Our server crashed after our good friends at linked to our interview yesterday.  It took a couple of hours to get her up and running again (SPACE MONKEYS) and when she came back on, the time on the server jumped ahead by 24 hours or so.  That’s why everything we had scheduled to run today is already here. From the future.  It’s all good now, we’re both prepared for rushes of company and we’ve fixed all the clocks. Please return to your normal reading and commenting activities.

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Selena MacIntosh is the owner and editor of Persephone Magazine. She also fixes it when it breaks. She is fueled by Diet Coke, coffee with a lot of cream in it, and cat hair.

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    1. Pfft, you’re just a pawn in the European Timezone’s master plan. Once everything is posting in accordance with us, we’ll suddenly HALT THE DRIFT and leave you in the cold.



      (How’s my cackle? 666-EVILOL-613)

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