This Weekend Open Thread Bleeds Red

Is this technically Valentine’s Day weekend? Are you celebrating this weekend? Or are you observing “Cupid is Stupid” instead (I totally stole this phrase from a radio commercial – it works, no)? 

With Valentine’s Day on Tuesday, I’m assuming most revelers will be out this Saturday night. We don’t do much for Valentine’s Day, but I always enjoy a handful of conversation hearts (usually on February 15th, when they are half-price.)

Whether you’re in or out of love – what’s going on with you this weekend?

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  1. [obligatory introduction post]

    Hi! My name’s Alex, this is my new bookmark and I intend to comment up on it like a car bonnet. I’ve been reading here for a while but I’m lazy and application forms scare me, so it took me a while to get around to joining. I already have a number that says 124 above my web page so I definitely feel included =D

    So, yes. I don’t know if you guys do introduction posts but if not, I’m content to be a maverick.


          1. Oh I have to hit cheesemonger. My aim in life is to attend a particular international cheese festival held in Northern Italy. I often indignantly point out that the UK, not France, should have the reputation as cheesiest nation on Earth, as we produce 600 specialty cheeses in an area the size of Illinois.

            Cheese is more than just a foodstuff, it’s a way of life.

  2. BF got tickets to see American Idiot in Chicago on Sunday, so we’re going to see that and get dinner and after the play get drinks at a bar made out of Al Capone’s tunnels.  Fancy date.  Not intentionally on VDay weekend, but it was the weekend we were both free so we’ve decided to go all out.

  3. I made this offer elsewhere, but thought I’d repeat it here. In addition to Selena’s very generous 4x points weekend, I will also be composing a personalized poem for anyone who donates to help feed the server this weekend. (Look at the right sidebar. There’s a button right there!) I am especially fond of limericks and haiku, although depending on my levels of both boredom and inspiration, there may be a sonnet in there somewhere for a benevolent big spender.

    PM me if you donate, and include any important things I should know about you.

    1. Happy Birthday! Have you ever watched Father Ted? Some one remade the War Horse poster to say My Lovely Horse after the awesome Father Ted Episode “A Song for Europe”. I actually cannot stop laughing thinking about it. I wish I could find it, it was all over Tumblr.


  4. This is actually my very first V-day being in a relationship and I have to admit I’m pretty excited about that. We’re long distance, so we decided to call on Tuesday and watch Howl’s Moving Castle simultaneously. And eat the chocolate we will be sending each other. :-)

      1. Happily my mistake was done in a quiet area so no-one heard my friend yell I KNEW IT!!! really loudly. Plus, their families already know so it wouldn’t’ve been a massive disaster. I think.

        I was also so glad I am reasonably fluent in Irish so I could discreetly tell my other friend (who’d told me and wasn’t supposed to) what was up without people automatically tuning in. Multilingualism for the win.

  5. For me, Valentine’s Day reminds me of my cousin whose birthday is on that day. Since I’m single, I plan on eating some Pocky, making a carob cocktail, and watching a movie. I experimented today with making one since I am allergic to chocolate and made the sad discovery that my mini cocktail shaker had a big crack in it. I’ll drag myself over to Target tomorrow and get another one.


      1. eh, It’s not so bad. I’m used to it now. I had a lot more food allergies as a kid and got bullied because of it, so only being allergic to chocolate now vs a handful of things doesn’t seem so awful. My mom also has food allergies and other environmental illness and has it way worse then me.

  6. Went and saw my cousin today, the one with the adorable children who are moving to the other end of the country. Mr 4 months just smiled and smiled at me the entire time, he’s just so goddamn cute and I am heartbroken to see them go. His big brother, Mr 2 is down at his grandparent’s farm, so I missed out playing with him, but next sunny day me and him have a date with the Slip ‘n Slide.

  7. I think Mr Cesy and I are going to get dressed up, and have a nice cooked dinner at home. We’ve been slack recently about spending quality time together (he’s away most weekends with pipe band, we’re both stressed from work), so we’re just going to make it an evening for us. We’ve also got a few demons from 2011 we need to get off our backs (in particular the earthquake and Chocolate Monster’s death), so I think we’re going to sit down and talk about how we’re going to deal with that. So it should be good Valentines, but not for the reasons its meant to be good!


    But tonight, it is girls night out which I am looking forward to!


      1. It was lovely to see my friend and have a chat, unfortunately we got back to the car, discovered she had left her lights on so the battery was flat! So her partner came and jump started the car, that was fine. We were heading home the back way and discovered her lights weren’t working properly so we were blinding people with the high beam because the low beam wouldn’t work-eeeek! But then we discovered she was just using the wrong control, so that was a bit embarrassing.  But other than that it was good.

  8. Hey y’all, judging by the responses left on my last book club post ( ) and the book-clubbers group, we’ve decided to resurrect the Persephone Magazine Book Club. If anyone feels strongly about  what book(s) you’d like to read for this, feel to leave a comment here or send me a message, or comment in the group, or.. Well, y’all know how to get a hold of me.


    1. No Oprah/dead kid books! It would be fun to do woman authors or books with awesome woman protagonists. We should definitely do a group read of the MiddleMarch Madness winner (though that’ll probably be a re-read for a lot of people) and maybe some other boks that wind up on the bracket. And I’d love to send some business toward any published Persephoneers. I’d read “Ragnar and Juliet” again!

      1. I get high off travel lit. Holy Cow was one of my most favorite books ever. It’s about a woman who returns to India after it was prophesied and embarks on a journey of self discovery and spiritualism. She samples numerous India cultures, traditions, and faiths and finds herself making home there. It’s super funny and in many ways enlightening. I would love to read it again and share it with others!

        AAlso, The Glass Castle. Beautifully written. I just finished the prequel (of sorts) called Half Broke Horses which was also extremely good. Both are about both powerful women who overcome hardship (Glass Castle is autobiographical about a very unorthodox childhood as a roaming vagabond family. Half Broke Horses is biographical about the author’s grandmother in the frontier days where she fought chauvinism to make a respectable name for herself in a very male-dominated culture.)

    2. I would suggest Sub Rosa by Amber Dawn. It’s a modern magic realism about prostitution and the vulnerability of girls. Very good book, won the Lambda award last year or the year before and the woman who wrote it works with street youth. It tackles some really tough issues without being brutal to read.

        1. I just went to a reading of hers and she was pretty great. She’s written the book from a pretty ethical perspective (as in it’s not black and white evil vs good) and it was interesting to hear her talk about it. She also does performance that plays with ideas of sexuality and gender.

  9. I’m going to crowdsource on this since PMag seems as good a place as any to try to nail down a topic: Our huge, third quarter assignment for Speech and Debate is a persuasive policy speech. We’re supposed to either propose a new or defend an existing policy (whether local, state or national, which means US for me) and I’m having trouble deciding which topic to use. Ideas?


    1. I’m going to suggest go with something topical,  would be doing something on the birth control policies be possible? Generally something with plenty of current information out there is the best bet, don’t do what I did which was do an obscure piece of accident compensation policy from 30 years ago…

    2. I like the idea of supporting the Separation of Church and State. Most people don’t realize how that separation actually protects religion! And there is tons of information about this. I mean, it’s discussed ad nauseum on pretty much any and all atheist/freethinker/whatevertheheckwecalloverselvesnow blogs.

  10. As far as I know, Boyfriend and I have no plans for actual Valentine’s day, and our Saturday night plans aren’t specifically Valentine’s related.  But we ARE going to go see some roller derby and spend Saturday night together, which basically sounds like a perfect V-Day celebration to me, so I think I’ll go ahead and call it that.

      1. Haha, not gonna lie, I’ve been thinking about a derby name since we went last night.  I’m a huge literature person and I love Jane Austen, so current favorite name is “Elinor Smashwood,” but I’m sure I’ll come up with ten thousand more as I think about it.  And it’s very unlikely I’ll ever actually be skating in roller derby, so it’s just a fun thing to do – might as well come up with a bunch.

  11. I’m going to a Crow Appreciation Day! There’s a crow shoot going on, so in a sort of protest, we are having a Crow Appreciation Day and trying to educate people about just how cool and smart crows are. Plus I get to play with a tame white-necked raven! :)

    1. That’s awesome! Not the shooting part… But the protest certainly is!

      I’m originally from Northern Alberta and I can tell you that the ravens we have up here are tremendously intelligent. During the winter, they will sit on top of light posts and spread their wings to activate the light sensor and warm themselves up! They can open garbage cans if you don’t secure them to rifle around for food. They routinely hide their findings on our roofs in the gutters and such. Very, very smart birds.

      1. Haha that’s so cool that they learned how to activate the light sensor!! There’s some data I know of that suggests ravens are smarter than their american crow cousins. But both are very, very intelligent. I haven’t heard of the crows opening garbage cans, so maybe the ravens are better than crows there too. :) Just amazing birds, both of them.

        1. They shoot crows 1) for tradition, and 2) because the farmers don’t like them. They’re just misunderstood birds! I’m so sad that crow shoots still exist. When you learn about the social structure of crows, you learn that they go help each other (usually), and that’s what mobbing is. So when a crow is shot, all the other crows mob to fend off the predator, only in this case it’s a person with a gun. :(

    2. That sounds awesome! Crows are definitely up there among my favorite animals though I do have to admit that they aren’t as cute or amazing when they’re pooping all over your apartment. It doesn’t help when they look like this, either, though there’s something charming about the raggedy, ugly duckling look:


        1. I believe he was six weeks in that picture but I don’t exactly recall. We were babysitting him for the friends who had found him. A cat got one of his parents and when they left him for a day the other one didn’t come back to get him so they took him in.

    3. The field behind our house seems to be migration central for crows. It’s a bit creepy when there are a few dozen hanging out in the yard, like a Hitchcock movie is gonna break out at any minute, but there’s no need to shoot them!

      Did you see the sledding crow video? It’s awesome!

          1. So, at the talk, this video came up in conversation. Turns out, it has gone through our lab (probably when it first came out, which means I either didn’t see it or I’ve seen so many that I forgot) and had sparked a very long email debate. We have two professors who are in charge of the crow research, because it spans 2 schools, and they have differing opinions on it. One of them thinks that the bird could basically be chasing something down, and then bringing it back up, and then it falls, so the bird chases it back down. The other professor thinks that the first time could have been an accident, but then it discovered it was fun to do, and continued to do so. Crows play as juveniles, but not as adults. It’s a bit difficult to determine the age of the crow from the video, and even in the field, once they get to be about 2 years old, they look like adults but they are still juveniles in behavior. So…more research is needed! Hooray! :)

  12. I feel like Valentine’s Day isn’t really real for grown-ups.  I don’t even think I know anyone who celebrates.  Although I do know a few people who make themselves sad because they’re not in relationships on Valetine’s.

    I have a week of travel ahead, and that’s all I’m looking forward to.  That and the dentist.

      1. I hate going out to dinner on Valentine’s Day. I used to wait tables and that day was the absolute worst. My mother-in-law’s birthday is Sunday, so we’re taking her out to dinner then. Since we needed someplace toddler-friendly, she suggested Five Guys. I ain’t mad at that! French fries are the way to my heart.

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