It’s a Weekend Open Thread!

And after this week, it might as well be a real fucking unicorn. 

Welcome home, Persephoneers! I’ve missed you so much! We’re back, and we’re never leaving you again!  Settle in to this open thread and tell us all about what you’ve been up to this week.  I’ll tell you the whole story of where we went after I get some sleep.

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  1. So glad that Persephone is back up and running! Anyways, I watched Away We Go tonight on netflix and it was so sweet and funny. “I love my babies, why would I want to push them away from me?” Anyone else like this movie?

    On a completely different note, I’m starting grad school in the fall and I’m a bit worried about the fact that it takes me longer to do course readings and write papers than others. It never really bothered me much, because I have always finished things and done well. But I am a bit nervous because I think grad school will be a lot more reading intensive. Anyone else have this experience or have any thoughts?

  2. My partner and I are currently planning our wedding/honeymoon and are thinking about creative/different places to go on vacation. We don’t really want to do the typical Mexico or Caribbean thing. We’re not particularly keen on France or Italy either (at least not in the time frame we’re looking to travel.) Right now my favorite ideas are Jeju Island in South Korea or Singapore. Where have you all gone that you would recommend?

    1. I vote Switzerland. In particular Lucerne. It’s beautiful, has great history and art, and the people are marvelous. The nightlife is varied and interesting and the landscape is gorgeous. I think it might be my favorite place in Europe, second only to Florence.

          1. He hasn’t been so far, but he has family in Paris and has been many times, thus our not wanting to go to France.

            When I went to Lucerne I was struck by how clean and crisp everything was. It was really spectacular. I think a little train tour of Switzerland and surrounding areas would be lovely.

    2. I would agree with Lucerne being a great option–it’s so beautiful! The whole area is really amazing and if you haven’t been in Innsbruck, that’s also worth a stop! And if you’re looking at Europe, I might also consider Prague–it’s stunning!

      As for Jeju, I went on a 4 day trip a couple years ago and it’s really just okay in my opinion. We camped on Silso beach, did the lava tubes, and climbed sunrise mountain which was all fun but transportation around the island is infrequent at best and food options were minimal. Unless you want lots of squid and sushi (Hue in Korean). They say it’s Korea’s “honeymoon destination” but I think it’s lacking a bit. Though they do have a sex theme park called Jeju Love Land! Kinda fitting… :)

      I also spent a week in Singapore once which was kinda cool but not that interesting after 3 days. Sentosa Island does not have nice beaches (don’t believe the brochures unless you like looking at cargo ships!) and much of Singapore feels crowded and commercial. It’s a great place to eat and shop (SO.MUCH.SHOPPING!) but I probably wouldn’t vacation there. (I was stuck there for immigration reasons, not by choice.)

      If I were planning a honeymoon in Southeast Asia, I would either go to: North Vietnam (Sapa, Hanoi, Ha Long Bay) or Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur and the Perhentian Islands).

      North Vietnam is beautiful and Hanoi is full of charm. The city center still maintains a colonial french atmosphere while delicately blending Buddhist roots and traditions. It goes without saying that the food is incredible. Sapa is a mountain village a 1 day train ride away surrounded by rice terraces and hill tribes. It’s gorgeous in the fall and has lots of beautiful history and culture among the Hmong, Red Dzao, and Chinese tribes. You can easily hike to their villages and many of them will invite you into their homes. Ha Long Bay is on the coast and is a sub-tropical, sub-terranian mountain range with more than 1,000 peaks poking out above the ocean to make islands. The limestone karsts are beautiful to behold and the overnight cruises through the bay are very peaceful.

      Malaysia is super cheap and easy to get around in. The food is a wonderful blend of Chinese, Thai, and Indonesian. Kuala Lumpur offers a few interesting sights like the Batu Caves which comprise a Hindu temple, and the Kuala Gandah Elephant Conservation Center is just a short trip out of the city where you can ride, feed, and swim with adult and baby elephants! (Probably the best thing I’ve ever done!) I admit, I’ve never been to the Perhentian Islands but it’s on my to-do list. Unfortunately, you wedding and the season need to align or else the islands will be closed for monsoons. If they do, the beaches and island life are incredible and I’ve heard the diving is amazing with tons of sea turtles and a great variety of coral.

      Other off-the-beaten-track places that I would recommend: Trans-Siberian Railroad, Egypt, and Reunion Island (but that one really is a loooong way away!)

    3. Top 5 countries I’ve visited (out of ~30): Ireland, Portugal, Germany, New Zealand, & Australia

      If it were my honeymoon I’d be happy to go back to any of them.  They all have great people, awesome scenery, & delicious food/ beverages (except for maybe NZ..)

      I guess it would depend on what you like doing for recommendations? I like to chill and drink/ go exploring on my trips, so most of the places I go have a large focus on that.

    4. Australia (esp. the Daintree area in Queensland; the national parks close to Darwin and the NT; and Melbourne) is amazing. Again though it depends on the season, especially up north, if you go during the Wet a lot of things won’t be available. Also in that area, New Zealand is also incredible, and despite the dodgy political situation I’d put in a vote for Fiji, especially if you’re into diving. And you don’t have to go to a resort, either. Generally on flights from the US or Europe to Australia, Singapore or Hong Kong are included anyway, so you can combine them.

      In Europe, obviously I have to vote for Ireland :) But have also heard great things about Croatia and Slovenia. I also loved Poland.

    5. Mr. Dormouse and I went to a cabin near Mt. Hood in Oregon. It was great for us because we just needed a vacation to relax and not do much. We ate good food, we slept whenever we wanted to, we had sex whenever we wanted to, we read books, we chilled in the jacuzzi, and we played a little xbox. It’s not exotic, but it wasn’t expensive either.

      Another good place you might consider going to would be San Diego in SoCal. It’s really laidback with nice beaches and lots of history and a hopping night life too.

      Internationally, I would agree with Germany and Switzerland as being lovely places to visit. I also really liked Italy (but don’t go during the summer!) and France is nice at the right time of year. Have you thought about Okinawa in Japan?

  3. Yay! We’re all back.  I’ve missed everyone.

    My week has involved working a bunch and watching episodes of Lost which I got hooked on a couple of weeks ago and it’s consuming my life.  My apartment looks terrible, but I’m going to unfuck it tonight.

    Oh and our PS3 died which is really sad.  Mr. Nonsense is going to try to fix it but I have a feeling it’s gone for good.  :(

    And apparently I’m posting my comment too quickly and need to slow down….!  What is this nonsense?


  4. So might be half past two in the morning right now because of Daytime Saving and me wanting to finish my book. My head hurts from sleep but it was a scary and sad book so I definitely not going to give my self nightmare fuel by immediately going to bed.

    1. I saw the midnight screening the other night! It wasn’t as good as I’d hoped, but it was still satisfying. They skipped over a lot of important things I wish they’d focused on and some of the casting wasn’t great. On the other hand, a lot of the acting was superb, and it had some very hard-hitting moments that I loved.

      1. I’m not sure it could ever be as good as the book, simply because Katniss has a lot of inner monologue. I heard they didn’t show the killings because they wanted it to be PG, which is kinda redic because the whole story is about how terrible violence for entertainment is.  I’m still excited to see it though!!

        1. Yeah, that’s very true. Jennifer Lawrence is very expressive, but we can’t know everything Katniss is thinking. The thing with the killings irritated me because it’s harder to see the horrors of children killing children for the entertainment of adults. The earlier ones are skimmed over too much, but the later ones are a little more brutal.

    2. I saw it last night and thought it was really good. It seemed like a pretty faithful adaptation, but it’s been about a year since I read the book, so I might be forgetting things. I thought all of the acting was great, even from people whose casting I didn’t really agree with. And Rue was just so precious.

    3. I said it downthread, but I’ll say it again because I may as well give you fair warning (and I hope this isn’t too spoilery): I definitely bawled during Rue’s final scene (and hell, while I’m confessing, several other times in the movie as well). I am happy to report, however, that I noticed that all the other women in my section were wiping their eyes too! As others have said, I’m not 100% satisfied because obviously we all have moments from the book that touched us individually and that we’d like to see played out on screen, but I was certainly more than satisfied with the end result and I do think in the end that it stayed true to the book’s overall arch!

      Have fun tomorrow!

    4. I just saw it, and thought it was very good overall. I was pleasantly surprised by Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss. Teared up all through the reaping, and outright cried for Rue.

      There were some things that I thought weren’t perfect, and a fair amount of subtle things that were better in the books just because of different media, but overall I was satisfied.

  5. She’s aliiiiive! The P-Mag team is full of fighters. :)

    I took the GAMSAT yesterday (test for med school–like the MCAT). It was HARD! I don’t think I did well but there’s always next year, right? I was at the test center for 10 hours and there was probably close to 2,000 people there–and it was only half of the people testing in Sydney! The energy was really good and everyone was so friendly. Made me realize that next year, I want a study group!

    Today, the boyfriend and I are off to see a Harry Potter exhibit with real props and costumes from the movies! I’m so excited!

    1. Of course we do!


      WHen you say girl, do you mean under 12 years old? I love seeing kids dressed up as whatever they want. I saw a four year old spider man last week. Not halloween of anything, he just wanted to be spiderman.

        1. I’m finishing the fifth one now. I absolutely love Alexia. Hmm, other suggestions.. Well, have you tried Patricia Briggs’ Mercedes Thompson series? Those a pretty good, or Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels books? The longer the series goes, the better it gets. I’ll try to think of some others.

    1. Octavia Butler is all kinds of awesome (she wrote the Liliths Brood Series, but her collection of short stories “BloodChild” is also excellent.

      And times two to the Atwood suggestions. Her writing is spectacular.

  6. Hooray!! I’ve missed having my afternoon Persephone fix!!

    So I just finished watching the first two episodes of Legend of Korra. I am so excited for this series – I am loving how Korra is so headstrong. Now it’s going to be a struggle to wait for weekly episodes to commence.


  7. Thank you! I love you Persephone Magazine! In a way that is probably unhealthy!

    I’ve been having pretty consistent, but low level depression the last couple of months and the only thing that makes me feel better is positive social interaction. (And alcohol; especially in the middle of the day). I’m not getting a whole lot of social interaction IRL because I need more friends; and then you all were gone too! Crisis! It happened! Exclamation point!

    But then you returned, everyone bearing gifs and my day was immensely improved.
    Now I should get to work. Maybe after I dye my hair an unnatural color.

  8. Whooooo we’re back!

    I’ve had various things happen to me over the last couple days, and I wanted to tell you all about them but I couldn’t and it SUCKED!

    I’m on Spring Break as of Thursday night (I don’t have Friday classes!), so…WHOO. I have some work I have to do over it, of course, but I’ve been thinking a lot the past couple days about the writing project I’ve BEEN thinking about for the past few years. But I haven’t actually really written anything for this writing project. How the hell do I make myself write more than the intro, which is all that’s happened over the last few years?

    I feel like I keep getting stuck on world complexity. I’m planning on writing a high fantasy book, and I constantly worry that the world isn’t rich enough. But all the writing training I’ve had tells me that worrying about that rather than writing is silly.

    Still can’t seem to get myself to write, though.

    Any tips? Suggestions?

  9. You’re back!!! Oh, I’m so happy, now I can unfuck my habitat with a happy heart.

    What’s everyone doing with their weekend? I’m going to paint my nails and then meet college friends for dinner/architecture snarking and then drinking with another.

    Is anyone here from Philly? What’s it like? If I go there for school will you be friends with me?

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