P’neers, I Think This is the Beginning of a Beautiful Weekend Open Thread

We are wrapping things up here in the [imaginary, but whatever] P-Mag headquarters. We’ve had a pretty awesome week, and it is time to get this weekend started. I am ready to get chatty all up in this open thread, how about you?

A few “business-y” reminders:

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Have a good weekend, everyone! See you in the comments.

Oh, and 100 points to the first 10 people to get the movie reference.

1,117 thoughts on “P’neers, I Think This is the Beginning of a Beautiful Weekend Open Thread”

  1. Wine, friends, Scrabble, ice cream, Words With Friends, Oscars.  Still have a ton of work to do (and a run that has been pushed to tomorrow), but eh!  Great Sunday night!

    Favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor? (Ours tonight is Cookie Dough, but favorite has yet to be determined).

    1. That sounds fantastic.

      Can’t say I’ve ever had Ben & Jerry’s, but I’ve got some chocolatey explosion ice cream in the freezer right now and it’s pretty delicious. But my favourite flavour tends to shift from week to week. Next I’m thinking mango sherbert.

    2. Mmmmm Ben & Jerry’s! It’s hard to pick just one favorite, but I’ll say that I absolutely love Oatmeal Cookie Chunk. That was the most recent one I ate.

      I don’t know if they have it, but pistachio ice cream is also delicious. The kind I had was by Blue Bell, but I don’t doubt Ben & Jerry’s has something similar.

  2. Off work! I’ve had a pretty damn good week. Went down and visited the bearfriend for a couple of days. Worked my butt off at work for the rest of the week, then went to a party Friday where I had a lot of alcohol infused fun, yesterday night my friend hosted a Pure Romance party (YAY! New toys!) and TOMORROW I GO TO THE DROPKICK SHOW  AKJSFLKAHGLKASJHFLASHFOIAHNFD!! So fucking excited. Hopefully I can pull off going to Flogging Molly next Sunday as well.

    This is gonna be a good spring/summer.

  3. I would do terrible things for Taco Bell right now. Unfortunately, I have to pay rent, a parking ticket, utilities, buy my boyfriend a birthday gift, and buy my birth control this week. I really can’t justify the money. ARGLEBARGLE.


    1. This might be too much information considering we’ve never met… but Taco Bell gives me the hershey squirts instantaneously. Like almost crap my pants terrifying. O_O But I understand the craving for fast “mexican” food and that’s why I thank the random deities that be for bringing Del Taco to north Texas. It is the only fast mexican food that I can eat without dire consequences.

      And boo for having to be responsible. I hate being a grown up. I’ve been living on nothing but cereal, milk, eggs, and toast for a month now.

          1. Yesterday, my boyfriend bought me Thin Mint ice cream. I appreciate the gesture and the  ice cream, BUT I WANT MORE FOOD IN MY MOUTH NOW.

            Right now, he’s all, ‘Oh, I understand what it’s like to want unhealthy food! I do!’ NO YOU DON’T. MY UTERUS IS GETTING READY TO EVACUATE AND TACO BELL AND GREASE WILL HELP. THIS IS SCIENCE.

      1. If I hadn’t gotten a parking ticket, I could be eating a chicken quesadilla right now. The Cellofmyheart Legal Defense Fund, though, is too tight.

        Someday, I will be regularly employed, and I will spend $5 on sweet, sweet grease without worrying about my entire bank account going up in flames. SOMEDAY I WILL HAVE YOU WITHOUT GUILT, TACO BELL.

    2. I’ve been craving a Mexican pizza for a couple weeks but have had to hold back because I can only afford to eat peanut butter sandwiches almost exclusively right now … but damn it, you’re pushing me across that line!

      On another note, I used to hate Taco Bell because it always tasted like sour cream with a side of whatever you ordered. Then one day I went there for a cheap bean and cheese burrito and somehow there was a miscommunication and I got the cheesy double beef burrito instead. I was just like, “eh, whatever, I’ll eat it anyway.” And dear lord, that thing tasted like Hamburger Helper, which I love! The health-conscious guy I was dating at the time was thoroughly disgusted.

      I’ve been a convert since that day, though. Cheesy potatoes. The grilled chicken enchilada burrito thing. The beef nacho cheese chalupa. Oh my.

  4. I’ve already started a thread on this…thread(?) but I’m feeling reckless and am going to start a 2nd one!

    Last night I went out with my best friend and his boyfriend and decided to curl my hair. It is came out freaking amazingly. My hair is thick but tends to never hold a curl. And last night, it was voluminous and wavy and I got multiple compliments. From gay men with no interest in having sexy times. *sigh* The hazards of being best friends with mainly gay men. I bet the next time I go to a place with available straight guys, my hair will look like Pippy Longstockings.

    (Picture of said good hair night attached, also new avatar!)

  5. So…I’m getting some cognitive dissonance here.

    BF and I have been told to stop parenting the 2-year-old nephew while his parents are around.

    But then they aren’t anywhere near him for extended periods of time, even though they’re in the house.

    Don’t tell us to just pick him up and bring him downstairs to you when he’s doing something wrong; either let us take care of it or do your damn job. Cause the way it’s coming off is that you’re feeling threatened cause we could get him to behave faster than you could. And this wouldn’t be an issue at all if you didn’t keep not being where he was!

    I get it, parenting is hard, and you need a break sometimes, but you’re sending mixed vibes with this. When you’re not right there and we’re not supposed to step in, who else is going to have to? The grandparents? Cause they’re getting up there, and they shouldn’t have to be parenting your goddamn kids all the time!


  6. This may be TMI, but I’m going to start punching through walls if this damned yeast infection doesn’t leave me alone. I have a doctor’s appt tomorrow, but this thing is stressing me out. I’m so uncomfortable! I’ve been through two courses of Monistat and a course of Diflucan and it is.still.here. After this, you’ll have to pry the probiotic culture pills and yogurt from my cold, dead hands.

  7. I only marginally care about the Oscars so I’m posting here.

    Dreading going back to work tomorrow after the events on Friday. Hopefully things will get better. I hope nothing happens– like, any conversations behind closed doors or I don’t get another talking to. At least I’ll try to act better. I’m just really nervous and trying unsuccessfully to watch Shakespeare to try and get out of it.

  8. Mom just called and my stepdad of 20 years is in the hospital. She was out of town when he went in yesterday and just got back home today. It started as a urinary tract infection, but there’s also some kind of thrombosis involved. He’s had some possible mini-strokes over the past year or so. Mom doesn’t know much yet; she’s just arriving at the hospital and I have to keep this to myself (not tell my sisters) until she knows more and will tell them. Going to try to distract myself with something, anything b/c I can’t allow myself to think that he will be anything but just fine. Send healing thoughts North Carolina-way, please. Thank you. <3

  9. So it sucks when you don’t like one of your close friend’s husband.  I mean….I get along with nearly everyone, but this guy is such a total and complete ass. He belittles my friend in front of us all of the time….argh.

    I’m sick, I really really am, but I know HE was the reason I didn’t suck it up and drive an hour after working my 12 hour shift to have brunch with my friends before they left on a cruise.  The thought of listening to him made me feel even more sick… and I was feeling crabby and knew I wouldn’t be able to hold my tongue.

    I’m 99% sure i made the right choice.  I needed sleep and I didn’t want to ruin their trip with my crabbiness, but I still feel guilty.  : /

    1. Total agreement about how much that sucks.

      I think you were right to think of your friends’ trip and your own need not to be around negativity. I wish I were that considerate more often.

      1. Well…  I’m currently living 999 miles away from them… okay more like 1004 miles away.  My parents are 999 miles away from me according to Magellan. (And yes my SO and I sing some sort of rendition of ‘999 bottles of beer on the wall’ every time we start our drive home.)

        So yeah…. : /


    2. Ughhhh, I feel for you! My boyfriend rarely spends time with one of his best friends anymore because his wife is just such an unbearable, unsociable creature, but she insists on always hanging out with them. I guess the best you can do is just be there for your friend and let her know that.

  10. Okay gentleladies, enjoy your Oscars. For me it’s 11.30 at night and I’m off to bedski. Someone bingo for me how many right guesses I have? It’s half What I Wish and half What I Think.

    Best Motion Pic: The Descendants
    Best Actor: Gary Oldman
    Best Actress: Glenn Close
    Best Supporting M: Nick Nolte
    Best Supporting F: Octavia Spencer
    Directing: Terrence Milak
    Best Writing Original: The Artist
    Best adaptation: TTSS
    Cinematography: Hugo
    Art Direction: War Horse
    Costume Design: Jane Eyre
    Sound Mixing: Drive
    Film Editing: The Girl
    Visual Effects: Hugo
    Makeup: Albert Nobbs
    Original Song: Muppets
    Original Score: TTSS
    Animated: Sunday
    Short: Raju
    Short doc: saving face
    Doc: Paradise lost
    Best foreign: A separation
    Best animated: Rango

  11. Someone PLEASE come over and do my dishes for me. They are the worst! I have a bunch of condiment containers that need cleaning for recycling and it’s wretched! Washing out mayonnaise jars is horrendous. Same with sriracha. I always end up inhaling spiced hot water and nearly choking to death!

    Dishes! A choking hazard! More hyperbolic adjectives and exclamation marks!

    1. I soak my recyclables for a day (coughorlongercough) with just water in them, and maybe a tiny squirt of dish soap if the contents are greasy. I might start with just-boiled water if I’ve got it in the kettle from just-made coffee/tea, but I usually just use hot water from the tap. After a day or so, they rinse clean enough. From what I understand/have read, they don’t have to be sparkling, just pretty much rinsed out. The process they go through at the recycling plant boils everything down so no food goo is left. Think about it this way: you are using way more water and energy washing them which sort of negates the process of recycling. So, try not to stress about it. Just “good enough” is enough. (This comes from someone who stresses about these things and is a total environmental nutjobber.) I hope that helps some. :)

      1. Sometimes I soak but my kitchen is smaller than most bathrooms so it’s a bit of space management issue. But the tip about boiling stuff is good. I’ll feel less guilty about the weird congealed mayonnaise on the side of the jar from now on.

      1. I didn’t want to throw them away because I felt bad that yesterday I threw away a tupperware with lord knows what growing inside of it. Some things are not worth the fight. But it’s all done now so I can filth up the kitchen again with baking dishes!

      1. Some of them have to be done because I usually buy cream that comes in a returnable/reusable glass bottle. If you bring’em back dirty the tellers at the grocery store shame you. Which, fair enough. The sriracha just got a quick rinse but I still managed to inhale some spicy crap which is never fun. But at least it’s finished!

      1. Oh, no! I’m sorry my song made you cry! I love all the music from the ’70s b/c it reminds me of good things about my childhood, when I still had my father at home who loved my mother and me. I don’t know how I have such early memories (pre-five-years-old), but I have a few snippets here and there.

        1. No no, it’s okay. This was one of my mom’s favorite songs. She died in 2010, and tomorrow is her birthday, so honestly I was kind of crying already.  I love John Denver, and the whole 70’s millieu, and it was actually pretty cathartic to listen to it.  BUT, to put a rosier spin, here’s another J. Denver Classic that makes me smile more than bawl.

          One of the best love songs, ever.

          1. I’m so sorry that you lost your mom. *internet hug* I feel like don’t have anything wise to say; I wish I did. Be kind to yourself and allow yourself to feel whatever you need to. Move through it gently. There’s no wrong way to feel. Maybe treat yourself to something a little out of the ordinary just because it will make you feel a little lighter. You’ve got a network here of people who will boost you up if you need it, also. <3

      1. I didn’t make it to the end of season five. Maybe I’m becoming a Semi-Old but the drinking/drugging/general destruction feels crowbar-ed into the plot. I just sat there thinking, come on, don’t you ever just sit around and watch TV? 


    1. I don’t think I even care to watch it, which is a first for me. I’ve watched pretty much every episode of that show. I think the only thing I cared about was Mini and Franky’s relationship, and since they aren’t going anywhere with that, I’m out. The rest of the characters didn’t really catch my interest.

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