and some more tomorrow, but I don’t think it will be that bad.

    1. I was never big on Pictionary when I was younger, but the Mister and I sometimes play it with his parents when we go visit. We rock at that game now, mostly because we know each other really well. I’m not a good draw-er (he is!), but I’m a really good guesser, and we’re both really good at picking the right approach to get the other person to guess that thing. So I think I just didn’t have a good partner when I played as a kid.

      It’s the same idea as Catchprase – my brother and I aren’t allowed to be on the same team anymore when we play with our cousins because we have so many inside jokes that make it super easy to guess the word. I think I’ve told this story before, but the one time we were playing and the phrase was PRUNE JUICE. I said “San Antonio River Walk” and he immediately guessed it. Because when we were in San Antonio with our aunt, she was constipated and the whole time we were on the River Walk, we had to stop at a million places to look for prune juice. Ha!

  9. I freaking Love Catchphrase, while not necessarily a “classic” game (as I am a young’un), it played a critical part in my growing.

    Also, I am drunkenly enjoying being done with my 6 exams for the day. I apologize in advance if my commenting gets obnoxious.

    1. I was going to say…my extended family (one one side) plays a lot of games, and Catch Phrase is kind of our fallback/go-to, and one of the games we can adapt to include all ages, so it’s one of our favorites.  I have a lot of great memories of playing Catch Phrase.

  10. I had a digital version of Yahtzee that I fucking loved. Best thing to keep a 10 year old Cesy quiet. I have no idea how I got my hands on that, but it was awesome.

    I was also a fan of Trivial Pursuit at a young age.


    Also today I am wearing some awesome tan coloured court shoes. I love them so. They’re helping me deal with some righteous anger I am feeling.

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