P’neers, I Think This is the Beginning of a Beautiful Weekend Open Thread

We are wrapping things up here in the [imaginary, but whatever] P-Mag headquarters. We’ve had a pretty awesome week, and it is time to get this weekend started. I am ready to get chatty all up in this open thread, how about you?

A few “business-y” reminders:

  1. Slay Belle announced on Monday that this month’s book club selection will be The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Grab your copies and be ready to discuss in a few weeks!
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  3. If you run into any bugs Easter eggs, as Selena prefers to call them, be sure to tell us about them in Selena’s bug-catching post.
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Have a good weekend, everyone! See you in the comments.

Oh, and 100 points to the first 10 people to get the movie reference.

1,117 thoughts on “P’neers, I Think This is the Beginning of a Beautiful Weekend Open Thread”

  1. So I double check Rotten tomatoes a lot when I’m considering a new film, and usually I tend to agree with what critics have to say overall; yes to Mike Leigh films (and the criticisms are things I can understand if you don’t like Mike Leigh, because he’s very him), a weak yes to most passable Romcoms, a thankfully across-the-board condemnation of random misogynistic slasher flicks (people don’t ape Shaun of the Dead very well), etc. etc. so far so good.

    Who, however, are these people who sign up to Rotten Tomatoes to go “YOU SUCK U LOSER 94% OF PPL LOVE THIS FILM U MUST BE ST00PID”.

    because, well;

    1) argumentum ad populum
    2) is it really so awful that one reviewer had something negative to say about a film you liked? I love Mike Leigh, as above, but I know a lot of people find his films too slow-moving or dislike his characters, and that’s fine! I actually like seeing criticisms of films I like, because it makes me think about them critically and deflates my fanboy balloon.
    3) At least have something more substantive to counter the critic on. “You must be a moron because you don’t agree with other critics” is absurd.

    Random rant over.

  2. Howdy, everyone! I’m here a little late, as I spent the better part of last-night doped up on muscle relaxers and tx dose ibuprofen. Damn you, sciatica!

    I’m excited about the book club. I can’t wait to tell Boyfriend- he adores The Hunger Games. I think we may be seeing him around here!

    Question: has anyone here tried Bodyrock? It’s an online, free fitness regimen and it is kicking.my.ass. I don’t do it every day as you’re supposed to, because I’m in recovery from an eating disorder and I know I could fall off the wagon with all of the fitness talk, but it’s great so far.

    1. I haven’t personally tried it, but I have spent time poking around their website and Youtube channel out of curiosity. I know that after Zuzanna left, some people noticed a change in the quality of the workouts now that the man behind the curtain has brought in so many ‘guest’ women to shoot the videos. I’m glad you’re enjoying it, though, it looks like it has a really vocal and supportive user base of Bodyrockers!

      1. I just started, so I’ve only known two of the hosts, and I think Lisa is awesome. She’s just so damned peppy that it’s contagious! I keep thinking about interacting with the community, but from what I’ve seen, they can be really judgmental. They’re pretty quick to jump on anyone who eats carbs,sugars, insertdemonizedfoodofchoicehere or who skip days. However, they are also really supportive of people who try, so that’s nice.

  3. The boyfriend flew out yesterday afternoon to deepest Alberta for four months! I spent the morning feeling like I was going to throw up from the nervous anticipation of his departure, then as soon as he went through security I started bawling in front of a big group of strangers. Super fun times at Pearson airport.

    Now I’m kind of looking around like “What now?” We usually spent the weekends together so I feel pretty lost and distracted. My cat’s thrilled that I’m at home instead of at his place, though. So far I’ve bought a new mattress pad and spent a lot of time talking to my parents. I even attempted to go to the gym, but there’s a hockey tournament on today at the community centre so there’s NO PARKING WHATSOEVER to be had.

    It’s a brave new (sad, scary) world where I have all my time to myself! For 17 weeks! Aaahhh.

    1. Read! Make a list of shit you’ve never got around to reading. Put some random background music on (long nature sound albums, etc.) and sit down with tea or your favourite relaxy-drink and get through the stuff you know you should’ve read.

      source, yahoo answers style; 4 months and counting of not having shitsticks to do.

    2. I know it’s sad and scary now but you will adapt and by the time he comes back you’ll be so used to having your own space again and doing your own stuff that you’ll be conflicted between “yay you’re back!” and “omg what about me time?”

  4. And on the topic of shitty weeks: I had so much fun showing up on Monday with my gorgeous blue hair! Then Tuesday I got told that some unnamed and possibly fictional people had complained about it so it had to go. Pissed! Washed it a whole bunch that night and it faded to a lovely soft Tiffany shade. So Wednesday I got talked to for texting in the staff meeting (which was way too long) and also for cracking wise in response to an entire-office email.  WTF? I still blame the hair. My theory is HR lady got in trouble for okaying blue hair, and takes it out on the one whose hair is blue. I should have known it was too cool to be true.

    Took yesterday off to take Mr. to the doctor (and for my own safety), and he has pneumonia.

    FML. Looking on the bright side, baby gooses!

    1. Who complains about blue hair? And about humour? I thought your colour looked lovely. There’s a woman in my mother’s office who streaks her hair in various rainbow shades over her otherwise entirely-grey hair and all it does is serve to signal her badassery.

      At least we will all know your true inner badassness.

      1. I’m not sure anyone complained about me, but I’m real sure someone pulled rank on someone else over it. Crap, I just need to keep my head down and not call attention to my bad self.

        Blue hair was so much fun (snif). I got called Smurfette, and laughed until I cried when someone mentioned Mrs. Slocombe.  Maybe in a year or two I can do a magenta streak, we’ll see.

        I would so tennis-shoe this job but I am an insurance slave, so I have to suck it up.

    2. God, I hate offices. People are so shitty, all up in other peoples’ business. Really, who does complain about someone else’s haircolor? You can crack wise all you want here, sister, and we will applaud you! And we loved your haircolor! It and another commenter’s blue tips inspired me to put some streaks in my hair soooon!

      I’m sorry, and I’m mentally kicking their cowardly asses for you.

      1. Yeah, who knows. It’s probably whoever kept stealing my pink pens (really, just the pink ones) before I started locking them up. I guess I have this affect on people.

        But my fuzzy little birds are the best! I just want all the animals. Lately I am loving fat furry ponies but they would require a construction project. But, the ponies!

    3. I don’t think I ever saw your blue hair! But I *LOVE* blue hair! It compliments orange so fabulously (is that a pun?). I have been putting orange streaks in my hair for years and can’t wait to start that again once the hair comes back. I did rock a mohawk when my hair started falling out and nobody at my office could say ANYTHING. Upsides to cancer! Gotta find the bright sides. Lemme see if I can find a pic – I only had it for about a week before the hanks coming out got too traumatic but was fun while it lasted!

      Sorry you didn’t get to keep the blue!

      1. Aw, hanks of hair coming out are sad but I bet your mohawk looked fierce. There was a lady at Mr.’s chemo salon who would draw on her head with Sharpies — flowers, fish, paisleys — such a talented badass.

        Sometimes when post-chemo hair grows in again it’s different. Mr.’s hair is coming in all white whereas he had very little gray before (and used to make fun of mine, so hahaha). I’ve even heard of straight hair coming back in curly, and vice versa. So maybe you’ll get something different next time!

  5. Baby gooses! Catherine and Alexander. Alexander has an orange stripe on his face put there by the goose sexer. We let them in the house because we’re going to rip out this carpet anyway – they are so cute! They follow us around flapping they tiny wings and squealing to be picked up. I can’t wait until they’re big enough to walk the yard and swim in the pond we plan to have dug for them by then ;-)

        1. BE WARNED: Unfortunately Elvis ONLY likes me. He has bit my mom, my husband, my daughter and my cousin. He goes after anyone in our back yard. We started with 2 Elvis & Priscilla (Priscilla was killed by a dog) my husband thinks Elvis thinks I am his mate. IDK they are really temperamental and one person animals. If I had it to do over again I would have gone with swans instead, much more docile. Also be care with the pond till they’re grown. Itty-bittie goslings can get hypothermia and drown. Their little downy feathers are not waterproof. They aren’t entirely waterproof till they’ve grown in all their adult feathers.


          Here is a pic of me and Elvis if it loads.


          PS Did you ask about geese on the “Check Out This Post by Pileofmonkeys” thread?  I left a big long reply to someone over there about geese.

          1. He is gorgeous! Mine are White Chinese. I hope they still like Mr. when they grow up; he is playing with them too. Maybe they’ll continue to have each other and not get aggressive (although anyone who kicks that old rooster’s ass is aces with me).  They’re not really going to get to do much of anything until their feathers come in. It’s still a little chilly for babies, even in Texas.

            I did ask about geese, but then I guess I saw something shiny and forgot to check back. I’ll go look, thanks!

  6. I gave up sweets for Lent and it’s only Day 4. In order not to go completely insane, I said that only sweets in food form are out, which means I can have all the sugary drinks I want — I don’t like sugary drinks all that much so I let that slide. Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s chocolate on the living room table that I must put away.

  7. After a long, dream-filled sleep, I’m not as sad as I was yesterday. I try not to think of getting fired, although I’m still a little afraid. I just wish the entire day never happened, or that I at least acted differently during our discussion. Maybe things will be different on Monday. I asked my therapist yesterday when things were really bad if I could have an extra session, and she reserved a time that I could talk to her, but I’m not sure if that’s even needed anymore.

    But those were some really weird dreams.

  8. Ok gang, let’s play another round of 5 Little Things!

    What are 5 little things that you wish your mother had taught you about life but didn’t?

    In no particular order, here are mine: 1. If you blow dry your hair but then put on a hat (even for only a short period of time), your hair will be jacked up the rest of the day, even if you swear your hair was totally dry when you put it on. 2. If you take a pair of pants out of a hot dryer, you’ll burn your crotch on the zipper. 3. If your swiss cheese slice has a little bit of mold on the corner, just tear off the corner. The rest of the slice is still fine, dammit! 4. When shoveling the driveway, don’t do it line by line – keep it even all the way across, because it breaks up big ice chunks better. 5. When you’re packing up Christmas tree ornaments, glass bulbs go on top of the wooden nutcrackers, not under them.

    1. My mom taught me a lot of things (basic carpentry? Awesome!), and I still call her on a regular basis with questions.

      1) Blow-drying hair in general. My mom has awesome hair that looks perfect when it air-dries (and which I am super-jealous of), so I didn’t actually realize until I was in college that blow-drying changes the texture of your hair.

      Hmmm… this is hard, because I just keep thinking of things that my mom DID teach me (like basic carpentry, sewing, cooking, etc.)

    2. I wish my mom had taught me to sew. I’m sort of bumbling my way through it but I have issues even sewing a button back on a pair of pants. I know there’s got to be a method and I wish I’d known that. That’s the main one. Cooking, actually using the washer and dryer, how to clean things like floors, her special way of folding laundry – those were all things she did and when I moved out of the house I was like a spoiled brat in a comedy movie trying to figure those things out.

      I wish my dad had spent more time teaching me to fix cars the way he did my brother. Nothing frustrates me more than being a helpless little lady on the side of the road. Not that I’d be able to do much even if I knew what went wrong but it’d be nice not to feel so ignorant. With dad I wish he’d let me spend time in the woodshop with him since I have the skills to work out there with him. Collaborating would be so fun. I wish he’d taken me hiking more and that I’d been more open to going on runs with him.

      Luckily I’m slowing working towards those hobbies with my dad and with mom well there are other fantastic things I learn from her as I get older.

    3. – Her amazing negotiation skills. I’m absolute crap at confrontation and asserting myself without getting angry, and my mother does it for a living in her govt communications job. I generally get teary and shouty or just back down.

      – How to make a roast anything. Never ever done it. Alternatively, how to ice a cake. I’m a great cook most of the time but I suck at those two skills.

      – That there is nothing wrong with dipping cookies in your beverage of choice! She proclaims that it’s ‘too Canadian’. Wtf mom.

      – How to sew. We’ve tried a few times but never with any consistency. When she was my age she was making her own clothes! This is on my ‘things to learn’ life list.

      – How to study effectively. She was an honour student all through her education… I flunked out of university on my first try and have a C+ overall average. Yaaaay?

      In all honesty, my mom is pretty awesome and has done a great job raising all three of her kids, but yeah, I could have done with a little help in those few areas.

    4. My mother raised three girls and I don’t know how she did it. I am sort of completely fucked up b/c of things in and after my childhood but I’ve gotten past my anger at my mother b/c of decisions she made that were not good, as I realize she did the best she could and she was alone. I did learn to be pretty darn resourceful by watching her. So here’s my list.
      1. Not all men are bad. (She taught me the opposite. See “I am fucked up”, above.)
      2. It’s okay to trust some people. (” “)
      3. How to clean. She was busy working and I was keeping my two younger sisters, so I’m not so good at this.
      4. How to cook things besides opening a can and dumping its contents into a saucepan, e.g., Spaghetti-Os.
      5. How to manage money. (While I knew how to be thrifty by my upbringing, the practical application was lacking when I was out on my own. I’ve learned by trial and error and made some big mistakes.)

  9. I stayed up approximately 6384% too late last night chatting with a boy on OKCupid. I have to work a 9 hour shift at walmart today. I am so tired I have a headache. I see a lunch time nap in my immediate future. The good news is that we’re going to drink hot chocolate at Starbucks tomorrow when I get done working. Yay first dates!

  10. Hokay, so. I am on a big unfuck-my-apartment kick. So far, the kitchen is spotless (I gave up dirty dishes for Lent. Since I can’t really give up foods, I usually try to give up a bad habit, and then hope that it sticks. This year, all dishes must be done by the time I go to bed.) I am also working really hard on the “10 minutes of cleaning a day” thing, since usually my place is so cluttered that just 10 minutes won’t really do anything, but if I do it consistently, that should help. And on weekend days when I am home, I’m spending more time, because boo-yah. (I have been out of town on weekend for the past 3 weeks, and my apartment was pretty fucked. Fortunately, I was able to get it presentable in one evening, which is something I never thought would be possible.)

    Debating what to start on first: Floordrobe, the pile-of-office-supplies-under-my-hutch, or taking down my Christmas tree.

          1. Dishes get me down, and always seem so intimidating (I had an apartment once where, because the sink sucked, doing dishes was an ~ordeal~ and I think that idea stuck), which is why I am focusing on them for Lent.

            But! Floordrobe is put away, and Christmas tree is in the process of coming down… just put all the ornaments away. Once it’s down, my balcony door will be accessible again, and then the plan is to put up chicken wire so that my dog can enjoy my balcony.

  11. ah, saturday morning.  i need to buy some random groceries, but i don’t feel like spending the money.

    i also have to take a practice GRE at some point.  i made the mistake of telling other people that’s what i was doing, so i’d feel sort of guilty if i didn’t give it a go.

    it’s so windy today, it doesn’t make me want to go outside. :P

  12. Continuing the discussion (in my own head) from the post earlier this week about growing older, I treated myself this week to an electric nose-hair trimmer. (You can laugh; it’s okay.) I cannot even remotely convey how excited I am about this $15 gadget. I do not know at what point within the last few years I began growing nose hair like my late grandfather’s, but going at it with cuticle scissors became cumbersome and took forever.

    Now I shall counter the previous paragraph by telling you all that a couple of women in my group therapy this week told me that they thought I am “about 24”!! (I’m 37.) I’ve pretty much been skipping since hearing that. I have good genes (not so much on the mental health front, but youthful skin, yes!), stay out of the sun and don’t smoke (or drink, but that’s mostly b/c I’m on psych meds).

      1. Ms. B, you were the only brave soul to reply to my gross comment! ::laughs to self::

        I am so hirsute; I have to do the upper-lip wax strips, also. D}: Fortunately it’s light-baby-blonde there (er, mostly), so when I get lazy (read: more often than not), it’s not that noticeable. I do not have a Mr., so the state of things below the waist, including leg hair, is…abundant. Again with the laziness, or I would have that shit trimmed b/c it’s annoying. I proudly showed off a leg at Thanksgiving (it was “No-Shave November”/”Movember”/the same as any other month of my life) and one of my sisters exclaimed, “That looks like a man leg!”

        The hair on my head grows fast and thick. For this, I am happy. I’m very nice to it now b/c I abused it in my youth with perms, hairdryers and curling irons. I’m lucky it stuck around.

      1. I spoke too soon! My lady Rocky chimed in! My family is pretty much southern white (not a real heritage) until you go way back. I recently traced our genealogy. We come from Swiss, German and British folk who immigrated hundreds of years ago and settled in the southern U.S. I have one greatmany-grandmother who is Native American, but I know how everyone says that.

        My mother’s skin looks very good for her age (62); my stepfather (64) thought she might be too young for him when he first thought about asking her out, which is the most precious thing ever. :)

  13. You guys! I’m having such a hard time comprehending this week. There was so much good like my last day of work because I’m going on a leave of absence, I’m 2/3rds of the way through my chemo, my brother and pregnant sister-in-law came up to visit (I’m gonna be an auntie!), I spent an awesome couple evenings with my dad and I’m spending the day with all of them tomorrow. Then there’s the shit side like the fact that I’m all wonkadoo right now from chemo today (blech) after my few fleeting days of feeling like a real girl and then my best friend is putting his amazingly sweet kitty down tomorrow and I’m tearing up just thinking about it and I just am having a hard time with ALL THE THINGS. But mostly the kitty. It breaks my fucking heart and I’ve been snuggling my kitty babies SO HARD all day. They might hate me a little bit for that. Okay I feel better.

    Next week will be better another friend is coming up to visit and we’re going to have Harry Potter and RuPaul’s Drag Race marathons while I’m recovering from the chemo. It’s gonna be awesome and full of kitty snuggling.

      1. Most of the time I feel relatively on even keel with everything that’s going on then I re-read a post like last nights and just realize how surreal it all is. In a year or a year ago my perspective will be/would have been so different. It’s such a bizarre place to be. Thank you for the internet hugs. <3

    1. So much stuff! No wonder you’re having comprehension issues. Also, why is it that whenever people want kitty hugs, kitties want alone time, and vice versa? Maybe your kitties are different, but I really wish my kitty would climb on my face at 5pm when it’s cute, and not 5am when it……isn’t.

      Also, Harry Potter marathons are the best.

      1. I didn’t mean to imply that the kitties would ENJOY the snuggles – but they’re getting them some snuggles with wet little tears in their fur. They’ve been really good with recognizing when I just can’t deal with their kitty bullshit and very supportive in their aloof, selfish ways. I hope they enjoy the Harry Potter marathon too! Thank you :)

    2. Aw, sweet little elephant, be brave. You can do this. In the last year, I almost lost Mr. McDonald to lung cancer, and he underwent horrible radiation and some truly sickening chemo, lost about 40 pounds (on a pretty skinny guy to start with) and now — he has gotten better. Yesterday’s CAT scan showed progress, and he is stronger and fatter.

      Be kind to yourself and don’t forget to laugh. Laugh at your kitties; it pisses them off and that’s funny too.

      1. I’m so glad to hear he is doing better! This whole process is mind-churningly complicated and insane. I can’t imagine all of the things you two have been going through together. I’m so glad the CT scan showed progress – I have my first one in two weeks and am hoping for some major progress (though I’m okay whatever the results – I don’t really have any other options, y’know?).

        I spend my LIFE laughing at my kitties. Well and yelling at them, petting them and feeding them. Then they poop. But mostly I laugh at their silly little kitty antics. They pretend they don’t know why I’m doing it. Thank you so much for your response. <3

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