News Appetizers: This Week, Imma Try to Focus on the Not Awful

Newwwwws!  The last week has been tough for me in terms of “the world is awful,” so my goal for this week is to find the silver lining.

Julian Assange. Picture courtesy of The Guardian.

In Brazil, Chevron oil executives have been banned from leaving the country as they investigate a spill.  Spill:  awful.  Oil executives:  awful.  Accountability:  Not awful. (CNN)

That shooting spree in Afghanistan: awful.  Really, unspeakably awful.  The fact that maybe it will open up a dialogue about mental health in the army, about our role in Afghanistan:  not as awful.  (CNN)

Julian Assange is running for the senate in Australia.  Which is hard, because he is on house arrest in England.  For sex crimes.  Assange:  awful.  The fact that people at least know that he is awful, and that he is on house arrest: not quite as awful.  (CNN)

The Kony 2012 video maker has been arrested for publicly masturbating.  (Threadjack: somebody on Facebook tried to liken breastfeeding in public with public masturbation.  If that is true, I should probably be locked up, too).  At any rate, all sorts of unfortunate information has come out about Jason Russell, including the public masturbation, possible misappropriation of earlier funds, far right Christian anti-gay crap, big meltdown.  The upside:  people have hopefully learned a lesson in critical thinking.  (ABC)

Jason Russell
Jason Russell. Photo courtesy of Access Hollywood.

Oh no.  An American teacher was shot and killed by Al Qaeda in Yemen.  Damnit.  There is no not-awful side to this.  (CNN)

British TV journalists were freed by Libya, which is totally not-awful.  (BBC)

Who will be the next Gloria Steinem?  Answer:  You.  Now don’t stop speaking truth to power.  (NYT)

George Clooney was arrested for protesting about Sudan, which, according to my Facebook feed, makes the ladies swoon.  (CNN)

The co-founder of Red Bull has died of natural causes, which is pretty awful, but you know what?  He was suuuuuper rich.  If you have to die, better to be at the top of your game on the way out. (CNN)

Trayvon Martin’s family continues to fight for justice.  The 17-year-old was shot as he was returning home from a convenience store, by somebody who was on the neighborhood watch.  The boy is dead, the shooter has not even been arrested.  Spread the word if you can, increase pressure.  (CNN)


Lost and found passport. Image courtesy of NPR.

Somebody in New Jersey won a mutli-million dollar jackpot with his coworkers, but tried to claim it for himself.  Which is a difficult thing to hide from your coworkers.  He has to share the money, and now everybody involved is rich!  And really mad at each other. (CNN)

A Berkeley graduate lost her passport in 1949.  Another Berkeley graduate found it in 2011.  And then found her to give it back to her.  It’s a sweet story, and I really want to hang out with the lady who lost the passport. (NPR)

The violence continues in Syria, which – no.  It’s just awful.  And now there are reports of a car bomb, just piling on the awfulness.  (CNN) (BBC)

In Nepal, arrested parents often bring their kids to jail with them because there is no other option.  Except now there is, and this story might make you cry (the good kind of cry).  (CNN)

“It turns out, pirates like to tweet.”  Twitter is being used to capture pirates, which is pretty awesome.  (CNN)

Womb environment has been linked to later obesity.  Can we stop fat-shaming now?  (BBC)

That’s it for the news appetizers for today.  Achievement:  not completely unlocked.  The news is pretty awful.  Keep fighting the good fight.

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  1. If you, like me, are still seething about the fact that Trayvon Martin’s killer is walking free, then please go here, and sign this:

    Color of Change has put together a petition to the DOJ for a federal investigation.  My comment is that if this funky so-called “Shoot First” law in FL works the way it seems to – where you can apparently shoot someone in self-defense and then when someone asks you why you did it, you say “self-defense” and they just say “OK” – then it should be abolished.  I can’t be the only person to see that that sort of loose interpretation could lead to countless murders/assaults on less-privileged persons (specifically people of color).

    EDITED TO ADD:  If you’re not clear on the story – here are some facts everyone should know:

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