It’s a Weekend Open Thread!

And after this week, it might as well be a real fucking unicorn. 

Welcome home, Persephoneers! I’ve missed you so much! We’re back, and we’re never leaving you again!  Settle in to this open thread and tell us all about what you’ve been up to this week.  I’ll tell you the whole story of where we went after I get some sleep.

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216 thoughts on “It’s a Weekend Open Thread!”

  1. Yeeeeeeeeeee, today is going to be awesome!

    Already started off the day right with my Arabic course— my teacher says I’m making a lot of progress (awesome!)

    Then my SO is meeting me downtown so we can get tickets to see… dun-dun-DUN! Hunger Games! (mega-awesome!)

    Until then, I’m lounging at a coffee shop and sipping on some chai, which is… yep, you guessed it… Awesome!

    What do y’all have planned for this Saturday?

      1. Aaaah, just got back and I really, really enjoyed it!  I am also not ashamed to say that I bawled like a baby during the Rue/District 11 scene. My SO (who hasn’t read the books) was a little confused, but supportive.

        And, pssssh. Don’t do homework on a Saturday! That’s what Sunday evenings are for, amiright? :)

  2. Wow. Apparently the speech manuscript I spent five hours writing didn’t save. Fanfuckingtastic.

    On another note, though, does anyone know of any YA books without a romantic plot element? Like at all? My shelf scouring hasn’t really turned anything up.

    1. Mmmm, I’d say it depends. One of the most satisfying grilled cheeses I’ve ever had is basically my hangover cure sandwich: sourdough bread, extra sharp cheddar, fat slices of tomato with a bit of salt and pepper sprinkled on top, and fried over butter… Sooooooo good when your tummy is feeling yucky.

      On a normal day, though, I tend to do whole wheat bread, whatever cheese I have on hand (usually cheddar or mozzarella), mashed avocado with salt and pepper, and sun dried tomato.

      Yeah, I like putting stuff in my grilled cheeses :)

          1. Exactly! And it’s so nice to be home. I’m feeling much better already. Kind of like the beginning of Thanksgiving dinner, you know before anyone gets drunk and a little too blunt. Just all the warm and fuzzies of enjoying your family with a lit of hope that nothing bad will happen this time, you know like disappearing threads.

  3. I’ve been watching 30 Rock. I’m watching it now, actually, and I love it.

    Last night I made macaroni and cheese with gruyere and cheddar, but it didn’t come out how I wanted. It could have been a little less liquid. Maybe I should try a different recipe.

    I’ve missed Persephone, and I haven’t been posting lately, but I really did miss it when it was down. Thanks so much, Selena, for making everything happen!

    1. Taking the kid to gymnastics.  Which is way, way more fun than I imagined it would be when I signed her up for it – it’s more like “we get to play together on fun equipment.”  Then….I’d like to say lots of more fun stuff, but probably cleaning the house and running errands.  Saturday!

    2. Unfucking the house a bit followed by brewery tour for my husband’s birthday, the library, and then probably coming home and applying for work.  Not super exciting but hopefully productive – it’s the right weather for it, a little overcast and grey.

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