Fun Time Open Thread: Fill In the Blank

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We’re playing Wheel of Fortune tonight. The category is “Movies,” all the consonants have been revealed, the bell has rung and you need to guess. Can you figure out all the movie titles below? 

  1. Gh*stb*st*rs
  2. C*n*h**ds
  3. Th* Gr**t **td**rs
  4. D*ct*r D*tr**t
  5. Bl**s Br*th*rs
  6. Gr*ss* P**nt* Bl*nk
  7. Sn**k*rs
  8. Dr*gn*t
  9. Sp**s L*k* *s
  10. Tr*d*ng Pl*c*s
  11. Tw*l*ght Z*n*: Th* M*v**

For bonus points, can you tell me the common bond for all the movies above?

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[E]SaraBFun Time Open Thread: Fill In the Blank

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  1. Profile photo of KellsBells

    mnkay – I wrote, filmed, produced, edited and marketed a 15 minute long instructional video on facilities and administrative costs.  I have never in my life done any copy writing or video production or marketing.  This project took over a year between the actual time it took to produce and the thousands of revisions my boss wanted and the problems getting our IT department to load it to our website in a way that we liked.

    It went out publicly last night.  We sent an email to every faculty and staff member at this university inviting them to view the video.  This should have been a huge win.

    My boss emails me this morning from her phone (she’s on vacation) to tell me that the email was different than the one she approved.  There was a misspelling in the subject line.  I had read the subject line to our admin assistant over the phone and she accidentally used “to” instead of “too.”

    What the ever loving fuck?!  No, atta girl or way to go – just criticism?  So pissed off!

  2. Profile photo of Dr. Song
    Dr. Song

    So I wrote an irate letter to the National Organization for Marriage a couple weeks ago, using the open form on their website. Now I’ve somehow been added to their mailing list, and keep getting solicited for donations. I feel like a spy, guys! It’s awesome.

      1. Profile photo of Opifex

        I didn’t book this, so I have that comfort. I just thought I was going to this company’s Kalamazoo office when in fact I am going to their Grand Rapids office. Wheee…

  3. Profile photo of twiddle

    There is always a certain point at the end of the semester where I really just want to eat cold pizza, wear the same comfy clothes all the time, and probably not bother to shower. I want to sit on the floor with my laptop and all the papers and notebooks that I need to just keep writing spread around me. I want someone to bring me another pot of tea. A large pot of tea. Everything is due in 2 weeks and I have only half of everything done. I have hit that point.

    The funny thing is that I have had this same pattern since undergrad. I’m now finishing the second year of my phd. Apparently, some things never actually do change.

  4. Profile photo of

    Oh hai thar, P-magineers. I’ve been (hopefully noticeable) absent for the past while. This is in part to my busy beaverdom, my depression, but mostly due to the RSS feed for P-mag sucking like some horrible sucky thing.

    That said, #2 should be Cuntheads. That is a movie I would watch. It would be a science fiction movie with characters such as Queen of Cuntoria and the Vulva Rebels.

    1. Profile photo of wannabemusicologist

      Hey (I think you’re an Albertan/Alberta expat too- I hope I am remembering this correctly otherwise this is going to seem random) while you were away our home province didn’t vote in a libertarian government who wanted to turn alberta into a lawless wasteland. Woooo hoooo!

      1. Profile photo of

        I noticed. As much as people hate on Alberta for being conservative, we aren’t coo-coo for Cocopuffs/idiotic politicians. I’m glad that the Wildrose party didn’t gain as much traction as I feared they would. It also means that when I’m done with Québec (which trust me when I say will be as soon as our lease ends), I can move back to Alberta without worrying too much.

        1. Profile photo of Frigg

          I don’t know if I’d go so far as to say Alberta isn’t co-co for Cocopuffs / idiot politicians.  There are many fine, fine Alberta examples of lunatic.  Rob Anders continues to win.  Heh.  Notice I haven’t seen a comment from him about the WR loss.


      1. Profile photo of

        D’aw. Thanks.

        Today has started out as very, very bad. The blasted Metro was stalled for TWENTY MINUTES, leading me to be late to my workshop, causing them to refuse me entry (despite the fact that it was only five minutes in tardiness that wasn’t even my fault to begin with). Now I’m a grumpy. This video is helping though.

        1. Profile photo of

          I once did a show called “Cooking While Drunk”. We made a lasagna. I shall share the link because I have NO SHAME.

          Can you guess who I am? (It’s kind of cheating if you know what I look like.)

  5. Profile photo of batg1rl

    Ghostbusters, Coneheads, the Great somethings, Doctor something, Blues Brothers, Grosse Pointe BLank, Sneakers, Dragnet, Somethings, Trading Places, Twilight Zone: The Movie and these were all 80s/90s movies?

  6. Profile photo of frenchfry

    I was jealous that all my friends are all my friends are out drinking and dancing tonight, and I’m trapped at home by a drug test/physical for my new job in the morning. But then I took advantage of the empty apartment by playing dress up and strutting around in some of my totally impractical heels. Now, instead of feeling lonely, I feel super sexy :-P

    1. Profile photo of Silverwane

      I know how that goes. I recently dusted off the Civilization IV copy. I know if I start a game, I will keep playing until it is done, and sometimes that will take all. day. long.

      But I did it anyway.

      This was a terrible idea.

    2. Profile photo of amandamarieg

      I threw myself into finishing up my rewatch of the series Monday.  Finished the series finale and am refusing to turn on Netflix for fear of series junkei-ism.  So I hear ya.  Good luck, be strong, and set some limits!

    3. Profile photo of QoB

      I’m on Series 5 of The West Wing after buying myself the box set: mistake. I’m so sleep-deprived cos I’ve been staying up late to finish just one.more.episode…

  7. Profile photo of GwenBear
    1. Ghostbusters
    2. Coneheads
    3. The Great Outdoors
    4. Doctor Detroit?  I don’t know, kind of guessing on the second word here…
    5. Blues Brothers
    6. Grosse Pointe Blank
    7. Sneakers
    8. Dragnet
    9. Spies Like us
    10. Trading Places
    11. Twilight Zone: The Movie

    Um…they all have Dan Akroyd in them?  I haven’t seen them all, but he’s in all the ones I HAVE seen!

  8. Profile photo of Crystal Coleman
    Crystal Coleman
    1. Ghostbusters
    2. Coneheads
    3. The Great Outdoors
    4. Doctor Detroit (okay, never heard of this, but I’m good at scrambles so I got it)
    5. Blues Brothers
    6. Grosse Pointe Blank
    7. Sneakers
    8. Dragnet
    9. Spies Like Us
    10. Trading Places (One of my favorites)
    11. Twilight Zone: The Movie

    I was just thinking, there’s a lot of Dan Ackroyd in there… and then I saw the thing about bonus points. Reading comprehension ftw!

  9. Profile photo of amandamarieg

    Can someone tell me how this HAPPENED?

    Philadelphia School District is closing due to budget cuts.  The public school system is basically dissolving.  Thousands of students have been unable to get a decent public education for years.  Now they can’t even get a public education?  I can’t wait until someone tells these kids that the reason they’re not achieving is because goshdarnit, they’re just not WORKING hard enough.

    1. Profile photo of [E] Slay Belle
      [E] Slay Belle

      Our school system has been in trouble for decades. Decades. It’s frequently been bailed out by the state. The whole ‘could close’  is something to pay attention to. Philadelphia was going to close almost all of it’s public libraries a year or so ago, but the outcry ensured that some more funding was freed up to keep the libraries open. The school district proposal is so radical that I can’t help but assume that it’s a last ditch effort to get more funding freed up to close the massive funding gap. (There’s been a number of private Catholic school closures in the city as well.) The city has been competing for funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates charity — I don’t know how or if this will play into things.

    2. Profile photo of Sharpest Shark
      Sharpest Shark

      I….don’t understand what the government in Philadelphia is spending so much money on that it can’t meet one of its most important and most basic of duties: public education and libraries (which are tied into public education, of course).

      And this quote just scares the shit out of me: “He got to it: talk about “modernization,” “right-sizing,” “entrepreneurialism” and “competition.” So, not only will they be begging for money from rich people, but no doubt that “entrepreneurialism” and “competition” means for-profit. Watch. Public schools there will have corporate sponsorship damn soon, you mark my words – tying education to consumerism and big-business interests, how lovely! What could possibly go wrong! “K thru 12 education, sponsored by Walmart!”

      WTF? Social infrastructure is always the first thing cut in bad times, and yet are the last ones to ever get properly funded again, even in good times. Goddammit, I’m so sick of politicians who think this stuff is disposable!


      1. Profile photo of amandamarieg

        How do you “right-size” an education budget?  Do you just start killing off kindergarteners so that you don’t have to spend as much money?  And as for the for-profit thing, that is a huge worry.  Although maybe econ classes will be more entertaining and Junior Achievement won’t suck so much…?

    3. Profile photo of batg1rl

      That’s terrifying, and good to know I won’t have a job in the city I’ll be going to school in (I wouldn’t be working in education, but I feel like if things are that bad, there would definitely be less money for things like saving buildings and things that aren’t…people.). And, I have no idea what on earth I’d do without a library whose idea was that???

  10. Profile photo of Slay Beau
    Slay Beau
    1. Gh*stb*st*rs – Ghostbusters
    2. C*n*h**ds – Coneheads
    3. Th* Gr**t **td**rs – The Great Outdoors
    4. D*ct*r D*tr**t – Doctor Detroit
    5. Bl**s Br*th*rs – Blues Brothers
    6. Gr*ss* P**nt* Bl*nk – Gross Point Blank
    7. Sn**k*rs – Sneakers
    8. Dr*gn*t – Dragnet
    9. Sp**s L*k* *s – Spies Like Us
    10. Tr*d*ng Pl*c*s – Trading Places
    11. Tw*l*ght Z*n*: Th* M*v** – Twiglight Zone: The Movie

    And all of them feature Dan Akroyd!

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