P’neers, I Think This is the Beginning of a Beautiful Weekend Open Thread

We are wrapping things up here in the [imaginary, but whatever] P-Mag headquarters. We’ve had a pretty awesome week, and it is time to get this weekend started. I am ready to get chatty all up in this open thread, how about you?

A few “business-y” reminders:

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Have a good weekend, everyone! See you in the comments.

Oh, and 100 points to the first 10 people to get the movie reference.

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  1. This has been such a random day, I am visiting my boyfriend because it’s reading break and today we got tons and tons of snow! I am so excited to cross country ski tomorrow morning! Also, I got an email this morning telling me that the teaching assistants at my school aren’t striking (which I am glad of because I am a TA) and went to a hockey game.

    1. I can’t even tell you how happy I am you guys aren’t striking. I was caught up in the infamous York strike in my second year undergrad and it was hellish. For everybody. The TAs and contract staff here are still vilified under a thin veneer of ‘we’ve forgotten the whole thing, lalala’.

  2. I just had the most disturbing end to a really awesome night. I went to an art show, met a bunch of friends, met a bunch of new people, drank wine, flirted shamelessly with sexy artists and had tons of fun.

    I then went out to get some food with my friend and her daughter who came to the show, and whom I hadn’t seen in ages. My friend sends us into the restaurant to get some apps while she’s parking and says she needs to make a phone call. 15 minutes later she comes in, says “I have to go. I can’t stay.” Her daughter goes out after her to see what happened while I get the bill. When her daughter came back in she was white and shaking. I asked if everything is going to be ok and she says “No. It’s not.” and walks back out. I follow and my friend is sobbing and getting into her car. I didn’t ask what was going on, because it was obviously really, really bad.

    I think someone died. In fact, I’m sure someone did. The best case scenario is that it’s her father, who is quite old and has been very sick. I don’t want to think about the other scenarios and I am very worried. And I can’t call my friend because she obviously is in no state to talk. I don’t know what to do, except give her some space and maybe send her a text in a day or two to tell her I hope she’s ok.

        1. I read somewhere recently (upcoming poor paraphrase) that receiving a quilt is like receiving love from the quilter, and I thought that was such a nice sentiment. I have the quilt on my bed that my grandmother made me, and it’s like a hug from my grandmother every night. Handmade gifts take time and are made with love and patience, and that is the best gift of all. :)

          1. Ah, that is a nice sentiment. My oldest niece will barely use the quilt I made her…she folds it up at the end of the bed and won’t let anyone touch it. Her brother will drag the one I made him wherever. It’s kind of funny…two different ways of appreciating a gift.

            1. Well, I think it is very sweet, thoughtful and loving of you to make such wonderful expressions of love for your friends and family members. I know how much time and effort goes into them, seeing what my mother does, and while I’m sure you are harder on yourself about your skills than reality would show, you will only improve with time and continued crafting. But part of the charm in a handmade gift is the not-perfectness of it. I make jewelry from time to time (rarely) and I understand being hard on oneself about the pieces not being perfect. I guarantee you the recipient doesn’t notice what you think are “flaws”; they see only the whole piece and the love that went into it.

    1. That’s so awesome! Do you do it by hand or with a machine?

      I made a quilt for the first time in my life and finished it two days before Christmas to give to my SIL as a yay! you’re almost not prgenant anymore gift. It was so, so frustrating to work on but also so rewarding. Now I have to start working on one for my other brother and other SIL which will be made out of their college tshirts and I have no idea what pattern to use. Bleh

      1. I bet your SIL loved that! My first quilt was very frustrating. The ones after that have only been intermittently frustrating. I do the piecing on the machine, and usually machine-quilt, too, but only because I’m usually up against a deadline (my niece’s birthday is next month.) I think hand-quilting is much more fun and I’m better at it! But it takes a while.

        I’ve never made a t shirt quilt but they seem like such amazing keepsakes.

      1. I’ve been going to the gym for a month and a half, about 3 times a week.

        So it’s not exactly a long stretch of time but …I definitely couldn’t have done more than 10 minutes a month ago. And I was a lot more exhausted then, too.
        I think I sweat more now, though.

        1. When I was at the height of my physical fitness, I sweated (swat?) much more than I do now. I used to soak through shirts even when I wasn’t exercising. I was told that you begin to sweat more because your body becomes more efficient at recognizing when it needs to cool itself down or some such thing. I’m not sure I believe it, but I have anecdotal evidence that confirms your increase in sweatiness.

  3. First Skype date with the BF: Successfully completed. Somehow the internet when he’s 3500km away works much better than when he was ~500km away, wtf. We even got to use my webcam, which before has always been way too laggy. Hooray!

    Other highlights of this Saturday included finding an unopened tin of fancy Swiss cookies in the back of a cupboard and helping one of my friends train a new volunteer (who is GORGEOUS, ugh) while we were on shift at our helpline! All in all, I’m considering LDR day one a great success.

    *victory dance*

      1. Luckily, he and I have done this before- we were long-distance for just over the first year of our relationship. Never four months at a stretch, just a few weeks to a month at most, but I’m always grateful that we had that prep.

        How far away is your other Moose?

  4. I don’t know how to eat popcorn without putting my entire hand in my mouth. How have I gotten this far in life without learning this skill?

    I’m told that successfully bringing popcorn from bowl to mouth involves grabbing one piece at a time. I’ve tried this and while it reduces the amount of fingers entering my mouth, the total number of moistened fingers still remains greater than one.

    Persephoneers, I need your advice: How does one eat popcorn properly?

    1. I think there’s a big difference between the way one eats popcorn ‘politely’ (read: with one-three pieces at a time, daintily, perhaps even wiping one’s hands every so often) and the way one really, truly wants to eat popcorn: In giant fistfuls, making an enormous mess.

      It’s okay. Nobody can really judge you because in our hearts we know that popcorn is just a salt + crunch conveyor and we want to stuff our heads in the bucket.

      1. I suppose I’ve never been in the situation where I’ve been required to eat popcorn in a public setting. Surely the movies don’t count since it’s dark and people are not generally looking around for people to judge for their eating technique.

        And I’m not even sure I can eat popcorn daintily. I’ve been trying for the past half hour and I still look quite barbaric.

        What if I eat all finger food this way? This never occurred to me.

        Oh man. I’m now terrified that I will have a job interview and they will offer me popcorn and I’ll shove fistfuls of popcorn into my mouth like some kind of uncouth savage. But now, having been informed by my partner that I eat popcorn in such a way, I will have politely decline the popcorn. WHAT IF I HAVE JOB INTERVIEW AT A POPCORN RESTAURANT?!



          Made me laugh so much. I think it’s SO IMPORTANT to worry about wildly improbable events. :-)

          Popcorn is a messy meal, and unless you are going to eat it with a spoon (which my the way, I am NOT recommending, unless you want to write a sitcom episode like in Seinfeld where they ate chocolate bars with a knife and fork for one episode. ANYWAY.

          Popcorn is FUN eating. The end!

    2. I usually take three or four pieces with my thumb and first two fingers. None of my manners-centric relatives have commented on it yet, so I take that to mean it is socially acceptable. Then again, I typically only eat popcorn under the cover of movie theater darkness.

      1. Aha. Only using three fingers may be a beneficial tactic for me. My hands are tiny though. I would probably only be able to grab one to two pieces at a time that way.

        I will not know until I make some more popcorn. I ate the whole bowl in a fit of panic.

      1. How do you acquire such restraint?  If I were to only eat one piece at a time, I feel like I would get bored of eating the popcorn before I had made any significant dent in the contents of the bowl.

      1. I was only just called out on this today. My boyfriend commented that I put my whole hand in my mouth when eating popcorn.

        And my weird inner critic that assumes that people are always judging me went all apeshit and said, “People will judge you because you cannot eat popcorn like a lady.”

      1. That’s awesome. Do you do this with other foods as well? Or does popcorn alone get the tongue treatment?

        I think I would frighten people with that technique. You see, I have an abnormally long tongue. It passes my chin when I stick it out. I can pick my nose with it. It’s great at parties.

        The moral of this post is that tongues always make everything weirdly sexual.

      2. I worked at a movie theater for a while in college (never do this). ALL THE PEOPLE would take their bags of popcorn and “pick up” the first and maybe successive pieces of popcorn off the top with their tongues after purchasing and before turning to walk away from the concession stand. Things I never wanted to see in my life: many strangers’ tongues in a run-down movie theater.

        Seventeen years later, and I rarely eat popcorn.

          1. It’s okay. It was years ago; I’ve gotten past it. (So much so that I brought it up on an internet forum.) I joke that I need to work in an ice cream factory and a cheese factory so that I won’t like those things anymore either, b/c popcorn is vile to me now.

            Ellen DeGeneres had a comedy bit about shoving fistfuls of popcorn into her face. It was part of a special several years ago.

            Found it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVEHuURb4to

    1. You’ve embarked on a Calvinistic journey as embodied in the Hayes code, where every human impulse towards pleasure and extra-ordinary sensory and mental experiences is punished. The poor souls in this picture are condemned by their total depravity to an afterlife where a few ingested nanograms of THC has roughly the same effect as a penetrating head wound packed with pellets of PCP and battery acid.

      I found it to be affirmative of legalization; what kind of argument do you have against it if this tightly-packed dung nugget of propaganda is the best you can offer?

  5. I shall now attempt to study using 45:15 but with Supernatural in the background. It’s too quiet and I do not want to listen to a basketball game. There has been enough of that already today.

    I will also attempt this same method tomorrow but for much longer. I need 6 hours of studying under the belt this weekend.

    Lord help us all. And bring brownies.

      1. It went okay but when I did the practice questions I sucked it up. I will have to abandon Supernatural but maybe I can find some good NPR to listen to instead.

        And I will be buying brownies at the grocery store during one of my breaks. :)

        I highly recommend the 45:15. It’s part of the great Unfuck Your Habitat method – created by one of our illustrious editors (there’s a tumblr for it too).

  6. I exerted my will over my bicycle for the first time today, and successfully got my husband to show me how to do something without just doing it for me (to his credit, he is oftentimes more feminist-minded than I am).  Changed the tubes, put in tire liners, put it all back together again.  Yes, I have a rear derailleur.

    Ladies who like bikes but aren’t comfortable working on them need to learn two things first, and they are really things we have to unlearn:

    1. You may have to use force, and that is ok.  Likely you will not break anything unless you are Feminist Hulk.

    2. You have to get dirty.  If you don’t get dirty, that tire isn’t going to get fixed.  Set aside your favorite Rosie the Riveter outfit (mine’s a comfy grey cami and my fave flannel shirt) and wear that to get messy in.  Sometimes a costume helps ease you into a new role.


            1. Hahahahaha oh man, I have a history with this clip. The first time I saw it, I laughed forever and ever and watched it on repeat a ton of times. Then I had to show it to everyone I know. Most laughed as hard as I did. Good times were had.

              Months pass. I’m sick and in the hospital for the first time in my life and I’m fucking miserable. My boyfriend at the time was trying his hardest to just make me smile, telling wonderful stories and jokes and reading books outloud, but nothing was helping. Finally, he says, “Well, I didn’t think I’d have to resort to this, but … do you remember when the raptor mascot ate it?”

              It worked :)

              1. This story gave me such joy!

                My personal tale with this isn’t as good; I first saw the clip when someone linked it on Jez, and I laughed way past tears and on into breathlessness and clutching at my throat gasping for air. The next day at work, a particularly crappy day, new student registration in a non-profit GED program, I pull it up to show coworkers and have same reaction. They all find it funny, but not quite as much as I do. One claims my reaction was funnier (but…how?) It just kills me. I quite literally had to run to the bathroom because I almost lost bladder control. From then on, whenever I was crabby, they’d say “raptor eats it,” and my mood improved!

                I am so glad I’m not the only one!

    1. It was voted on by the early members of the site at some point. I tried to make Sephies happen, but it didn’t. P’neers it is. I don’t think pioneer is a bad connotation, though! Pretty cool, actually.

      But we’re not in the banning business, really. I could probably count on one hand the number of people we’ve banned since the creation of the site.

          1. Technically, you are correct in the pronunciation, but (and I don’t know if this is true for everyone) if I misread a word the first time I read it, the weird pronunciation sticks. Like Hermione which I still accidentally read as Hermoan.

            1. I thought I was the only one! I still pronounce “folks” phonetically in my head, even though I know it’s pronounced “fokes.” And a lot of other words, too. I just can’t think of any off the top of my head right now.

              My mom makes fun of me because I pronounce everything phonetically. I blame all the years of Latin and Spanish. I JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY THERE NEED TO BE LETTERS THAT DON’T MAKE NOISE.

              1. Hahaha.

                That reminds me of my mum who, upon walking by an underwear shop, turned to me and said, “Let’s go get you some new ling-ger-ee!” I laughed for a good fifteen minutes.

                English is such a ridiculous language. I think you’d appreciate this poem attributed to Lord Cromer and published in 1902.

                When the English tongue we speak.
                Why is break not rhymed with freak?
                Will you tell me why it’s true
                We say sew but likewise few?
                And the maker of the verse,
                Cannot rhyme his horse with worse?
                Beard is not the same as heard
                Cord is different from word.
                Cow is cow but low is low
                Shoe is never rhymed with foe.
                Think of hose, dose,and lose
                And think of goose and yet with choose
                Think of comb, tomb and bomb,
                Doll and roll or home and some.
                Since pay is rhymed with say
                Why not paid with said I pray?
                Think of blood, food and good.
                Mould is not pronounced like could.
                Wherefore done, but gone and lone –
                Is there any reason known?
                To sum up all, it seems to me
                Sound and letters don’t agree.

                1. My mother nearly died of laughter the first (and only) time she heard me say “adolescent”. I pronounced it “uh-dole-cent” (three syllables). Around the same time, I pronounced “Adirondack” (as in chairs) “uh-deer-un-dack”. My preteen feelings were terribly, terribly hurt by her laughing. I’m sure I cried dramatically.

  7. Frivolous nail polish talk incoming!

    I got Essie turquoise and caicos today and I love the color! I usually use Sally Hansen something-or-other and can’t really tell the difference between the brands, except this one needed four coats before it really looked finished. Smudging is just as prevalent as it always is with me. But, pretty!


    What kinds of nail polish do you guys like?

    1. Gorgeous! Worth the hassle of four (!) coats.

      Like @silverwane, I’m not great at application and maintenance, but I’ve got an additional problem beyond that: any “cool” colors (no matter how carefully applied)  tend to make my fingers looks shorter and stubbier for some reason. Maybe I’m imagining it; certainly, it doesn’t make the slightest bit of good logical sense. Has anybody else noticed(/imagined) this problem? Suggestions? Because I love greens and blues, so much.

      1. I used to never paint my nails for that reason! Then I never did because I worked in food service and we weren’t allowed. Then I quit and promptly became obsessed. I don’t think the perceived stumpiness is something anyone else would ever notice, though, especially with an unusual color. I almost always wear blues, with the occasional green or acid purple, so that’s what stands out.

      2. This may sound silly, but maybe try not painting the whole nail? Like, leave the sides bare and paint a wide stripe down the nail.  I have no idea if that would look too wacky or not.  It could also be the colors with your skin tone?  Again, I have no authority to comment on make up.

      1. I think I saw some gel polish at the drug store, but it confused and frightened me, so I’ve never tried it. A little googling has me intrigued, though, as a chronic polish-smudger. The decal things also seem really cool–they have them in plaid!–but they’re pricey.

    2. Pretty! Also I love nail polish, let’s be best friends/get married. It’s legal in NY.

      I love Essie’s Bright Tights (fluorescent orange), but the quality of my bottle’s gone way down and it’s gloopy now. Right now I have on Mattese Elite (from Ricky’s, if they have that near you) ‘Only the Pinky’; it’s really bright pink with a little red in it. Smudging is an evil bitch from the outer reaches of hell, but I’ve tried putting them in ice water after doing them and it sometimes helps. Until I wake with blanket marks. What I’ve also tried (if you do your nails before bed), leave the top coat til the next day so it covers up all the gross?

      Unfortunately, as I discovered yesterday when I was strewing chips and bits of blindingly pink nail polish around the lab whenever I took off my gloves, art conservationists (conversationists!) apparently never wear nail polish. That is probably why.

      Sorry that was lengthy. I really, really like nail polish…

      1. I hadn’t heard the ice water thing! I finally bought a top coat today, but when I got home, the back was smashed within the package but held together by the back sticker (?!) and I haven’t felt like going back to exchange it. So I’ll just have to keep smudging. I dried my hands with my hair drier, but it didn’t really didn’t help much, to be honest.

        You may have inspired me to make bright pink my next purchase, though. Maybe if it’s a kind that chips, it will lead me back to things that I have misplaced (see: keys, phone, chap stick). No fancy arts in my life, so I should be in the clear there!

    3. I just put on some of the new Essie “To buy or not to buy.” It’s a pretty shade of lilac. I topped the tips with Sally Hanson “Ice Queen” which is silver glitter with dark turquoise and and lavender confetti-ish dots. My nails have been getting more and more brittle, so I’m hoping keeping them polished will help.

      Love that Turquoise and Caicos! Very tropical.


    1. “Calzones are pointless. They’re just pizza that’s harder to eat. No one likes them. Good day, sir.”

      I can’t say that I agree with Leslie Knope on this one. Calzones are yum! I am in awe that you made one yourself.

      (Just ate a whole frozen pizza)


  8. I have the oven on to season my NEW CAST IRON KETTLE (well, new to me, it’s my grandmother’s) so now that the oven is running, I feel like I should bake something when the kettle is done. But WHAT?

    Do you ever just want to bake crust and eat it? I love crust so much.

    Oh! I’ll make a little quick bread cake thing. That will be fun. Sorry Team Pie, I still love you. But Cake wins. Only because I have no pie filling…

  9. I had a date with two very good looking much younger men that’s been cancelled on me! Their mother said they’re overbooked, so I can’t visit today ;)

    Mr. Cesy has made Tres Leches Cake. I have wanted to try this for a very long time, I am very excited.

    1. My grandmother still tells the story of my brother and I, at the ages of 7 & 4 respectively saying, “We don’t want to stay with Grandma, she makes us watch Lawrence Welk & Archie Bunker”.

      All I really know about Lawrence Welk I learned from a Those Darn Accordians Song: http://youtu.be/RPtjPfgXRMA

    2. I used to work at a nursing home, and I was an activity aid. That show was on ALL THE TIME and they all loved it. And I had to sit there, watching it with them, wondering what the fuck I was doing with my life – but at the same time being eternally grateful that I wasn’t on that show.


      The whitest people who were ever white. You should youtube their version of Land of a Thousand Dances.

    1. Is it a dumb thing to say that crochet seems more free-form than knitting?  I’ve never understood how to do it, meaning, where to put the next stitch.  With knitting, it’s pretty straight forward. Have I been misguided, or do I just need to loosen up and stitch where I want?

      1. i don’t know anything about knitting, but crocheting involves specific stitches.  there are so many different stitches, but because i haven’t crocheted in like…geez, two years…i’m making this scarf with a basic single crochet stitch.  one of the perils of crocheting (as may also be the case in knitting) is dropping a stitch. i’ve done this like 3 times with this damned scarf already.

        so, for example, to start this scarf, i did a single row of chain stitches, and then when i was done with that, i started doing the single crochet stitches.  i don’t know if that answers your question at all!

  10. Guys I never used to be allergic to cats, but now I am cat-sitting for a friend and it is THE WORST. I’m on two (!) antihistamines, one of which is prescription and normally used to treat people in anaphylactic shock or something like that, AND I’m taking them twice daily, AND I’m still wheezing.

    NOW WHAT???

    As an incentive to comment, here is a link to a .gif of a cat kicking a baby in the head.


    1. I too am really allergic to cats which is unfortunate because my boyfriend’s parents have three really cute ones. I have found this antihistamine combo to be highly effective/somewhat magical in it’s ability to combat my terrible cat allergies: 1 Claritin during the day (I think it’s real name is Loratidine) and then 1 Chlortripolon (it’s a super old-school one, I took it when I was a small kid but it works amazingly) at night. Plus, I use visene eye drops and some sort of saline nasal spray. I find that chlortripolon works almost as well as something super strong and drowsiness inducing like Benedryl but I can actually function the following morning.

    2. When I was little we had a cat and I was totally fine. Fast forward to when I was 15/16 and hadn’t lived with a cat for a few years and I had the WORST reaction to my friends’ cats. Swollen itchy eyes, itchy face, runny nose, the whole deal. Fast forward again to four years ago when I started fostering kittens and eventually adopted my own cats and I’m completely ok, no allergy symptoms at all.

      Greater exposure to the allergen will almost always result in the reaction lessening over time, although it fucking sucks when you are actually getting used to the allergen. Keep taking the meds and take lots of showers, they helped me alot. Every now and again I’ll have a very minor reaction to my cats and jumping in the shower usually helps.

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