News Appetizers: Baby, Let’s Hide From The World Underneath These Covers

Welcome back, muffins, kittens, poodles, and oh! Mittens! We are taking to the brimming ether to highlight the week’s events that are enough to send us running for the hills and screaming for mom. So let’s hold each other close and hide under these blankets, because when the news gets heavy, all you have to do is hold me closer, you tiny dancer.

WTF. Last week, Democratic senator Wendy Davis’s office was firebombed. According to The Daily Caller, the attacker threw as many as two firebombs into the Democrat’s third-floor office. No word on whether or not he knew that Davis was not in the office. Anthony Spangler,  the office’s communications director said that “a staffer heard a large thud at the door and was met at the door by waist-high flames. One staffer escaped the fire while the other put the fire out with a fire extinguisher.” (The Daily Caller)

Al Jazeera has decided not release the video of Mohammed Mera’s attack on a French Jewish school. Mera died early last week after a standoff with French authorities after he confessed to the shootings in Toulouse and Montauban, as a form of protest against French military engagements in Afghanistan, as well as the ongoing occupation of Palestine. He was 23. (NY Times)

Are the culture wars in America coming to an end? Is a culture war even a thing? Moreover, can we just hope assholes will stop being assholes? (In These Times)

Oh, how convenient, there are reports that Zimmerman was attacked by Martin, yet there is no evidence. And Zimmerman has, like, a black friend! And Trayvon was suspended once!  Isn’t it kind of amazing the lengths people will go to to try and justify the fact that a seventeen-year-old was racially profiled, harassed, and then murdered by a guy with previous convictions and a distaste for young black kids? Seriously. No, seriously. (Washington Post, ABC)

Not Mittens, Santorum, and those other guys are about to get on my last nerve. Image copyright The Huffington Post

Apparently, those guys from the Right (which ones?), you know, the ones all clamoring for the Republican presidential nomination like it was a honey cruller dipped in cash and sprinkled with the tears of Obama? Yeah, they’re still doing their thing. Anyone else suffer from the condition where election years make them want to drink heavily? (LA Times)

Obamacare, or really, healthcare, in this country is still a thing. All we can do is remember the good words of Barney Frank when he proudly said, “Ma’am, you are a table” as far as the arguments we are potentially getting ready for. (BBC)

Neo-Nazis are the hot new thing in Germany. The National Democratic Party, which is akin to our GOP with a hashdash of more open white supremacy, is sort of now being realized as a problem. Yeah. Seriously, is far right wing fuckery getting spilled into the water as of late? (No girl, it’s always been like this) Yeah I know, but does the water seem extra full lately? (BBC)

Hey Negative Nancy, any good news? (Um, no, what do you think this is, Narnia?) But here is some neutral news. The Pope is in Cuba. (The one who hates gay people and sex and was a Hitler youth?) Yeah, I liked the old Pope better too.

Are you scared? Frightened? Covering the teddy bear’s eyes and praying to the big spaghetti monster in the sky? We feel your pain and we are right there under the sheet with you. But remember kids, even when the shit looks dark and the dark looks like shit, there is hope in”¦ well”¦ it’s there somewhere. Seriously. Don’t give up, kiddos, just make room for us underneath that blanket.

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  1. 1. Oh hey, the Supreme Court has just finished hearing arguments (according to the CNN breaking news banner)

    2. My Pope John Paul II rose didn’t die when we randomly got snow last week! JP2 will always live on! (It’s my first rose so this is a really big deal for me)

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