It’s a Weekend Open Thread!

And after this week, it might as well be a real fucking unicorn. 

Welcome home, Persephoneers! I’ve missed you so much! We’re back, and we’re never leaving you again!  Settle in to this open thread and tell us all about what you’ve been up to this week.  I’ll tell you the whole story of where we went after I get some sleep.

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216 Comments It’s a Weekend Open Thread!

  1. Avatar of [M] QoB[M] QoB

    PSA for The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle watchers (I know you exist, you don’t have to admit it): the CW are now streaming episodes on their site the day after the air – which is good news for us non-USians. And I wish I had known this before I spent aaages trying to watch the episode for today’s recap…

  2. Avatar of KellsBellsKellsBells

    so very happy to see you all again!

    Of course, I’m in Kaizen training all next week computerless, so ill be lurking from my shitty windows phone. I will give 500 points to anyone who makes a comment so witty  that i snort during this training. Fer reals.

  3. Avatar of LadySybilRamkinLadySybilRamkin

    May or may not have just eaten two chocolate-nutella cakes-in-a-mug and watched One Fine Day after spending the day being irrationally angry at everything. Let’s face it, I am a walking (well, lounging) menstrual cycle cliche.

    1. Avatar of SilverwaneSilverwane

      I can be the same way. It is so incredibly frustrating, but I can’t seem to help that, for about a week before my period and up until it actually starts, I become a lot more easily emotionally affected by EVERYTHING.

  4. Avatar of mxandbmxandb

    Well, I was suppose to study but then I started stress cleaning instead. Three hours later…

    My bedroom is beautiful and spotless. The closet has been rearranged so I don’t hate everything I own (funny how that works). And let me tell you. The dust bunnies under the bed could have been classified as a new species.

    But now, I swear, I promise, I will set my butt into the chair in my living room and read my study book. The kind of study aid that does not require one to have a PC when all there is in the house is a Mac. Ugh.

              1. Avatar of mxandbmxandb


                I did manage to sit and read for a full hour. And now that dinner is done and SO FULL IN MA BELLEH, I will try to read more…

                Or just bail and watch a movie because seriously, my stomach is so full of good, it hurts.

                1. Avatar of verunaveruna

                  Hah I know how you feel. I need to finish a few more packets tonight before bed, but I really just want to read my book and talk to me friends.

  5. Avatar of mcstabbypantsmcstabbypants

    This was one awesome birthday! I spent all of yesterday sick with a hangover after my friends took me out on Friday night (note to self: you cannot drink like you’re 20 once you’re 40. It doesn’t work like that). My husband took care of both of our kids all day, got me Gatorade, and made sure I was comfortable until the evening when I finally felt human again. Then we cleaned the house for my birthday brunch today. I haven’t had an actual birthday party in FOREVER. It was really nice! All my friends came and my husband had the food ordered so I didn’t have to do anything, not even clean up. The food was incredible and I got a monkey bread birthday cake which was delicious. My daughter chose presents for me that were awesome and painted me a beautiful picture.

    I feel very, very lucky today. And very happy to be 40.

  6. Avatar of Jean McDonaldJean McDonald

    I know I must be logged in to reply. I was just logged in and left a reply, but! I must be logged in to reply.  Aarg.

    Whatever, I’m glad we’re back and I’ll read everyone else’s comments if I can’t make any of my own.

    1. Avatar of [M] freckle[M] freckle

      The last week it’s been telling me that I’m logged out, but soon as I refresh the page or visit a post, I’m logged in. Probably still an after-wave.

  7. Avatar of ElfityElfity

    Y’all! I have reached that part of the semester where everything is piling up and deadlines are approaching and I am STRESSED. I really just want to crawl under the covers and play Dragonvale all day. I have no motivation. Blech.

    1. Avatar of CathleenCathleen

      I sympathize. At this point, I’m just promising myself intervals of television and film between all the projects to reach the end of the semester.

      1. Avatar of ElfityElfity

        I’m doing something similar. I even let myself watch the 2-hour Mad Men premiere last night after getting through some statistics work.

      1. Avatar of ElfityElfity

        That was me last week! I spent all of it watching Game of Thrones, reading memoirs, and eating food. I spent comparatively little of it actually catching up on schoolwork. Bad me!

        1. Avatar of SilverwaneSilverwane

          It goes like that waaaay too often, doesn’t it? It’s still Monday, so I’m hopeful I’ll make myself do some work…but not today!

          I hadn’t heard of this Dragonvale, so I googled it. It’d totally check it out…if I had a smartphone!

    2. Avatar of KiisuKiisu

      I’m sorry you’re feeling overwhelmed, although I’m happy to find a fellow Dragonvale fan! Aren’t the new metal dragons adorable?

    1. Avatar of Lucille2Lucille2

      Ohhhh! We are planting tomorrow! I’m not sure what yet, but my goal this year was to do some gardening. We live in an apartment so it’s a little more challenging, but I am excited!

      1. Avatar of LisLis

        I’m also in an apartment, but I have a little balcony, so I’m doing all container-gardening this year. This is my first garden ever, and I’m super excited.

          1. Avatar of LisLis

            Hmmmm I have a few other things that I want to write up as posts (note to self: Stop wearing your lazy-pants!), and this is my first year doing it. I feel like towards the end of the growing season, or at least at a point when I have more plants, I would be better able to write a post about that.

            Tell me that you need an article by Tuesday in the Unicorn Folder (I’m assuming it is still called that… I haven’t posted in forever… gack), even if it’s not true, to give me a deadline.

            Considering the following ladyguides: How to give pills to dogs, how to make awesome deviled eggs, tips for dealing with chronic pain.

              1. Avatar of LisLis

                Aaaaw but I was being selfish and wanting a ~deadline~ because that might actually make me get something done!

    2. Avatar of ElfityElfity

      Eek! You just reminded me that I need to get my tomatoes planted! I tried last year and forgot to water them, but I WILL have fresh tomatoes this year!

      1. Avatar of LisLis

        You can do eeeeeet! I am growing tomatoes (a friend is starting those for me) and basil so that I can have fresh tomato-and-basil salads.

    3. Avatar of mcstabbypantsmcstabbypants

      Oh I am so jealous of all of you who have space to garden! I tried last year to do a container garden and it completely failed. This year I’m going to do herbs and lettuce and some cherry tomatoes and that’s about it; my hope is with my expectations low, I’ll be successful.

      1. Avatar of MillieMillie

        Me too!  I have this squidgy little north facing balcony that is too tiny and not sunny enough to be of any use, and it makes me sad.  I want a garden!

  8. Avatar of Lucille2Lucille2

    Alright guys, it’s spring break and I need some book suggestions. I’m heading to Powell’s Books tomorrow. Any genre, I’m kind of at a loss as to what to read as being in college has made me less of a reader for fun. But, I am dedicated to changing that!

    I hope you all are having a great weekend!

    1. Avatar of [E] Selena MacIntosh[E] Selena MacIntosh

      Do you like non-fiction? I just finished You Are Not So Smart, and it was delightful. Also, humbling. It’s about assorted types of fallacy and bias, and I think everyone who uses the Internet should read it.

      1. Avatar of Lucille2Lucille2

        Glad I’m not alone. I used to read all the time but the last couple of semesters have been so tough that I’ve had no desire. Luckily my work allows me to listen to my Ipod so I’ve gotten a few audio books in.

  9. Avatar of mxandbmxandb

    I’m really happy that Pmag is back. I also really hope that this attempt to make a comment works…

    I’m to take a certification exam on the 17th and well, I’m behind in studying.

    So, I go to download software that has a ton of test prep questions on it. PROBLEM. It doesn’t work for a Mac. WHAT?!

    I had planned my whole day around this testing software actually being accessable. I still have options, I guess.

    I could drive out to my office and load the software on my work laptop and just pack the thing around with me (assuming I don’t need an internet connection – but at this point I’m going to say the odds are against me). I could continue to read the study book that’s about as dry as 5yr old crackers and load the software tomorrow. It may work out that I have to be at work to study, less distraction – though fewer sweatpants.

    I’m going to see about making some lemonade out of this shit. Today I’ll take my study book outside since it’s GORGEOUS and plan to stay an hour after work each day to do the prep questions. God I hope this works out.

    1. Avatar of mxandbmxandb

      Nevermind. It only looks gorgeous outside. Still very cold. I’m going to find some sun in the living room and sit in it with book and tea.

      After I stress-clean my bedroom.

      (and I totally opened a box of tagalongs)

      1. Avatar of mxandbmxandb

        Yeah, I was very dumbfounded when I saw that it was PC only. You just never see that.

        I’ll try to work around it.

        Thank you!

  10. Avatar of twiddletwiddle

    It’s been a very up-and-down kind of week. Lots of good/new/exciting things in the work/career/school part of life. Far far less good in the personal/relationship side of life. Why can’t everything just be good altogether? Wouldn’t that just be easier on everyone?

    But now P-mag is back. So I’m sure the world will start making sense again soon.

    1. Avatar of verunaveruna

      Yay for the work/career/school stuff! I hope the personal/relationship stuff isn’t too bad. If you want to talk about it, we’re all here for you. /internet hugs if you need them.

    1. Avatar of OpifexOpifex

      The boyfriend and his sister both use it on and off, and seem to like it. Muscle confusion is not a real thing, for what it’s worth. If muscle building is your goal, all you really need is to work your muscles harder then they are used to, then give them time off in between exercises to repair and grow stronger. p90x isn’t a bad workout routine or anything, just the premise it’s built on is a bit silly.

    2. Avatar of wannabemusicologistwannabemusicologist

      If you are wanting a cross fit style workout there are a lot of less expensive options. Jillian Michaels and Ben Harper have a lot of cross-fit style dvds (including the 30 day shred) and they can both usually be scored for around $8 at walmart. It might be a good way of trying it to make sure you like it before committing to three payments of $39.95 or whatever it is. There are also an insane number of cross fit “work out of the day” websites which will tell you sets of exercises to do. I used to be a total gym rat (well, I ellipticaled and weight trained in order to stay in shape for martial arts), but since I am now working from home a lot on dissertation stuff, it’s a lot easier for me just to pop in a workout dvd at the end of the day or do some sets of a WOD.

  11. Avatar of Ruby Ryder

    I’m in a foul mood. Been sick with a bad cold for 5 days, lost some income, no partner to take care of me and then I made a huge mistake…looking for compassion and help from my teenager? Not.  :-((

      1. Avatar of Ruby Ryder

        Yeah – good point. Feeling better now after a night of sweating it out. And then? The hot water heater goes on the fritz and poof! No hot water. Nice landlord fixing tomorrow. But for now? Feeling gross and actually glad I don’t have a partner next to me tonight! Spirits improved, despite all.

  12. Avatar of mcstabbypantsmcstabbypants

    I am now officially 40 years old!! Woo hoo!!

    I am actually really excited about turning 40. Which is nice, because I haven’t been too excited about my own birthday in a few years, and I freaking love birthdays.

    Persephone being back on is like a big ‘ol birthday present. Thank you!!

  13. Avatar of AlexAlex

    I’m on twitter! Not doing anythiing, but if you have any recs for awesome people to follow, please recommend!

    I’m @altonym (I use altonym wherever antonym is taken because of the punny goodness of altonym).

    1. Avatar of Ruby Ryder

      I follow Dan Savage (@fakedansavage) and Violet Blue (@VioletBlue) – informational and entertaining! But you should probably agree with their politics and general attitudes about sex-positiveness…

    2. Avatar of Matzukado

      @BillBailey for a daily dose of surreal goodness, and @stephenfry because…he’s so lovely <3

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