Oh Happy Weekend OT I See Before Me

That’s it for our regularly scheduled weekday posts this week! Slay will be here over the weekend for the writers’ group, and most of the staff people will be around catching up with our old friends and getting to know our new friends. I’m keeping the 5x points party going through Sunday afternoon, so this is a great time to get to the rank you have your eye on! 

To get us in a party mood, here’s a little bit of fun:

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            1. I have come to loathe the em-dash because when I’m transcribing something, it interrupts the flow of things because it usually means someone has interrupted, so I have to stop, listen again to see where the break occurs, then start a new line…

              But, as you can tell from that last paragraph, I’m a big fan of ellipses.

  1. Just got back from a rather drunken gathering/dance party of engineering nerds. Woo!

    Currently eating a bag of vending machine chocolate chip cookies to absorb some of the alcohol. Rather (very) tipsy currently. Wish I had some bread. Bugger.

    Can’t be hung over tomorrow. Too many problem sets to finish. Gahhhhhh.

    Engineering is such a buzz-kill.

  2. I think I mildly sprained my ankle during soccer tonight. *sigh* And I’m so exhausted that moving sounds disgusting, but I really want something to eat. These truly are such monumental problems. *rolls eyes*

    I watched 28 Days (old Sandra Bullock movie) this week, and it was surprisingly good. I though it was quite funny, and that the story was rather well done. I mean, obviously nowhere near hilarious as Two Weeks Notice, which is the best Sandra Bullock movie thanks to Hugh Grant, but still. It was worth watching. Especially because Viggo Mortensen is just a lovely, lovely human being.

    I need to do so much laundry tomorrow. Virtually everything I own is dirty. Clothes, sheets, blankets… just everything. Ew.

    I’ve decided on clinical psychology, I think. It feels weird to have a direction to go in after drifting for so long. I’m feeling lost because now I don’t have an excuse, I guess. I don’t know. I think this is good, though. I’ve needed direction in my life.


    1. Two Weeks’ Notice is my favourite!

      June: “Oh wow! Chess! I love chess! Know what I love even more than chess?”
      George: “… Pokemon?”

      my favourite line ever.

      love the “direction in life” thing. after much floating around I’ve picked a field too. it feels grown up and kind of scary sometimes!

      1. Hahaha! That movie has so many awesome quotes. I love when George asks Lucy if she hates “all boats” and she mocks his accent. I pretty much repeat that every time anyone says “all” or “boats”. And the milk duds exchange is grand. And the part where his driver is ranting about women and then you find out he lives with his mother. And then I just about die laughing every time she’s in the meeting with George and his brother and she’s insulting his kids and spitting gum under his shoe. It’s such a great movie.

        There are a lot of “ands” in this comment. I just want to get that out there. I noticed them, and they are annoying, but I am not going to do anything about it. :D

  3. Cute pet thread anyone?

    One of my cats and the queen bee of my apartment, Piper. Aka The Kitteh Who Lived thanks to her rando Harry Potter ‘scar’ fur

    P.s. I hope this picture works! [Edit: How do I get it to show up in the post and not just as a download/view thinger. Edit #2:Yay got it, thanks y’all!]


    1. once you upload your picture there should be an option to “insert into editor”!

      this is Molson. we adopted him from a family who was expecting a second child and Molson needed a new home. his name apparently is Molson because the husband of the previous family wanted to name the coming baby Molson and the wife declined and said he could name the dog instead.
      he is a sad old man in a dog’s body, he gets along best with my Grandpa who feeds him farmer sausage. I kind of love him because if you get him in the right mood he is the best kind of snuggly.

        1. They’re litter mates, I got them from our local animal control shelter, and they’re AWESOME. Rue is super snuggly, and Widget is freakishly smart. I work from home, so I’ve been with them pretty much every moment since I brought ’em home, so they’re totally spoiled, too.

          I lost two of my older cats last August, one was Loki’s litter mate (also rescue kitties), Pixel, and one was my 18 year old, Artemis, who I’ve had since college. Loki was miserable, and so was I, so we got kittens. It’s hard to be sad with kittens around.

      1. I’m a total sucker for black cats, but that Loki is adorable. I’ve had two cats with that face. My husband found the first one in a parking lot. The second came from a box outside of Petsmart. And they were two of my favorite cats. Kiss your Loki for me. It’ll make my heart happy. Oh, never mind. Kiss them all for me!

        1. Oh no! Are they smaller than 1mb? And narrow enough to fit in the comment area? (600px on a top level comment, smaller in the nested comments.)

          The uploader is picky and fickle, sometimes making your image a little smaller with a photo editor (even the ones that come with your operating system or free tools can do this) can make it behave.

      1. I know I’m late to the thread, but Imma try this again. The width might have been the issue. If this does upload, it is Mischa, the younger, at age 9, of my two black and whites. She is fat (really, really huge) and feisty. 

        And here is Tallie, age 11ish. She is a super shedder and also very, very needy. 
        She only looks like she’s dead. She sleeps for about 23 hours of every day.

    2. Aha! Finally. Geez. This photouploader is… irritating.

      But now I get to share my kitties! My partner and I have two cats, both five years old, both hilarious in their own special ways.

      This is Kitteh (yes, my boyfriend named his cat this) looking especially annoyed at the foot of our stairs. She’s the younger of the two cats, the fatter of the two and was spayed this past December. Man oh man has this made my life so much better. She used to pee EVERYWHERE always. It felt like I was spending the majority of my day cleaning up after her. But now, not only does she only pee in her litterbox (all right and occasionally on my backpack, but I can deal with a once a month issue), she’s become insanely affectionate. She cuddles in my lap all the time or when I’m in bed, she sits on my head. She loves the laser pointer and has memorized the sound of us picking it up. Seriously, she can differentiate between the sound of keys or any other chain and the pointer. She’s a crazy lovely girl.

      Here is my cat, Dudswell, so named because he was found in the county of Dudswell at a campground. He’s a Persian/Derp mix, but it’s hard to pinpoint his exact heritage since he was abandoned. He’s super muscular and technically classified as overweight, despite having no fat on him whatsoever. He’s got stinky eye gunk from malformed tear ducts that I clean everyday, but I don’t care because his squishy derpy face is awesome. In this picture, he had just been shaved. He sleeps most of the day and demands fresh water every two hours with loud meowls.

      And here’s a picture of them sleeping on the couch after Kitteh’s surgery. Kitteh is almost always trying to groom Derpswell (oh, he’s got tons of nicknames, my favourite being Senor Derpington) since he does such a poor job of it himself. They have epic cat gladiator play battles occasionally, but they get along pretty darn good.

      YAY! More than you ever wanted to know.

      1. Dudswell, that’s a fantastic name.

        And the cat is. So. freaking. adorable!!! Your other kitty too, but man. Maybe it’s because my family has Persians (and Exotic Shorthair, which is exactly that: a short-haired Persian).

        I get to be cat-sitter whenever someone is on vacation, and I lurve them. Altough the Persian does have a major eye-gunk issue, too. Poor kitty, it’s a good thing he actually enjoys it when we clean out his eyes every day.

        1. Oh sheesh! And they bite hard. The scary thing is, I bet what you got was a ‘nip’ and not a real bite (like a warning v. a chomp). I had a little bunny (not pictured) and she was feeeeeiiiisttttyyyy. The second day I had her I guess I scared her and she was PISSED and bit me HARD. Most alarming thing ever.

          Yoshi (the sleepy one) has never bit me. Pfeffer (in arms) bit me on the shoulder once, but more like a nip and she was TRYING to bite my shirt, she just didn’t understand that there is skin under there.

          1. I imagine she could have done tons more damage if she had wanted to so I was lucky that way but it still hurt like a motherfucker! Since then I have been bitten by two dogs (both minor) and mauled by a cat (major, tetanus shot and everything) and the rabbit bite was probably somewhere in the middle. Ah the life of a pet sitter.

          1. Another neighbor took vengeance after seeing it happen, and poured amonia on one of their prized ornamental pricey trees. I didn’t even know about the vengeance until months later when his brother mentioned it. (He was going to jail for something else the next day and figured vengance was worth it. Family has a bad name, but they’ve always been good to me.)

    3. We have three dogs and 2 cats, yet for some reason I only have this one picture handy.

      That’s Lacy, our rotti-hound mix. When we finally bought a house the first thing we did was sign up to foster dogs. She was our last foster, because she was so messed up she was completely adoptable. Her previous owners had adopted her from the same shelter I got her from as a puppy and brought her back a year later, scarred up from being beaten around the head, thin as anything, unable to walk on a leash, afraid of everyone but especially tall men. The foster paperwork had some of the strongest comments on it I had ever come across — the intake guy remembered her as puppy and was furious that such a sweet, smart dog had become a nervous aggressive wreck in only a year.

      It took a year of training before we could even start trying to find a home for her and by that point it was obvious it was better for her for us to keep her. She’s a lot better these days, though she’s still scared of strangers and pulls on her leash, but she adores us and we love her too.


  4. I’ve already posted on the OT tonight, but I just have to say, that I love Persephone already.  The fact that I keep getting emails telling me that my comment was witty and remarkable (when someone replies) is unfailingly charming. I’m a whore for compliments and I never get tired of it.  Every single time I see it, pause, and go, awwwww, they think I’m witty.  Seriously, if you need a self esteem boost, make sure the email notification bit is turned on!

    1. And now here’s another comment so you’ll get another email telling you how witty, charming and delightful you are. Better yet, here’s a comment telling you that you are witty, charming, and delightful so you’ll get an email that says the same thing.

    1. Oh no, don’t get me wrong, they’re fine people, good Americans. But they’re content to sit back, maybe watch a little Mork and Mindy on channel 57. Maybe kick back a cool Coors 16-ouncer. They’re good fine people, Stuart. But they don’t know what the queers are doing to the soil. – Chris Christie

      1. “Look at the soil around Des Moines, Stuart. You can’t build on it, you can’t grow anything in it. The government says it’s due to poor farming. But I know what’s really going on, Stuart. I know it’s the queers.
        They’re in it with the aliens. They’re building landing strips for gay Martians. I swear to God.”

  5. Finishing a 10 page paper, an essay exam, sending out a doodle schedule for a meeting for me thesis project, and doing a blog for one of m courses this week has finally helped me feel motivated and feel like I am getting in the swing of things this semester. Thank goodness. I was starting to worry if I couldn’t get my case of the fuck its under control I would seriously fuck up my semester.

    Now, I am going to knit like crazy as a reward for meeting deadlines before I do a ton more work this weekend and next week. Although part of me wish I had a car because I want to get a drink and maybe do karaoke at the bar the man friend works at, but I don’t nor do I really want to do my makeup even if I felt inclined to get a cab.

  6. Random thoughts below…

    I really don’t want to work this weekend but I know I will be better off if I break this 12 hours of work up into smaller pieces. There’s no way I could type for 12 hours straight, especially when there’s no school so the Rockette will be home all day.

    Are there any Persephoneers around that are making a living off of writing (articles and such, not fiction) or proofreading and editing that would be willing to share how they got started? I’ve been writing articles and blog posts (for other websites, not just my own) for a while now so I’ve got experience and samples. I’ve just always looked on places like Elance but most of them don’t want to pay more than $5. Nope, sorry, I’m worth more than that.

    I am about to lose my Unicorn status. I’m about 150 points from being a General or something. I am sad now but I’m sure that someday I will look back on my Unicorn days and smile.

    1. I write for money. I’ve used both oDesk and eLance, and they’re about equal.  The majority of the jobs are ass, but you can find some gems if you try hard enough.   The best route to take on a freelance site is to make sure your profile is detailed and to take the skills tests that relate to your area of expertise. (They aren’t hard if you know your stuff.)

      Other than that, your best bet is patience. Once you find a client that’s willing to take a chance on a newbie AND pay them a living wage, it gets easier.

      Good luck! It’s not the easiest way to make a living, and it takes a lot of hustle, but there are good jobs out there with great companies.

    2. It’s not my main freelance area, but I do editing for ESL academics for extra money – I’ve never advertised or anything, it’s been all word of mouth, but I’m thinking of putting up some flyers at major universities in the area.  A lot of the time ESL academics will be told they need a native English speaker to go over their paper as part of the publication process, so I think if you live near a big university you could probably pick up some work with a little pushing around.

      Not sure if that’s of interest to you but it could be a source of work at least?

  7. Gone With the Wind is on TCM.  I’ve always, always, always loved this movie.  So, how come I’m suddenly noticing how bad Vivian Leigh is?  She’s beautiful and fiery, but no subtly.  I kinda hate that I just noticed she’s so bad, because it’s damaging my enjoyment of the movie. 

    I know I’m probably considered a heretic for this!  Please don’t hurt me too bad!

    1. Blasphemy!

      Just kidding. No, I know what you mean. My mom is a huge GWTW fan (my middle name comes from GWTW and her dog’s name is Scarlett) and I don’t have the heart to tell her that Vivien Leigh kind of annoys me. Or maybe it’s the character, not the actress.

      I’m more of a ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ girl myself.

    2. I haven’t seen Vivien Leigh in any other movies so it may very well be her as an actress but I do think it’s probably how she interpreted the character as well. Scarlett is a huge attention seeker HBIC and it makes sense for that kind of person to be over the top all the time.

      Now I kind of want to go rewatch GWTW but I’m already engrossed in episodes of Kitchen Nightmares and Supernatural. Too much media!!

      1. It’s VL’s delivery that’s killing me.  Scarlett is a great character and I’m sitting her imagining her in a more capable actress’s hands.  Although, given the names bandied about in the famous “search for Scarlett”, I can’t say as I can imagine a contemporary of VL’s doing much better. 

        Oh, oh!  It’s the curtain dress scene!  Best skit ever = Carol Burnett as Scarlett with a curtain rod on her shoulders!

  8. Aannnnnndddd I get to sleep on the couch yet again bc my animals and future mister are spoiled. Orange cat (Peanut) had surgery a few days ago and needs to be sequestered from gray cat (Bruiser) bc he beats up Peanut and she’s all stitched up so she can’t run away. When we try going to bed, Bruiser claws at the carpet by the door and howls. Since future mister has a bad back, he and Peanut are cozy in our awesome queen sized bed and I’m out here bc gray cat is an asshole.

  9. I have been mostly lurking the OT and I am leaving earlier than normal, but it is finally my READING BREAK starting today and I am super pumped.

    also, because this just happened and I am so smiley about it, PossibleMrPevensie came by this evening with “I’m not sure if you like Valentine’s Day but I like you so I waited until today just in case” loot: sparkling wine, gin (because I’m obsessed with French 75 cocktails), St. Andre cheese (it would have won the cheese bracket had it been nominated, no seriously), and a book of ancient near east poetry (mostly Persian and Arabic but a bit of Hebrew too). so it is time for cocktails and cheese and terrible tv in bed, and maybe we will all chat this weekend!

        1. Hmm. That is a tough call. Which is better – getting prettified and eating fancy food or getting pantsless, eating fancy food, and watching trashy tv. Both are excellent options and probably depend on the mood. I was eating ice cream and watching Mythbusters blow things up. The ice cream is gone, but explosions remain!

      1. truly. my ex-fiance was very into “Women like this!” (“this” being stuffed animals or the special edition of The Notebook). “Why don’t you like it?” and it was like he didn’t understand that I just didn’t. but PMP gets it. which is lovely. because I’m, you know, a regular person who goes “what is this person’s personality? what do they love? how can I give them a gift that shows them I know them and not just their stereotyped genes or whatever?”

  10. In the favorite phrasing of P*neers: LET THE GREAT UNFUCKING OF MY HOUSE COMMENCE! I’m cracked out on energy drinks and a shitty day at work. Plus I have a friend coming from out of town tomorrow and a Kraken Fiesta to host this weekend as well, and lets just say my house is currently unpresentable. So fueled only by Honey Nut Cheerios and sheer will power I WILL HAVE THIS DONE BY 2AM SO HELP ME RANDOM DEITY! I wish I could stay here with you guys but alas I probably won/t be back on till Tuesday night. Hopefully I can sneak some time in, but if not I’ll see y’all next week!

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