An Open Letter to the Supreme Court

Thanks, Supreme Court. I didn’t need that health insurance anyway. No, really. It’s fine.

Never mind I’m trying to build the American dream one penny at a time. Never mind I’ve pulled myself up by my bootstraps so many times the straps have fallen off. Never mind that the insurance companies have decided I’m unworthy of using the insurance I pay a LOT of money for every month to cover what I actually need health insurance for.

I’m truly sorry I haven’t managed to turn myself into a bajillionaire yet, because it looks as though only the bajillionaires count.

I’m sorry I’m just one person, and not a multi-billion dollar multi-national company, because I know a multi-billion dollar multi-national company is considered to be more human than I am, what with me being a lowly woman. I’m sorry that you’ve found me, and people like me, and people who have to struggle ten times harder than I do, to be unworthy of something as simple as the option to get affordable insurance. You’re right, the insurance companies are our betters, and it’s totally okay for a company to decide whether people live or die, depending on their profits.

Actually, I’m not sorry. Fuck you, Supreme Court, and the corporations you rode in on.

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