This Weekend OT is Going to be Super!

It is the weekend before Super Tuesday, and you know what that means! Lots of news articles about how women can’t be trusted to make decisions about their own bodies, candidates proclaiming that we should all be living according to the Christian God’s Planâ„¢, and really, really, really rich people explaining that they really, really, really get what it means to be struggling to make ends meet. Just in case you want a preview of the bullshit to come, here’s something:

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This weekend OT is open for all threads, so get cracking in the comments. If you have trouble thinking of something to say, how about this: Super Tuesday? Maybe for some. Tell me about a time when something really awesome was supposed to happen, only to have it turn around and be supremely disappointed. My example: Orgasmic birth. Riiiiiiiight.

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I am old and wise. Perhaps more old than wise, but once you're old, you don't give a shit about details anymore.

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      1. I knew about the 5x thing but I’ve suddenly overnight got loads of points more than I did last night, and I can’t see where they’ve come from! (not that I’m complaining cos I’m Donna Noble now:) ).

    1. My two cents: I think it was done in good fun and a sense of look-what-I-figured-out, but it makes me sad overall, like the points don’t mean anything.

      I mean, the points DON’T mean anything!  But now it is less fun to try to get to the next level.

        1. @susan: and @flyingfox: How is being given points by posters who think you’re neat not “earning” points? Both of you got points from me for just that reason.

          I’m sad that this has gotten so silly. It’s meant in good fun, to share some sunshine with internet friends, and it’s become something to whine about. I notice that those who are taking offense haven’t donated these supposedly tainted points to others. If they bother you so much, find an inactive account or worthy newbie or whatever and pay them forward.

          They’re zeroes and ones, and I’m done explaining.

          1. I intended a mildly sarcastic tone in my comment above – it seems like maybe that didn’t come across to you. After all, I said upthread that I wasn’t complaining. This isn’t a major issue for me one way or the other, and it’s up to the editorial team whether they’re happy to allow it or not.

          2. Lots of people who had points donated to them had them erased by the editors.  I just gave yours back.  I was hoping that this would be a “I didn’t realize it would offend” but instead it has become an “I’m sorry you were offended,” and that is really upsetting to me.

            As far as them being zeroes and ones – this is true.  Zeroes and ones for a website for which many of us pour hours and hours of work into every week.  The points don’t matter, but the system does.

          3. It’s not really sharing points if you don’t earn them by actually participating. The points were supposed to a fun incentive to comment more, not some sort of weird pissing match to see what you can get away with. If I had gotten points donated to me, I absolutely would have had the editors erase them. Hell, I felt guilty when a couple editors gave me bonus points when they said in advance that they’d give points to people who commented on certain threads. I’ve been commenting on and off for at least a year and writing for the site since September, and this makes me sad because it’s not how things work around here.

            1. I don’t frequent the OT threads because of time constraints, but I am a regular writer here and have been for over a year. I don’t like the idea of donating hundreds of points to random commenters for no reason, or collecting them through various glitches just for the sake of it. It becomes a popularity contest and a competition and that is not in keeping with the spirit of this zine. The writers (and commenters) who frequent the site put a lot of thought, effort and work into keeping this space the awesome place that it is, and I think if we start focusing on who gives who more points and who is at what rank and all of that, we might as well be back at Jezebel. All that competition with the promoting and demoting and begging for stars and playing favorites was one of the things I hated most about that site. The focus should always be the content of the zine, and the sharing of ideas. Not points. Just my two cents.

              1. I think some people just went overboard in enthusiasm. I like to donate points as well, for silly comments or bonding newbees. Maybe PM should restrict the ways in we should get points, but on the other hand, I’m pretty sure this won’t happen again/any time soon.

                Because really, let’s not cry over spilled donated milk points.

    2. Damn it, this is just like when my friends snuck doughnuts into the classroom and were eating them and by the time they had been caught and found out and had their doughnuts confiscated, I had only just arrived at the classroom so I didn’t get to have secret doughnuts. I mean, I wouldn’t have eaten the doughnuts anyway because I didn’t have a plate, but I always miss things. =(

                1. When I was a little kid I used to think Irish people had it so bad because contests on kid shows always said “Does not include Republic of Ireland.” Back then I didn’t really distinguish between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. In my defence, I was six.

                    1. Yeah, I am very particular about British Isles nomenclature, to the extent that I get annoyed when teams including Northern irish participants are referred to as “Team Great Britain”, because they’re not.

                      I’m also quite a staunch unionist. I identify as British far before I identify as English, which makes me quite unpopular with my fellow Englishpeople for whatever reason.

                  1. My Opposite-Gender Occasional Weekend Companion recently asked me whether I’d ever move to Ireland. “Of course!” I said and he looked hopeful. “Oh, but not Northern Ireland,” I said and he got this look on his face like I was about to say something really awful about Northern Ireland, where he used to live. “It makes me so sad whenever there’s an offer on the telly and it doesn’t apply to Northern Ireland, or when websites offer free shipping but not to Northern Ireland. I would be constantly swearing and throwing things!”

                    I just always assumed that ROI had their own special offers, but maybe I can’t move there either. I hate injustice in all its forms.

                    1. My mum’s Dubliner born and raised and she’s still ashamed that I support Welsh rugby and don’t identify with my Irish heritage at all. I just have never felt Irish whatsoever, mostly because I’m a lot of a British stereotype (I love tea, politeness and socks in the bedroom). If I ever tried to go all “I’M SO IRISH” I’d be laughed out of the room.


                    2. Can we call him your OGOWC?

                      ha we do and they usually apply to NI as well, if that’s any help. Plus, NI has some of the most quality scenery in the whole island.

          1. I stopped eating fried foods and cutting out most extra-sugary things from my diet a few years ago, so if I eat a doughnut now it’s like trying to eat a volcano. Quite unpleasant, and it tears up my stomach too. Because my body isn’t used to the sugar or grease.

            If it makes you feel better, I used to love doughnuts.

  1. Re-watching the latest season of Doctor Who on Netflix (yay!). I noticed they’ve added an intro by Amy that plays right before the intro theme music comes in. Did they have this when it aired on TV? I don’t remember it, and I don’t really like it. I love the cheesy theme music, and now there is less of it!

      1. Thank you! I hope so too. I want to paint my nails but I’m a bit shaky. So true about the older you get the worse they are. I used to be able to do full McDonalds shifts on hangovers. That was a skill to have. Double points if you had a kids birthday party to host as well.

        1. 1) Live it.

          2) Steal images from George Takei’s Facebook page.

          3) Sonny Bono, get off my lanai.

          4) Blanche, orator means speaker.

          5) Of course, they can’t mate, or the mice would explode.

          6) You can lead a herring to water, but you’ll have to walk really fast or he’ll die.

          7) Set the scene. Have we been drinking?

              1. 10. My mother always used to say: “The older you get, the better you get, unless you’re a banana.”

                If we join this venerable religion, do we get to recreate the Great Herring War between the Lindstroms and the Johanssons? I don’t like pickled herring; I vote we train them for the circus.

                1. No! We are a peaceful, loving faith.

                  “All creatures must learn to coexist. That’s why the brown bear and the field mouse can share their lives in harmony. Of course, they can’t mate, or the mice would explode.”

                    1. If herring are as dumb as St. Olafians, then many would volunteer for pickling.

                      “Stay young forever and be highly desirable? SURE!”

            1. I didn’t choose to be born in the Reagan regime, but at least I’ve never known a world without The Golden Girls, Designing Women, Muppets of all kinds, the computer mouse, the Macintosh 128K, Nintendo, and ketchup as anything other than a health food.

              Praise Bea.

  2. I suddenly have an astonishing number of points!  @bender, you not only make me possibly the awesomest leftie badge ever, but then you give me Internet Points out of the blue.  <3<3<3  And I’m pretty sure my MSc thesis was so equation-heavy (and subscript heavy) that making someone read it is a form of ocular evil, so yes :)

    1. Maus and I took advantage of the 5x points weekend so we could create a small army of Julia Sugarbakers and Zombie Vonneguts. It’s all in good fun, not to upset anybody (which apparently we did). No offense is intended.

      I’m still gonna donate regular points when the mood strikes. For me, having points is about giving them away. I’m a spender, baby.

      1. I know it was all in good fun – and not meant to offend.  But it makes me feel sad about all the points I’ve been amassing the old fashioned way…like they are meaningless.  I know, I know, they are all meaningless.  But still.

        1. But you amassed them the same way we did—posting, taking advantage of multiples, being active on the site. We didn’t do anything that anyone else couldn’t have done if they chose to. You’re one of many posters we shared points with, because they’re there for sharing and silly ranks.

          Having points accumulated is meaningless to me; I want to share them with the cool people here. Being miserly with them is- I don’t know, I don’t get it. It’s like when I buy some Legos for my nephew instead of getting myself a new accessory—I’m not being selfless. I genuinely get more enjoyment out of his enjoyment than I would out of the accessory. (Plus Legos are boss).

          I still think you good work on this site and want to show you that from time to time with mentions and points.

          1. I know what you mean, and I’ve donated points, too, because it’s fun.  But to me, refreshing the status update multiple times a minute just to get a million points is like using the cheat codes in the old Nintendo.  Sure, you can jump reallllllly high, but then it makes everybody else who is jumping normally look silly.

            And anybody else *could* do what you did, it’s not like you were breaking the law.  But to me, it goes against the spirit of the system, which is designed to make the website more interactive and make interacting more fun.  Millions of blank status updates doesn’t do that.

            Don’t get me wrong, I did appreciate the message.  And I am glad that you were showering others with gifts.  I just personally feel like the system that I was having fun being involved with is cheapened – like inflation has suddenly made my points worthless.  It’s a flaw in the system that made this possible, and not something that you did to destroy it, but for me personally, the experience has been cheapened.

            1. That’s how you feel, I’ve explained how I feel. Hoarding points cheapens them to me. We just disagree, which is fine.

              As far as how it happened: yes, I used frequent status updates to generate some points. But that’s not how most of the points were created. By donating all of my, let’s say, 2,000 points to somebody during a 5x weekend, they get 10,000 points. I’ve been here for over a month now and taken advantage of that every multiple weekend; this isn’t something new and nobody raised an issue until now. Since they have, I’m guessing that that will be changed.

              The implication remains that something wrong was done, and if that’s how people feel, then I ask them to unfriend me because I have no interest in following the site activity of somebody who thinks that by using the system in place I cheated. Oh, and have the integrity to toss the points you were given under this bonus system. This silliness, so not necessary.

              1. No, what cheapens the points is amassing them through meaningless, auto-updated status messages rather than through conversation and participation on the site. You didn’t earn these points through active participation, you earned them by updating your status for god knows how long rather than conversing with the other commenters in the OT. The spirit of the points system is to encourage members to interact. You were not interacting, you were jacking the system to give points to a few people to “create a small army.” Saying your goal was to create a small army, in my opinion, sounds rather like clique behavior, which isn’t in the spirit of the site, or the points system, at all. And yeah, the points are ultimately meaningless, but they do have a symbolic meaning, that those who have many points earned them by being an active participant in the community for a long time, and they earned them on their own. What you’ve done here is made people feel like there is nothing special about participating. I believe that’s what people — commenters, writers, and editors alike — are upset about.

          2. I can say with certainty that no one else amassed hundreds of thousands of points an hour for the past several weekends by auto-refreshing their status updates every few seconds. And yes, it was an oversight on how the points system was set up, because I don’t think anyone imagined that particular scenario would happen.

            1. Re-read the numbers after you see what I wrote above. I don’t have hundreds of thousands of points; the 5x donation (which I thought was SUPPOSED to work that way as it has been the same during all bonus periods) is where 2,000 became 10,000.

              1. You don’t have hundreds of thousands of points because you donate them en masse, including a 1 million point donation yesterday. We do have records of how points are obtained and donated. If you have 2000 points, during a 5x points weekend, you are only able to donate 400 points, because the site will automatically multiply both the donation and the debit. Sitewide point earning is posted on the public activity feed, so when someone has 30 or more status updates at 125 points each within a two to three minute window, it does show up in the points log.

                And, for what it’s worth, I did “toss the points” I was given via these means. That is also an easily proven matter of record.

          3. What you don’t seem to get is that, if you’re earning points by nefarious means, they really aren’t yours to bestow on people. They aren’t supposed to be a popularity contest, and it makes it really cliquey because you just got here and are promoting your friends over the people who founded the site and have worked their asses off to make it a fun site. No one said anything sooner because the people who noticed first were the editors and writers and we were fucking furious and didn’t want to start a shitstorm while our tempers were running high. This isn’t cool, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the editors have to totally overhaul the point system now. You made a lot of extra work and a big ass headache for people who don’t make a fucking dime to keep this site running. Good work.

            Also, I could tell exactly when Selena switched off the bonus points because you had two updates that were 4 seconds apart when the points changed. Four fucking seconds.

            1. Hillary, I think the point has been made already. If the editors want to do an site-wide announcement on points etc., let them and it can be discussed there if people have strong feelings on it. I don’t think further discussion here on the topic will be productive.

      1. HAVE YOU BEEN READING MY LAB NOTEBOOKS?!  That was TOP SECRET!  I was already scooped by the jerks who figured out how to make sofa cushions never get butt divots (even though their methods are not adequately explained, and have so much Supplemental Information in their paper that my eyes hurt), and now you get wind of my baby-flavouring project?!  GRAAAAAAAGH.

                  1. My old roommate and I had a (hideous) loveseat that we’d gotten from free from someone or other that had such an epic butt divot that a spring from the couch base would poke your left butt cheek if you didn’t sit juuuuuust so in it.  I currently own a two year old Ikea couch I got on sale.  I am well versed in The Great Butt Divot Situation.

    2. Uhum. Yes. I was super excited to see this.

      Now, I shall spend the next week dishing out the points to return to my former Unicorn glory! Muhaha! I reject your competition and substitute in my own (wherein I attempt to remain a Unicorn forever).

  3. Went to dinner with the boyfriend’s (very Baptist) family on Friday.  Bf’s mom said, “I noticed you didn’t have fish.”  Was she questioning MY Catholicism?  What the WHAT?  I politely pointed out that I had ordered the pear ravioli, but was seething a little bit inside.  She’s a lovely woman, but sometimes…….

    Also, you can apparently slice your hand open with an emery board.  Just as an fyi.

    Also also?  Downton Rap.  If you want the giggles.

      1. We were at a little place in South Bend Indiana called Corndance.  It was a farm-to-table kind of thing and absolutely delicious.  HOWEVER, pear ravioli is incredibly sweet.  I wish I’d gone with the appetizer sized portion of it, because it was like having dessert all the way through dinner.  (The filling is cheese and nuts and the sauce is a pear flavored cream sauce.)  Delicious, but tiring.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t have steak like everyone else at the table.  :(

            1. “I squee’d a squee in time gone byyyyyyy

              When cute was nigh and life worth living

              I squee’d that love would never diiiiiiie

              I squee’d that sloths would be forgiving

              Then I was River Song and unafraid

              And squees were made and used and pasted

              There was no cute-tax to be paaaaaiiiid

              No squee un-squee’d no wine untasted.”


  4. I do NOT want to be at work.  At all.  Boooo to feeling the need to work every other weekend.  Booooo to Mr. Nonsense finally getting home from a 4 days absense only 10 minutes before I had to leave for work.  Booooo to not being able to watch the Walking Dead. 

    Self-pity party over.  I’m going to go eat my burrito now.

  5. Okay, Cadbury company. WHERE ARE THE CREME EGGS??? I have seen the chocolate, and the caramel. Those are all fine and dandy, but what I really want is the original (and still the best) Cadbury Creme, and they are nowhere to be found, even at the three (!) major drug stores I visited today. What gives? And no, the “mini creme eggs” you’re trying to sell me are not going to cut it. The perfect balance of chocolate and sugar filling are only to be found in the original size, thank you.

    C’mon, Cadbury. My dentist needs to put an addition on his summer home. Help me, help him.



        1. I WANT CARAMEL!!!

          If you’re in New York, I might be able to get some Creme Eggs to you via the old interstate trebuchet. We have tons of Creme Eggs here in Massachusetts, and I can’t stand ’em. I can offer no guarantees on how many will arrive intact. To produce a maximally convenient situation following the arrival of your items, you may wish to provide me with coordinates of a building neighboring what would otherwise be your preferred delivery site.

      1. I wrote in another post that, seriously, not being hyperbolic, he sets off my rape alarm. TO BE CLEAR: I am NOT accusing him in any way of being a rapist. What I mean is that he gives me the sensation of immediate personal harm, de-personalization, and a very real threat to my autonomy and control over my own body. The example I gave was the feeling of walking alone at night while someone drove past too slowly.

        Someone more eloquent than I should be able to make a damn solid case about how his attitudes towards women and sex exemplify the political aspects of rape culture, i.e., sex is not yours to deny and the responsibility for the consequences is yours alone and those consequences are almost always phrased as a punishment.

        1. I get a similar feeling when I am exposed to him for 30+ seconds. Eloquence, unfortunately, isn’t too compatible with my cooking dinner. Bad things might happen to my food were I to craft beauteous locutions at this juncture.

          So, yeah. Rick Santorum – BLEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRGGGGHHH.

          1. Yes. Like that episode of Family Guy where Peter laid a woman down in a mud puddle so that a man wouldn’t get his shoes wet.

            The only thing I really took away from Borrowed Finery was the description, “I had the feeling that, if she could have concealed the fact, she would have killed me.” <—Santorum, so much.

        1. I remember LiveJournal and Tripod. I didn’t use them, but I was aware of them.

          The point here is, I can rent a car without a penalty because I’m a million and 2/3rds a year older than @Silverwane. FTW!

          1. Do you remember WinMX? Before the shutdown/rebuild thing. That was back when I had legitimate files that I couldn’t convert to MP3s for my non-iPod MP3 player, so I had to download separate MP3s. (Since I already paid for licenses to the content, it wasn’t illegal, and even if it were, 1) prove I did it and 2) face the harsh reality of the statute of limitations. Yeeeeeeeeah, baby!)

            I have a little niece and she’s just not going to believe how we lived in the 00s.

              1. Maaaaaan, the Dark Ages, huh? I didn’t get wireless until junior year of high school, so file-sharing sites weren’t really an option until college.

                Also, I was born in the 1980s. Your 1990s birth makes me 1.009 times as awesome as you. I REMEMBER TAMAGOTCHI. Check and mate.

        1. All I’ve ever wanted to be was a grouchy old man. Every day that brings me closer to that goal, and the blessed relief of being post-menopausal, is manna from a small, Fair Trade local bakery.

          On As Time Goes By, Lionel said that his ex-wife was “born middle-aged.” It’s so good to know one’s slogan.

          So I may not know how people did research before the internet, and I can still hear all manner of mosquito ringtones, but I’ve never had a MySpace. Ye durn whipper-snapper.

            1. As an eight-year-old, I screamed that constantly to the kids whose PARENTS dropped them off at our lawn like it was a fucking day care.

              If you know an alcoholic with an “IRISH PRIDE” shamrock tattoo on his bicep who got reamed out by a foul-mouthed third-grader for letting his double-tailed sperm play on our family’s lawn, that may have been me.

                  1. Luckily, I live in the city now. Plenty of people to yell at. Unluckily, I do not have a lawn. Yelling “Get off my patch of sidewalk!” a: isn’t very rewarding, and b: makes no sense. And I can’t yell “Get off my stoop!” because if I did, I would never get my mail. Oh, the SADZ I haz.

          1. I just want to be an old lady and be able to putter around ALL DAY.

            I have a friend who I used to jokingly compete with about who could be the “oldest lady” (including FB status updates like “Going to bed at 8:30 while April just said she’s starting an episode of whatever show, #moreofanoldlady”), except that lately she’s completely ceded to me.

            That was about the time I got diagnosed with arthritis, which I think means that I win that fight forever.

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