Lunchtime Poll: To Everything There Is A Season

Hola, Persephoneers! How goes your Wednesday? It’s a busy, busy day here at Persephone Headquarters, so I thought I’d throw up a fun LTP for today. 

Here in Indiana, the weather has been even more unpredictable than it normally is, which is saying something. Winter is spring, fall is summer and I’m half expecting a snowstorm in July. My feelings on seasons are confusing, as a result.

What’s your favorite season, and why?

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42 Comments Lunchtime Poll: To Everything There Is A Season

  1. Avatar of AlexAlex

    Here in the fens, Autumn is magnificent. Our dykes begin to become very cold and sometimes frost, but the leaves are still dry. There’s astonishing variety of wildlife here that is unusually visible, and it gets very misty and eerie. So I love Autumn here.

    I have a fondness for cold months in general, though =D

    1. Avatar of MausMaus

      Our dykes begin to become very cold

      That ain’t autumn; it’s nine tenths society, and but one mere tenth middle age.

  2. Avatar of KellsBellsKellsBells

    In Idaho the saying goes: “We have three seasons.  Winter, hunting, and construction.”

    I know there are other variations from other states and would love to hear them.

    1. Avatar of CorinaDee

      Aw. You get one extra season!

      Back in Alberta, we used to say we had two seasons: Winter and Roadwork.

    2. Avatar of RenRen

      I’m in North-East Europe, and I’ve heard “4 months of summer and then 8 months of shitty skiing weather” used. It’s sad how accurate this can be.

    3. Avatar of MonicaMonica

      Milwaukee just has 2 : winter and construction. And really, I’m not even sure about the winter. It seems like it’s ALL construction.

  3. Avatar of mxandbmxandb

    I love Autumn. I just love that transition from Summer where the leaves change colors, the air is crisp and cooler (I’m not a fan of heat). The foods are richer and heartier. Everyone is talking about squash. There’s Halloween, Thanksgiving. Sweaters, coats, scarves. Fires in the fireplaces, big blankets on the beds and couches.

    It’s just wonderful.

    And it means my least favorite season is over.

  4. Avatar of Bryn DonovanBryn Donovan

    Yesterday: decide I’m a failure at romance writing and it’s time to give it up for good and concentrate on my poetry.

    Today: get romance novel contract.

    So crazy! I was seriously planning on taking all my romance paperbacks to Half Price Books after work today because I wasn’t going to do that anymore.

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