This Weekend OT is Going to be Super!

It is the weekend before Super Tuesday, and you know what that means! Lots of news articles about how women can’t be trusted to make decisions about their own bodies, candidates proclaiming that we should all be living according to the Christian God’s Planâ„¢, and really, really, really rich people explaining that they really, really, really get what it means to be struggling to make ends meet. Just in case you want a preview of the bullshit to come, here’s something:

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This weekend OT is open for all threads, so get cracking in the comments. If you have trouble thinking of something to say, how about this: Super Tuesday? Maybe for some. Tell me about a time when something really awesome was supposed to happen, only to have it turn around and be supremely disappointed. My example: Orgasmic birth. Riiiiiiiight.

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    1. This was definitely cool!

      I know I’m not terrified of spiders because I had a bad spider experience; rather, I happened to watch one of those overly-dramatic documentaries on National Geographic that are MEANT to scare you when I was waiting in the hospital because my grandmother was very very sick. This was also right after 9/11.

      Things I also ended up scared of because of that documentary:

      Flies, any insect-like creature that sucks blood (mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, etc.), and cockroaches.

      Fuck National Geographic.

    2. That app thing sounds very similar to what therapists do (not that I’ve ever been or done that, but based on a class in college we went over them). It’s called Desensitization or something like that. While it might be a good idea as an app, I don’t like seeing it as an app because some people can have very strong reactions to phobias. I feel like it’s better to only do that after talking to psychologist. (I might be using the wrong term. I forget if it’s a psychologist or psychiatrist).

      Most phobias are actually adaptive when viewed in an evolution manner. For instance, the fear of heights, closed spaces, open spaces, spiders, and snakes. Even the woman in the article who has a phobia of honeycomb shapes…well, in the past, you wanted to stay away from bees.  There are many ways to separate the phobia and the reaction, and desensitization in only one, that relies on classical conditioning. I don’t know others, I’m not a student of that, but other general behavior therapies, such as Acceptance and Commitment Training and Therapy (ACT), which is basically what it sounds like, could also work. That one basically has the person work on accepting it, and knowing that it will happen, work on functioning normally. I think. I only read a paper about ACT a few days ago.

      Anyways, sorry to hijack all that! It’s an interesting article, and the article was well-written. I just don’t like the idea of the app.

  1. I haaaate reading massive summaries of people’s philosophical ideas over the years. I bet my professor only assigned this because she was behind and had to give us an assignment.

    The reason why I think this? We’d gotten all our previous assignments right after class, and she didn’t send us stuff until Thursday (after I had asked!). She told me she was behind. And previously, we’d only read articles making an argument. Not random powerpoints and links from the online Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

    It wouldn’t bother me, except we have to write a 2-page assignment every week that is a summary of or an objection to what we read. And if this is all I have to write about…

  2. FUN-TIME GROUP ACTIVITY ANNOUNCEMENT (Very little actual group work!)

    Today I will be leading a game of round-robin story writing via the private messaging system.

    Send me a private message* if you want to play. I will respond to you in the order I receive your messages -  it is likely we’ll loop around the list a few times (well, no guarantees).

    When it’s your turn, I will send you the end of the portion of writing yours is to follow, along with any necessary context. You will write the next part of the story – up to 150 words – and send it back to me.

    Try to respond in a timely-ish manner (i.e., don’t sign up if you’re going to be out all day). Feel free to introduce any new elements you would like. If you have any questions about the process, ask me here. Otherwise, keep all of your story stuff in the private messages. It is top secret.

    The game will end tonight, approximately when I am very tired. I will make an announcement.

    I will do any necessary formatting and (light) editing before posting the finished story on Monday or Tuesday evening.

    The first person to send me a message will get my opener. So it begins.

    *Click on my name; there is a button that says Private Message at the top of the page.
    (Subject: “Story Time” / Message: “Hi” is all you need.)

    ETA: Really, it’s not a major time commitment – a few sentences here and there, when you happen to be by your computer. One-time contributors are also welcome. Just let me know.

    1. I won’t have time to participate, but this kind of thing is fun.  I do something similar with my students.  I give each a sheet of paper with a sentence or two on it.  They write the next sentence and then fold the paper over the first one and pass it on, so that the next person can only see the sentence the last student wrote.  They keep going around until we run out of time or room on the paper.  Sadly, this usually ends up being an exercise in how to write a complete sentence, which apparently high school students still don’t understand.  Like a crochety old person, I blame the internetz.

      I am looking forward to the story y’all come up with.

            1. I love you for taking this seriously. WE’RE GOING TO HAVE FAMILY FRIENDLY FUN, DAMN IT.

              DON’T MAKE ME BREAK OUT THE GAME OF LIFE (sorry but it is the best game ever. Me and my granny play it whenever I go round, because we LOVE IT UNASHAMEDLY. I’m going to repeat it; me and my granny playing shameless Life. Yeah. You’re jeaous.)

  3. Boy finally made it to Taipei. His flight out of Chicago was delayed due to the weather yesterday. When I dropped him off at the airport yesterday, I got the ugly cries. Why can’t I be one of those people that can just shed a few graceful tears? Instead I completely lost it, complete with my nose running all over his coat. I couldn’t help it, I’m just going to miss him so much. Things have been going so well between us and this will be the longest we’ve apart (we’ve been dating appx 2.5 years). He gets back the 17th, if he’s not delayed, but it will probably be a few days after that before I get a chance to see him. I know in the grand scheme of things, this isn’t a huge thing, but right now I’m just sad and missing him and having a little pity party for myself. Thankfully I have new Dr. Who to keep me company, while wearing one of his old frat shirts and smelling it obsessively. It’s probably a good thing no one can see me right now.

      1. Thanks! I’ll be fine once my week gets going and I have things to occupy my mind and time other than “aww, Illinois is playing.  If bear (my name for him) were home, we’d be watching this together.” And we are planning a couple of Skype dates, which we’ve never done before, so that might be exciting!

  4. So it’s my birthday tomorrow, and I think BF’s family is going to throw a party for me today. I keep wanting to shrink away from the attention. I don’t know why! I like birthdays, and I like family parties, so why am I recoiling from the idea of a party based on me?

    It’s the based on me part, isn’t it.


      I’m the same. Surprise parties make me think someone’s going to show up and go “ALEX. FIVE YEARS AGO YOU DIDN’T GIVE ME MONEY ON THE PAVEMENT OUTSIDE CROMWELL’S HOUSE MUSEUM IN ELY. I WAS JESUS. NOW YOU PAY WITH FIRE.”

      I just like to plan things myself, is all.

      1. Thanks! :)

        Oh god surprise parties. Nothing makes me want to run and hide faster than a big surprise party.

        Maybe if it was just a couple people going “surprise! Come out to dinner with us!” it would be cool. But it’s NEVER just a couple people going “surprise!”

        1. Also what happens if they pick Nando’s? I hate Nando’s. A Nando’s replaced the Dome Cafe in Cambridge which was the best Cafe in the whole damn world. I used to play chess with their waiters after school and I knew all of their names and they used to give me free chips. =x Nando’s doesn’t give me free chips. Fuck Nando’s.

          Quote of my lifetime from my mum: “THEY REPLACED THE DOME WITH A PORTUGUESE CHICKEN SHOP?”

          1. I don’t know if there’s any Nando’s in the States. Or at least not the Midwest USA!

            But that just sucks. Chain businesses taking over your favorite local places is the worst.

            There’s a joke about the particular area of St. Louis I live in. For one, there are a FUCKTON of  churches. A while ago, they built a shitton of Walgreens within a few mile/kilometer radius (I’m so very precise!) of each other. I think it was to put the variety of local pharmacies out of business. But then once those small local ones closed, the Walgreens stayed.

            So, we love to joke about how there’s a Walgreens on every block, right next to all the churches!

            Oh, and in case you’re wondering, there are 3 shittons in every fuckton. Conversion is fun.

            1. Cambridge was recently found to be the most generic city centre in the country. We have like 22,000 students from over 150 countries, so the chains barely cover everything that would actually get people buying shit. We do have loads of specialty shops, bookstores and heritage stuff but it’s all out of the city centre.

              That said, having a Borders, a Waterstones, a Heffers, a University bookshop, two Oxfam bookshops and a specialty religious bookstore within a mile radius is not bad at all. And we have Millie’s Cookies. Which are sex.

              We also have five subways’s, four costa coffees and at least two starbucks. This is what happens when everybody in your city is only there two-thirds of the year.

              1. Hah! That’s awesome.

                When I was in England, I was staying in Cambridge, and I was taking “classes.” (It was supposed to be a high school summer program, but I don’t know if the classes were hard enough to be a legitimate reflection on university there) I remember some of that stuff!

                If I remember correctly, I was staying at Downing College, but my classes were at Queens College. It was a very pretty 20 minute walk. On which I occasionally got lost. Especially the time I tried to re-find Borders without realizing it was actually a very easy route…

                I don’t remember Millie’s Cookies being pointed out to me. Now I am a little sad!

                1. A Cambridge without Millie’s Cookies is barely Cambridge at all! You can get 24 large cookies for £6 (but they’re properly large), and they are just nnnf. If you’re ever planning to be in this neck of the woods, try them. Seriously.

                  1. Is Millie’s Cookies a Cambridge thing or is it the same as the chain that’s in the train stations? ‘Cause there’s a Millie’s Cookies at Edinburgh train station which I’ve never been to, and if I’ve been missing out on nummy cookies for all these years I’m going to be really pissed off with myself!!

      1. Thanks! And I’m with you; I don’t know why I’m wanting to hide from the attention! I like family parties. Maybe I’m just still getting used to the idea of “this is my family and they want to do things for me even though they don’t have to.”

      1. This was what I planned to do when I ordered curry last night. I had planned to eat it for three days, but it turned out to be super delicious so I ate it last night and today for breakfast and lunch. I’m seriously considering ordering it again because it was soooo tasty but I’d feel a little weird about that!

              1. Oh, it’s so good! It’s a cheese but it has more of a halloumi or tofu texture – not a soft cheese at all. It’s often translated as ‘cottage cheese’ because of the way it’s made but it’s not at all like that. It’s also doesn’t have a strong cheesy taste.

                All that said, though, I would definitely recommend trying it somewhere that you know is a good restaurant. One of my friends claims she ordered Sag Paneer once and it came out as a spinach curry with cheddar cheese grated on the top. This should not happen. 

  5. So, I am a pretty sensitive person. I accept. I own it. And, my family knows all about it. I finished knitting a hat the other night and posted pictures on facebook. I was really proud for finishing my second hat and so when I took pictures I was focused on making the hat look good and not me. I am not smiling in any of them because that is not my default pose. My sister posts on my fb “Could you look anymore hipster/emo?” I made a joke about how yes I could, but it really has been bothering me that she can never say anything good about me. Rather than focusing on the fact that I made something she has to say something snotty about me. She does it all the time and I am really over it. But, if I say anything to her about it the whole conversation will end up being about how I am a big baby, and it was a joke, and get over it, geez. I just think I am going to not talk to her for awhile.

    Also, kind of over this whole hipster thing. I have always loved wearing vintage and vintage inspired outfits. I have always loved looking like a nerd. I didn’t start knitting because I thought it would make me a unique snowflake, it was because I had a socialist feminist inspired guilt fest for buying clothes and other things that if one took the time to learn one could make it themselves, or buy second hand. I like stupid things sincerely, not ironicly. And because of hipsters I get shit for being a hipster when I am just doing what I have always done–being Molasses The Easy Going Smile Factor self that I am.

    And those were my stupid, pointless rants for a Sunday morning.

    1. I’m a hipster because I like The Long Blondes, apparently. But I mean…I like them. If they got famous I’d still like them. I’m pretty sure most people don’t really know what hipster is supposed to mean. It just means “GUY IN HAT AND GLASSES WITH BEARD”. Silly silly.

      I have a lot of metal friends and whenever they get called emo they flip tables. It’s all very silly. Your sister is being a silly billy.

      I find calling people silly makes things a lot easier to deal with. Because they are all dreadfully silly.

    2. Even if your hat would be a fugly mess of knots and stray ends, it would be cool because you made it all by yourself. But you’re a Persephonee, so I’m sure it’s great. Ignore the haters, to use Tumblr language (is that still hipster? I’m always so behind).

    3. My sister sometimes calls me ‘overly quirky’. Actually, she only said it once, but it echoes in my head a lot when I look down and I’m wearing any combination of a graphic tee + plaid button down/cardigan of some sort. I have very short hair, not-very-hipster glasses and work at a bookstore, so I feel like it’s not a stretch, but damn, that one remark has stuck.

      I bet your hat looks lovely. I’m trying to progress with my knitting skillz and have not yet attempted a hat!

  6. I’ve been trying better sleep techniques and one of them was to play like nature sounds when I went to bed.

    I put on “tropical storm sounds” and had a fucking terrifying nightmare about the end of the world via tsunami.

    I knew I should’ve gone for the fucking sitar music, why do I never go for the fucking sitar music?

    PS: I also woke up needing to pee.

    1. I love to think about how different characters played by the same actor could be the same person. Some are easy (like Angel becoming human, joining the FBI with his private detective experience and becoming Booth from Bones) but others are tougher – how did Edward Scissorhands become Jack Sparrow, for example? It’s a mystery for our time.

        1. It’s especially fun when drunk with friends! Of course, I can’t think of any examples because I was drunkface, but trust me on this one. Because the other explanation is that we were so drunk we just thought we were funny, and that’s too disturbing an idea to be true!

  7. Sooo, I saw an endocrinologist about my “malfunctioning thyroid” on Friday, and got told it does indeed look underactive based on the first test. (The normal TSH range is supposed to be between 0,4 and 4, and mine was 8,2.) To establish that this wasn’t some temporary glitch, I got recommended an iodine supplement and am getting tested again in April + an ultrasound checkup. However, since I’m one of the people who constantly takes multivitamins just in case, I am actually already getting 100% of daily recommended dose of iodine, so I don’t expect the readings to be much different in April.

    Kind of looking forward to getting on meds, just to see if it makes a difference in how I feel. And also because the possible consequences of untreated hypothyroidism sound nasty. For all I know, this may have been going on for up to 10 years already as it is.

      1. Thanks, I do too! Although it feels faintly ridiculous to think there’s some pill out there that could potentially make me happier, more productive and maybe even thinner, all that while being perfectly legal and not bad for me in the long run. This kind of stuff just does not happen.

  8. There’s a new Kon Tiki movie coming out this fall in Norway.  I CAN NOT wait!  Uggh…  (Adventure?  Sexy men?  Sexy half-naked men?  Plus proud Norwegian history, so the Mr will be just as eager to go see the film as I am, so I don’t have to come up with other motives?  Yeessss…)

    I hope they release in the States, at this point I have no idea how much of the film will be in Norwegian, as Heyerdahl sailed with quite a few non-Norwegians on the Kon-Tiki expedition.  Obviously, a good chunk paa norsk, but we can all survive some subtitles? Right?


  9. Evening! I got bored of vaccuming my kitchen so went and saw my cousins. I played with cute children, then ate cheese and crackers and dessert. No one got dinner. It was fantastic. I now have to get a vast amount of drool off my cardy from the 5 month old.

  10. I’ve had such a productive Saturday! I started my day at the crack of 11am, surfed the craigslist free section, went and picked up an old tin pot and some old lumber, built a mother fucking shelf and planted some plants in the tin pot! It helped that it was a gorgeous day (70 degrees!) and I was motivated to fix up my balcony/garden.

    Tonight I did my laundry (so productive) at the neighborhood laundromat which provides far better people watching/entertainment than going out to the bars, so I’m feeling pretty good.

    How is everyone else doing tonight?


  11. I actually had a pretty good day for once. Hectic. Terribly hectic. But I got to visit with two of my very favorite dogs today. One is a tiny Pomeranian with the cutest little yip. The other is a Great Pyrenees who is just awesome. I really wish he was my dog. (His owner joked that we shared him.)

  12. I had such productive plans for my first three day weekend in about a year. I was going to clean and write and work out and eat healthy and be generally awesome.

    But what happened? I went out last night with some old coworkers, ate fried food, and got wasted. Like 5 vodka tonics in two hours wasted. And then spent all of today in bed trying not to throw up. *sigh* I never get anything done that I want to get done…



  13. I was told by two different people on friday that we were all going to go out tonight. They were just like “Oh, and we’re going out, you’re coming with us.” So, I got rather excited – I don’t go out often.

    Within the span of 5 hours, they have both changed their minds. God Damn It! Pick One and Stick With It. Out or In. Out or In. I am not a fuckin tiny dog to cart around.

    Gah. So, looks like I’ll be staying in again tonight. Boo. Boo-rns.

      1. Right. There’s no commitment.

        My parents do this ALL THE TIME. I would appreciate it if my friends didn’t do it also. Just, if you think you can’t do it – don’t make plans. These decisions actually affect other people.

        Other people who are becoming very shut-in.

        1. One of the easiest ways to piss me off/become an acquaintance rather than a friend is to flake on me or cancel. I have only ONE friend that I will put up with it for, and that’s because I know her life is so hectic and there are people who are dependent on her that I have learned to be understanding.

          Everyone else only gets a pass if they are sick. Otherwise it’s ‘Why did you bother to make plans at all then, if you’re not going to keep them?’ Or at least give me a 24 hours heads up. The worst is when they text AFTER I got all dressed up!

          1. Oh yes, there are friends who have gotten the riot act about their behavior.

            One cancelation tonight was out of her control (surprise visit from the mother!) the other quickly amended the situation and at least came over for girl talk and a movie.

            ALADDIN! So, that was good. (she fell asleep during, so, the tiredness is rather believable). But still. Long day planned – don’t plan a long night.

            I have actually ended a friendship when a girl kept canceling (via text even!) and it was when I really needed a friend to talk to. The Dark Days. She could not keep her end of the friendship – so I didn’t keep mine. I have no regrets there.

            1. I ended a friendship once due to a similar reason – it was mostly because she was insulting to another friend of me – but it was really over way before then. She was the kind who was always free to hang out when she was single, but as soon as she got a boyfriend she never was – except she would IM me all the time for relationship advice. We went longer than a year without seeing each other or hanging out, and we live in the same city! It was ridiculous.

    1. I would much rather they tell me they can’t do it than do what a friend of mine had a tendency to do: forget about it and not get back to me until the next day. Then I’d be waiting around for him all freaking day!

      I gave him a pass because of his situation, but damn.

    2. I feel like the best thing to do is to have secondary plans: the “I’m awesome, so I’m going to *be* awesome with or without you” plan.

      Like, one year at PAX, I was supposed to meet up with a bunch of people, and they totally ditched me for a panel. I was pissed, as I had made rice krispies treats and brought them along. Then I decided it would be really fun to go about feeding the Enforcers, which mainly gave me an excuse to yell, “HEY ENFORCER! Yes, you! Would you… like a rice krispy treat?”

      I had a blast, but I had to be willing to even try it in the first place, which is the most challenging part. Like getting used to eating alone in restaurants and enjoying it took me ages.

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