This Weekend Open Thread is Filled with Sass

It’s Friday night, you know what to do. We’ll drop in the disco ball and stock the snack bar.

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  1. I am so fucking annoyed by how people are reacting to this Jason Russell thing; specifically, the fact that loads of people keep making snide comments about him obviously being a repressed homosexual because he did theatre in college and is vaguely effeminate.

    I find his shit as annoying as anyone else, but if he’s a repressed homosexual because he’s vaguely effeminate, I’m a repressed heterosexual because I did rugby (I’m not, shock horror). Why is society, even liberal society! so concerned with maintaining this stupid fucking stereotype? The worst part is when it becomes a weapon of liberals against conservatives; using “he must be a closet gay” as some kind of  sling isn’t just immature, it’s really fucking damaging. Sexuality is not an insult, and these jokes aren’t funny.

    It would be so much more passable if the jokes were original or witty, but they all amount to “LOLBUTHE’SSOREPRESSEDGAY”. If I wanted to find that level of intellectual engagement with politics, I’d find my 7 year-old cousin and ask him to introduce me to the fucking gang.

    1. It’s another part of controlling how men hold themselves to uphold patriarchy and homophobia. How else can we keep devaluing things women are “supposed” to do if we keep men from doing them?

      And since, in this fucked up construct, gay men are not “real men,” they have to be feminine.

      So, it’s a perfect way to try to take down a presumably heterosexual man, because not only are you continuing to devalue “female-typed” things, but you’re also calling this person a “not real man.” Especially if this person dares to do anything remotely female-typed.

  2. Today was my first time flying south west. I usually fly a lot on other carriers.

    Today was also the first time I’ve EVER lost my luggage. And now I have NO CLOTHES for doing professional stuff tomorrow starting at 7:30 am

    Fuck. And I don’t see any place in walking distance that has fat chick clothes that is open. Fuck. (I’m in Baltimore. Why do cities have 24r hour everything but no access to 24 hour clothes places like walmart? fuck this noise.)

  3. I want to go to bed at a reasonable hour.

    I also want to watch more BSG.

    Anyone have a time machine I can borrow?

    (and, yes, PoM, my TV and Netflix are already off so that I can make Good Choices. But the next few episodes look soooooo good!)

      1. This is my first time watching the series – are there any spoilers in that video?

        (And 4 minutes is fine. I have another 40 to get ready for bed, which is enough time to watch a 4-minute video and still get ready for bed, but NOT enough to watch a whole episode and also get ready for bed.)

  4. Today’s installment of Habitat: The Unfuckening has been a success! I did binge cleaning because I really need for things not to be horrifying for me to do things one at a time. I still have to unfuck the laundry situation, but I am beat for today.

    Also, T minus three days until date #2 with a seemingly pretty awesome guy. Nervous!

  5. I need an explanation from someone in the know who can explain basic blood science to me.

    The background:

    When I lived in Canada I made regular platelet donations.  Canadian Blood Services was all over me because I am AB+ making me the universal platelet and plasma donor; however, added to my magical blood, I am also CMV negative.  Apparently, CMV is a really common cold? virus that the great majority (90+%) of the population carry.  For some reason, I don’t.  This means that my platelets go to babies, cancer patients, anyone with compromised immunity, etc.  They loved me at CBS.  It is super funny, but it’s this catch 22.  I remember one Thanksgiving long weekend they called me at 17h00 to ask if I could come in at 08h00 the next morning.  You can’t say no to these very wonderful people.  What am I going to say?  “Sorry, I was kind of going to stay up late drinking watching trashy television and roll out of a pool of my own drool about noonish.” :)  You can’t, when they call you like that, you know they need you and you really are helping out.  But, I digress…

    Fast forward to today.  I have moved to NZ and and have been meaning to take up donating platelets again.  I call and give them a rundown and explain that before arriving in NZ I was travelling and I’m not sure if one of the countries I was in is going to defer me for a year so I don’t want to waste anyone’s time.  Turns out I have to make a whole blood donation first regardless and then they also take blood for some tests.  No problem, so off I went this morning to make the donation.

    I fill out forms, see a really nice nurse and explain to him that it’s actually platelets I want to donate.  So I’m in the chair getting set up and he is doing his thing, is going to run a malarial test as a precaution due to my travelling, we’re chatting away, blah blah blah.  He suddenly comments that I can’t give platelets because I’m not A or O.  Ok, I don’t really know and as if I’m going to argue with the professionals, but he goes to double check with the recruiter.  Back and forth he goes to said recruiter a couple of times who doesn’t come to see me, just relays messages.  He says I’m definitely out.  Meanwhile I’m googling on my phone and hit the Red Cross page that says AB is the universal donor, but whatever I’m not going to be an asshole and argue it.  Maybe randomly this tiny island nation of my birth knows something everyone else doesn’t.  So nurse says that he is going to find out why it is and later nurse tells me that in fact, AB isn’t anything other than the universal recipient and she would know (referring to the woman who was asked).  It was so fucking condescending I nearly lost it.  I had been nothing but friendly and polite.

    I am so pissed.  I came home and between the American Red Cross, Canadian Blood Services, and NHS in Britain there is nothing about A and O (O being of course the universal whole blood donor) and in fact .  It’s not that I expected the red carpet, but you have someone who is female, never been pregnant (this is a recipient issue – though, NZ is years behind and is just bringing in that exclusion now), doesn’t carry CMV and is willing to come in and donate every two weeks like clockwork.  4% of the kiwi population donates and between not been spoken to by the donor recruiter and been condescended by the nurses I am so annoyed.  It makes me not want to donate blood at all here – yes, I realize that would then punish those who need it most so I’ll go back, but WTF.

    So, with all of that, does anyone know, maybe NZ is cutting edge and it really is only A and O blood types who should be donating?  I noticed the Australian one has a preference for A and O blood types, but doesn’t restrict.

    1. I’m no expert, and I googled it. I had heard AB was the universal receiver and O was the universal donor. I had no idea that was only for red blood cells! All the things I see confirm that you are correct and that AB is, indeed, the universal donor for plasma (I didn’t look for platelets).

      So…that’s really stupid that they acted that way. Maybe they were just looking for red blood cells and didn’t care to make that clear?

    2. Hmm. I’ve tried to donate platelets and been told there’s no chance as my veins are too small for the needles, or something (I’m A+ and donate blood with no real issues).

      In Ireland they say they don’t accept platelets from AB donors – no explanation given as to why (they also exclude women who have ever been pregnant). O- is the universal blood donor, and AB+ the universal receiver (the rhesus groups are important); and AB+ people can only give to other AB+ people and O- people can only receive O- blood. I’ll ask around about platelets – I’m not a haemotologist, but I know some, there has to be a better explanation than what you were given!

      1. Thanks, please ask.  I can see differences in places and how it’s done, but to go from one place (well two, the US and Canada) to come to somewhere where you’re excluded completely seems crazy to me.  It’s why I’m kind of wondering if they know something everywhere else doesn’t?  Australia states a preference for A and O, but no exclusion.  The Irish exclusion is interesting, because the NHS doesn’t exclude at all.  That said, NHS is ahead of North America in that instead of just excluding women who have been pregnant they run a blood test first.  I think that’s pretty great.

        I understand about whole blood and donor vs. recipient, I’m curious specifically about platelets and how it could be so different – I dunno, I’m a layperson, but I didn’t think blood differed!


        1. I would guess the Australian preference for A and O is just that they’re the most common of the ABO types – but can’t find an explanation for excluding ABs! I’ll ask and see if I can let you know tomorrow.

        2. My haemotologist friend thinks it might have something to do with different processes of removing the platelets and plasma – in the US it sounds like they can remove the plasma separately? Whereas here (Ireland) and maybe NZ as well they take both plasma and platelets together. She didn’t really know though.

    3. Hello, fellow AB+! We’re a fine 3% of the world’s population, aren’t we? I keep getting calls from the blood bank about plasma donation, and I want to do it, but honestly, even giving blood (I’ve only done it once!) was a big scary deal for me.

      1. Do it up!  You feel so good afterwards in terms of knowing that you have genuinely helped save lives.  I haven’t ever donated plasma , but I actually prefer platelet donations to whole blood.  When you donate things like plasma and platelets I think they are so happy to see you and so thankful it really is nice.  On top of that, for platelets at least, you don’t get that stupid finger prick, which I always hated the most!  Platelets takes a long time – usually start to finish for me is around 2 hours and physically it’s more uncomfortable, but you get used to it.  I listen to my ipod and read.

        It’s funny you mention the 3% thing.  When I’m being funny, obnoxious and not getting my own way I like to remind those close to me that not only am I AB+ (3%), but I’m also a natural redhead (2%) and am left handed (10%).  Obviously, this means I am a very special snowflake and should always get my own way!

        1. I wish I could stand the idea of giving blood. Part of the issue is I have low blood pressure, but I’m also terrified of all the equipment involved. Hell, I can’t even stand giving enough for a blood test, let alone giving blood! I freak out and get woozy. :(

            1. That’s awesome! I’m glad they did.

              I think I got traumatized at a young age at the very thought of giving blood, because I watched the Bill Nye the Science Guy episode in which he gave blood. He was trying to demistify it so it WASN’T scary…but the fact that they were rubbing weird-colored things on his skin and then sticking a huge-ass tube into his arm freaked me out HARD.

              But the low blood pressure thing doesn’t help, either.

              1. I have VERY low blood pressure normally, but I was so nervous that my pulse was racing and they almost couldn’t do the donation! They checked in with me a million times, and had me lie down for a long time and helped me get to sitting and all that.

              2. I have that, as well, it usually just means it takes me a little longer than average to fill the bag. I also have to make sure I’m super well-hydrated before I go in, which sometimes means my iron count is too low… but meh. Apart from the very first time I donated, when I got up too quickly, I haven’t had any problems with light-headedness.

            2. I like donating blood but After the first time, I kept getting told my iron count was too low (new uterus time freeze/fewer periods thing should help this) and THEN I was told that because I had a red cross card but lost it, I wasn’t able to donate! I’d have to ORDER A WHOLE NEW CARD before they’d even consider it.

              Boo hiss, silly computer systems.

    4. Well first of all, thanks for being so awesome.  I’ve worked with both cancer patients and neonates and they go thru platelets like crazy.  But that is so weird about not letting you donate.  We always use AB+ or AB- for platelets…. AND you’re CMV negative so you’re extra special.  I’m really really really curious why NZ doesn’t use AB for platelet and plasma donations

      The only logical reason I can think of is that different populations around the world have different distributions of blood types.  So perhaps the demand for certain types of blood is different in NZ.  But I don’t see how this matters because the reason AB plasma is the universal donor is due to the lack of antibodies (while AB RBC’s have both A and B antigens) that would react to A and B antigens in whole blood.   It is not crucial to cross match platelets but they are given suspended in plasma…so I’m sure that it why platelets from AB blood is considered a ‘universal donor’ because the plasma would be from the individual that donated them.

      Edit:  I just found this on the American Red Cross Site.  It’s doesn’t given a reason why, but it says A, B, and AB are all universal platelet donors.   I know platelets (and WBC’s) aren’t usually crossed matched unless there are significant amount of red blood cells in the unit.  The antigens on platelets normally don’t cause problems, but in some immunological disorders and cancers they can.  I know some of my cancer patients needed HLA negative platelets, but I don’t think this is a blood type issue…it’s more like a CMV negative issue.


  6. I just had my first failing student ask for extra credit!

    Apparently it involves medical issues and such…I’m really sympathetic to the request and would like to give her stuff to do…I just need to figure out what I can give her.

    I also need to find out if there’s any appropriate campus resources I can direct her to if she wants their help. I don’t want to overstep my bounds by throwing out suggestions (especially when I don’t know the situation!)…so there has to be SOMEWHERE I can suggest to her!

      1. Yeah, I’ll probably bring it up. I’m wondering if she’ll end up doing a medical withdrawal.

        I’m actually really glad she contacted me, because she was that one student who does the assignments, but only does them half-way. This shows me that she gives a shit, and therefore I’m willing to help. :)

        1. Yeah, all the publiclly funded universities are required to have an office of disability services, BUT they usually require that she get medical documentation from a doctor explicitly stating her needs are xyz. It’s a huge pain in the ass. There’s a reason why a lot of PWDs and people with chronic illnesses in particular end up dropping out. The system to get supports needs a system of supports to get trough itself!

  7. Ladies and gentlemen! I just got my sister and her boyfriend to watch all of Game of Thrones this weekend. And they loved it. Yeah.

    Favourite non-sequitur GoT quote (non-spoilery):

    Do you lie awake at night fearing my gash?

  8. So I went and saw 21 Jump Street last night. And guys, it’s freakin hilarious. I laughed so hard. You know what? Channing Tatum is funny. Like seriously funny. I was all kinds of impressed with his comedic timing. It’s kinda got a Superbad quality to and is very tongue and cheek. Anyone else go see it? My favourite quote:


  9. I need some online entertainment advice. I currently have Netflix streaming only and the past few weeks/months, the selection has been less than stellar. I usually use it to watch TV series and documentaries, with the occasional theatrical release thrown in. I also have Amazon Prime which includes a large variety of streaming TV shows/movies and have been using Hulu to catch up on current shows like New Girl and Parks and Rec.

    I’m contemplating getting rid of Netflix and adding Hulu Plus. Has anyone done this and what did you think? The only show that I enjoy that isn’t on either Prime or Hulu (past seasons, that is) is Supernatural. Everything else seems to be pretty much the same. Opinions about my obviously very serious and life threatening dilemma??

  10. Argh. ARGH.

    So my harddrive/RAM/somethingcomputery was all, “Yo. YO. I know I’m only eight months old, but I think it’s time that I retire. EXPLOSION!” And now I’m stuck on my boyfriend’s laptop while mine is in for repairs. As I’m sure you know, using someone else’s computer (even though this is technically the same model, but an older version of it) is the most annoying thing in the entire world. The keyboard feels weird beneath  my fingers, I have none of my research or files here… All I gotta say is thank goodness Chrome stores all my preferences/bookmarks/othercomputerystuff so I at least feel somewhat at home.

    This is what is happening the world of Corina. Now I must attempt to get some writing done… Without any of my previous writing/research on hand. Fun, fun!

  11. I’ve been cheering myself up by looking at all the pretties on pinterest that the “goth” or “gothic” searches bring up. Then I was reminded that oh hai, This girl? Took her senior photos in a grave yard. I thought I’d share, so you can either lol at me or get nostalgia about being a gothling. <3

    Savannah, a large pale girl in a gothy outfit and a sword, leans against a tombstone at the golden hour
    pale gothy girl kneels in graveyard. Balck and white.
    sepia. girl in gothy outfit lounges in graveyard

    My mum is the photographer BTW.

    Also, the following is the one that went in my senior year book:

    gothy HS savannah leaning on a grave stone.

    I had no fear of people getting bitchy about my gothiness that year. It was glorious.

    1. These are awesome.  My senior pics were quite lame – you know the standard awkward poses involving trees, swings, and a chain linked fence.  Oh and my mom only ordered the ones of me smiling because “i just don’t look as good when I’m not smiling.’

      Thanks mom.

  12. I very much disapprove of Rick Santorum being called a garbage monster. He does not deserve a label so close to Oscar the Grouch! Oscar is a better muppet than you’ll ever be, Mr. Santorum!

    And now I have Am I Man or a Muppet? running through my head.

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