This Weekend Open Thread is Marching in Like a Lion

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Here we are at another Friday night open thread, I hope you’re all feeling chatty!

We’re not doing a super points party this weekend, because last weekend got weird. Two gentle reminders:

1. The points are supposed to be silly and fun. The number of points anyone has is no indication of how important or valuable they are; we’re all in this together. Everyone, from the copy editors who toil through the night to make sure we don’t make subject-verb agreement errors or use a hyphen (-) where we need an em-dash (–), to the lurker who’s never even made an account, to writer who only has one article under her or his belt, is a part of the Persephone machine we can’t do without. To encourage moar fun and less fight, I took down the points leaderboard, so now we’re all only competing with ourselves.

2. Having fun with the points is absolutely the point (heh), but don’t exploit the system. Folks caught gaming the points the first time will get a friendly warning by PM. Getting caught twice means removal from the points system and placed in the rank “We can’t have nice things” until such a time as the Evil Unicorn Overlord (me) decides it’s been long enough.

Please continue to have fun with the points, donate to each other for being awesome and keep up all the awesome community things you’ve been doing with these two tidbits in mind.

On to something completely different, and awesome.

A Persephehusband and his wife, @SaraB, are celebrating their 10-year anniversary this month. Mr. B (we know him as Teddy Bear Glittercannon) bought an ad that’s going to run in each of our open threads for a month.

Happy anniversary, you crazy kids.

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[E] Selena MacIntosh*This Weekend Open Thread is Marching in Like a Lion

359 Comments on “This Weekend Open Thread is Marching in Like a Lion”

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  1. Profile photo of Alex

    Just made a stack of peanut butter and chocolate spread sandwiches, cut into quarters. This will accompany a Gilmore Girls marathon.

    Life is good. =)

    Also this is awesome;

  2. Profile photo of Nicolette B
    Nicolette B

    I’m very much suspecting that I have a gluten intolerance. When I’m eating a mostly fruits and veggies diet, like I was doing consistently last summer/fall, I felt awesome. Add in breads oatmeal, cereal, baked goods, etc and I feel like straight up poopy. *sigh* I’m already lactose intolerant and rarely eat meat so I’m thinking I’m pretty much going to be eating a vegan gluten free diet from now on. I was vegan or vegetarian for 5 years in high school/beginning of college so I’m used to it but….*sniff* so much fucking food has gluten in it!

    On a related note, I’ve developed three different allergies in the past 10 years (cats [which I tamed–ha!], lactose, now gluten). WTF body!?


    1. Profile photo of Courtney

      How did you tame your cat allergy? Suuuuper curious about that. I want a kitty.

      Sorry about the possible gluten problem! That’s unfortunate! I’ve just recently figured out that I developed an allergy to lactose, and it’s been kind of hard to make the changes. I hope you don’t have too difficult of a time switching up your diet!

      1. Profile photo of Nicolette B
        Nicolette B

        I basically just immersed myself in cats. I was volunteering at an animal shelter and fostering kittens so I was constantly surrounded by them. At first it was awful and I would have terrible allergic reactions (itchy throat, red watery itchy eyes, itchy skin, if a cat scratched me or dug a claw into me–as kittens are wont to do–the surrounding skin would swell and get blotchy). Very quickly though my system got used to the allergen and after a few weeks of constant exposure, I didn’t have any symptoms. I’m a dog walker/cat sitter so occasionally I’ll have a reaction to a new cat client but it’s always very mild.

        I wouldn’t recommend doing what I did if your allergy is severe. Mine was just moderate enough that I turned out fine but if you have a major reaction to cats, like throat swelling/closing severe, I’d go to an allergist first and talk to them. An old roommate of mine had a boyfriend who was allergic and he ended up getting a series of shots that helped him overcome it.

        It’s doable though! Kittehs are the best.

        1. Profile photo of Courtney

          Thanks! I may try that, actually. My allergy isn’t super severe. Itchy eyes, runny nose, asthma acting up, but it’s livable, so if I could get it to go away just by exposure, that would be awesome. I’ve wanted a cat my entire life. Perhaps I shall try volunteering at an animal shelter. :)

          I’m glad your allergy went away! Cats really are spectacular.

    2. Profile photo of amandamarieg

      I am totally with you!  And I keep trying to de-glutinify my diet, but gluten is a sneaky, sneaky S.O.B.  Also, I had a bunch of company this weekend who wanted to go out on the town and I had no idea what to eat so I just said fuck it.  Today, I am paying for it.  So, so much.

      As for no meat, no gluten, I don’t know HOW you’re going to manage that.  On Friday, I was just dying because of the whole Lent thing, and a girl can only eat so many eggs.

  3. Profile photo of Cesy

    I have Mr. Cesy home now, his band didn’t do well at the champs but that’s ok. So we’re watching some nature documentary and I have a casserole in the oven.

  4. Profile photo of Lauren

    Sporting KC won tonight, 1-0 over DC United.  I have cookies and wine.  I am reading a new, fascinating book.  I am a happy bunny.  :)

    I am also a sore bunny….as I expected, that bowling last night has wreaked havoc on my muscles.

    Pervious asking hasn’t led to any response about soccer fandom, so, Persephoneers, what sports, if any, do you follow?  What teams do you support?  Do you play any sports?

    1. Profile photo of Courtney

      I vaguely follow baseball, and I’m a Red Sox fan. And I also vaguely follow basketball, but only because the Thunder are now here, and they turned out to be awesome. (And really sexy.)

      I play soccer currently, but I played volleyball in high school (and coached for a year after), and I played softball for six years before that. I occasionally still play volleyball with people around the city, and I think I’m going to play intramural softball this semester. I’m excited! :)

    1. Profile photo of fifthpevensie

      poor, poor T Rex.

      ha, my friend’s 3-year-old loves dinosaurs and his favourite is the t-rex. if you ask him, “Pip, what’s another name for the t-rex?” he growls and goes “TYRANT LIZARD KING!”

      1. Profile photo of mcstabbypants

        The T Rex has been my daughter’s spirit animal since she was about 2 and a half. She’s starting to move on from dinosaurs to dragons now and it is actually breaking my heart just a little bit.

  5. Profile photo of Lilydancing

    Also, let’s start a furry friends thread!

    Introducing… Ms. Olivia AKA Miz Fluffy Pants AKA Livie.

    Show me pictures of your loving companions!

    Gah! Giant picture… I don’t know what I’m doing with this editor.

    1. Profile photo of Lis

      So a bunch of people had been posting this on FB, but it only showed up in my feed at times when I couldn’t watch it. Finally watched this.

      NGL, I cried. Not 100% sure why, but… it was moving.

  6. Profile photo of LittleOrangeElephant

    Today is awesome. I got a new pair of shoes, a jacket and a hoodie. I’m almost completely outfitted in new clothes now. The other day I realized my pants were worn out with buttons falling off, my shoes soles were separating, my bras NEVER stayed up and I was DONE. So I went on an online shopping spree and a couple targeted in-store visits for pants and shoes (I loathe shopping aimlessly). All I have left to get is undergarments and my new me is COMPLETE. TODAY IS GOOD! Oh yeah and CANCER ALMOST GONE STILL YES OH YES! I love this weekend. And this week brings new Community (I might have mentioned that before I swear I’m not spamming I JUST LOVE COMMUNITY!)

      1. Profile photo of LittleOrangeElephant

        I’m glad I’m not annoying people! I was trying to figure out with my dad if I have time between now and Thursday to watch all 59 episodes of Community. I’ve watched four now. They’re 20 mins. I CAN DO IT! WHILE WEARING NEW SHOES! (He is dubious – obviously he doesn’t know me very well.)

        BTW that gif is amazing! I love it!

  7. Profile photo of Alex

    I keep swearing in front of a 13 year-old in my alliance chat on Guild Wars. We’re a really inclusive guild so we try to have a nice language policy, but the late-nighters (me and most of the Europeans) all swear as a matter of course because the American kids aren’t on – BUT THEY WON’T GO TO SLEEP.

    I keep going bastard and then editing it as “mongoose”. Since when can’t 13 year-olds read swearing. I read swearing whwpfhwfahfi ragh in my day etc.

    1. Profile photo of Silverwane

      It’s okay, by the time I was 13 I was developing a nice potty-mouth. At least, online, cause if I had dared to swear in front of my parents, shit would have gone down.

      I don’t think reading a few swears is going to kill hir, no matter what those other folks say!

  8. Profile photo of Ren

    Tried to act like an adult and talked to that friend who I feel has been sort of ignoring me. (`・ω・´)

    Maybe I should just take a hint, but I’d prefer some sort of closure to everlasting silent treatment. Stupid internet friendships. OTL

    1. Profile photo of Jessica

      I admit I’ve been on the other end of this recently – I have a friend from college that I thought I had simply drifted away from, maybe with the occasional five line IM about how busy we both were. I honestly know close to nothing about her at this point, and the rare in-person conversations basically ended up with me talking the whole time. She’s considering moving out here for school, and thought we could restart stuff from how things were five years ago. I’m not able to do that because I’m not that person any more.

      I told her I expected we’d need to start from scratch, and she sent an email that was more aggressive than anything else. I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with it, and I’m stuck. I mean, I don’t like screwing over anybody, but my roommate has tried to clear things up with her only to not make any progress. </threadjack>

      That totally doesn’t excuse things if they can be mended/closed easily, and I really hope you can get the closure or clarification you’re after.

  9. Profile photo of Sharpest Shark
    Sharpest Shark

    Every time I shave my legs for the first time in a month, I get out of the shower feeling 3lbs lighter.

    In other news, I love this new Looney Tunes Show. I never even used to like Looney Tunes, but I like this one. Also, my kitten has a new obsession with shadows and spends most of the time flinging himself at the walls.

    1. Profile photo of LittleOrangeElephant

      Not gonna lie – I’ve clogged the drain doing that bi-yearly. And by twice a year I mean in July and August. It does feel nice until they get stubbly again.

      New kitten?? Are there pictures of this? I don’t think the universe allows people to get new kittens WITHOUT taking a picture. Kittens should come with little floating video cameras a la Stargate Universe to record all the cuteness.

  10. Profile photo of Mini

    Went to see The Goonies at our local theater this morning. Any time Sloth came on the screen, my two year old cousin waved his arms and went “No, no, no, no, no.”  He then found a couple of dead bugs on a windowsill, declared that they were sleeping and shushed me while he stared at them.

    1. Profile photo of Cesy

      Two year olds are hilarious. The one in my life is obsessed with his uncle who is a fire fighter. Every thing is FIRE, TRUCK, STATION, FIRE, TRUCK. Then he loves something and 30 seconds later hates it.

  11. Profile photo of [E] Hillary
    [E] Hillary

    If any of y’all are near Newburgh, New York, I highly recommend the Spring Lawn and Garden Show at Adams Fairacre Farms. They have a ton of food samples from local companies and the flowers are really pretty. I ate SO MUCH free food today!

    Plus, I drove on the highway for the first time and survived. Even though when I had to merge onto it there was an enormous trailer with a pile of cars behind it and I wanted to freak out because I didn’t think I could get in.

  12. Profile photo of Messalina the Misunderstood
    Messalina the Misunderstood

    FINALLY have a working computer and I can finally do all the work I haven’t been able to do and need to do and all I want to do is drink gin and tonics, watch america’s next top model and cry about how I can’t sort my life out.  Is that bad??


  13. Profile photo of Cesy

    Good morning Persephoneers! I am sitting at home, trying to fight the urge to go to the farmer’s market. I love it so much, but I spend too much money. Instead I will write my piece for next week.

    I just had a lovely Milo for breakfast with my scrambled eggs, now my insides feels all lovely and warm, it’s so nice.

      1. Profile photo of Cesy

        Right on the money there. Except Mr. Cesy left it in the bag, unsealed so it became as hard as a rock. Early morning exercise banging it on the bench to try and loosen it up.

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