It’s Friday, I’m in Love With This Open Thread

It’s also Friday the 13th, which, for half-assed superstitious people like myself, means I was sure something shitty was going to happen all day, while being self-aware enough to hate myself for thinking it. 

Regardless, it’s Friday night: superstitious and non-superstitious alike, we should be having fun in this open thread.

(P.S. 3x points all weekend!)

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207 thoughts on “It’s Friday, I’m in Love With This Open Thread”

  1. This morning at a gas station, the cashier gave me a smile and a half-hearted, “How are you doing today?” to which I returned her smile and said, “Just fine. Did you know that the Titantic sank 100 years ago today?” The cashier shrugged, handed me my change, and said, “Eh, it was a bunch of people on a boat that I didn’t know. Lots of ships sink.” As I got behind the wheel of my car, I started thinking about her response. Nothing was particularly incorrect about the cashier’s observations; it was highly unlikely that she knew anyone that was affected by the sinking of the Titanic, and it is true that lots of ships sink with nary a whisper of interest from the public. While I could prattle on endlessly about what the Titanic meant in a purely historical context, what it boiled down to on a personal level as I drove was this: my interest in the events of this day a century ago eventually influenced my life in very direct ways. As a child, I was fascinated by the Titanic, reading everything about it that I could get my hands on and daydreamed endlessly about exploring the ocean floor. As I grew up, this single interest in the Titanic heavily influenced my eventual interests in underwater archaeology (with resulting internships and the publication of my senior thesis), maritime history (another internship), freshwater and marine ecology (also netting me jobs and internships), ship construction, museum and museology studies (earning me my graduate education), marine biology, social history and scholarship (more jobs!), and a lifelong thirst for knowledge. All of that grew out of an early interest in the events that happened a century ago today (or very early tomorrow morning, if you want to get technical).  I wish I had a few free hours tonight for some wine and quiet contemplation, but alas, it is not to be. Ah well. Have a good Saturday, everyone.

  2. Just finished watching the Korra premier! There was that awkward, introduce everyone really fast first half hour but the second half was…charming.  There were a few things that didn’t really make sense (Is the entire world now one nation, because didn’t Roku and Ozai lose there friendship after Roku gave that speech on how there always must be four nations? And did Aang consciously tell the White Lotus to look after Korra, or just the next avatar, because Korra would have been born the same second Aang died) but I seem to recall an awkward beginning to Last Airbender, too, so I can forgive them.

    1. I saw it too! I got the impression that it was just Republic City that didn’t have an allegiance to any one nation, but that the other nations still existed. I could be wrong, though – hard to tell in a first episode. Overall, though, I thought it was a great start and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

      1. That was my initial impression, but when Republic City was described as “the capital of this great nation” I started to doubt a bit. But Amon looks like he’s going to be a great villain! I’m guessing he’s a character we’ll meet unmasked but not know is him.

  3. Dear anyone who ever rents a room ever:

    Please include dimensions of said room, rent, area of town, and if utilities are included or not, if not, please list a ballpark average. This stuff isn’t difficult and I’m sure it will save you from answering the same questions 50 times.


  4. Hello ladies! I had to vent/squeal here about a boy because i’m stuck at work all day and don’t feel like making this very private thing known in the workplace. Erm, so I live wtih two boys who I had met once or twice before I moved in. One of them, T, i had major crushed on when we first met but when I moved in i made a very active attempt to think of him like a brother and focus on the slobby boy bits of him to switch off my crush=y feelings.
    Anways, been living there about 8 months now and we all 3 get along super super well, and T and I especially hang out a lot in the house and go on walks to gether, have amssive chats and in general are pretty good friends. We’re both planning to leave the city in September, him to uni in another province and I plan to move to London.
    And then last night, we ended up (well through a series of building up moments) spending the whole night spoonging and kissing in his bed, shirtless. And while the practical side of me is like, this could be terrible and awkward cuz hello we live together (and share a wall) most of me is just over the moon with internal squeals and buttierflies and happy happy joy. We sorta chatted about it last night, to clarify that it wasn’t just a one time thing, that we do actually really like each other. I don’t know where its going from here and im repressing my normal overanalysing self for the day, basking in happy feelings.
    Anyways. just had to share. because he is just so awesome and good looking and funny. doobidoobidooo!

      1. London is still on the menu. No way am I sticking around this town just for a guy, even if he is amazing. I am far too young! Way too much to do and see before I settle! And i am a little nervous of roommate #2’s reaction. I didn’t see him this morning as I work quite early .. I’m assuming T will mention it to him. Or something. Oh dear.

  5. This week ended good! I’m in a very good frame of mind! My extremely good friend is visiting for the last time, because then he is going to China in 2 weeks to teach English! I’m really happy for him, and happy to see him before I go. Also, my boyfriend may be visiting me today. :D I hope so. Finally, Passover ends tonight! Yes I have been waiting for bread!

  6. I am finally feeling like I’m getting my grove back as a researcher after a really rough term which has involved failing something and a bout of depression. I gave a conference type paper at a roundtable this week and I made an exciting research discovery which will help my dissertation/give it some more traditionally musicological legs. I think if I wasn’t currently depressed I would be a bit more excited about the research discovery thing…. but it is what it is.

    And- I have an appointment to start seeing a campus therapist next monday.

  7. I am so bad at not eating things that hurt my stomach. Sooooo much dairy this week. Blegh.

    Should be lots of exciting weather to take my mind off of my stomach, although it will probably make me miss my soccer game, which is annoying. You know you’re a native Oklahoman when you’re more worried about what tornado threats cancel than you are about the tornadoes themselves. Hail concerns me more anyway. I was without my car for FIVE weeks because there was such a backlog of cars messed up by hail a couple summers ago. We found one softball sized one in our yard, and a ton of baseball sized. Three of those punched through my back window.

    And I will end with a question. How does one attempt not worrying about changes that are kind of scary but that desperately need to happen?

    1. a) hail = terrifying it’s like god is stoning everyone for general immorality, except there’s so much sin happening these days that he didn’t bother to pick somebody.

      b) a wise, wise lady once told me that “you’re not doing it right unless you’re scared shitless.”, or something to that effect. I’m sure it’s not applicable to everything, but it’s what she said to me whenever I went to her with life choice issues.

      c) ahhhhhh dairy is the best and so, so bad for my stomach but so, so good going down. I’m looking at you, homemade tub of mac & cheese.

  8. Friends, my Steam Shark has forsaken me, I burned the hell out of my right hand while stupidly taking the cap off while it was hot. I am numbing the pain with nature’s miracle, beer.

    It really flipping hurts.

    It’s only first degree, there are no blisters, but it’s all of my fingers, my thumb, the back of my hand and my palm.

    All I have to say is what I said when it happened. “MOTHERFUCKER.”

  9. I just finished rearranging my bedroom.  I’m sure my downstairs neighbor loves me right now, but whatever he plays far too much Grand Theft Auto (yes, his TV is loud enough I can tell) for me to care.  There is so much more space now!  I love it.  I’m sure getting rid of the giant pile of clothes helped but the new layout is a million times better than the old one.  This weekend I’m going to continue the massive cleaning of my apartment and attempt to make an upholstered headboard.

  10. I went and looked at a bedroom in a lady’s condo today. It is small…10′ x 10′. That’s not quite enough room for my bed, dresser, and have room for my massage table. Much less a bookshelf to store my crafty goodness. I just want a place to live that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg with a bedroom big enough to be able to set my massage table up in so that I can keep learning new things. I have SO much stuff. Like a whole apartment’s worth because I used to live in another state where that was an affordable option.



      1. Oh, I feel you. In my first apartment there was an aspiring guitarist who practiced at full volume. He/she had no shame. They were deaf to the slamming windows. It finally took someone yelling “YOU SUCK!!” to get them to turn it down.

        1. Mine isn’t very loud, but it drives me nuts hearing the same rhythm getting mangled and repeated dozens of times. On the upside, I’m 90% sure it’s the guy on the other side of my bedroom wall,  so I can have lots of fun getting revenge with obnoxious sexytimes :-)

    1. I have an opera singer neighbor. For some reason she likes to practice at around 10pm. Luckily this doesn’t bother me and she’s actually quite talented.

      There is also a loud sexytime neighbor off the courtyard somewhere that I hear when I have my window cracked. It always reminds me of the South Park movie, “Make a sound like a dying giraffe!” I’m always tempted to shout that out the window when he starts up. Have restrained myself though.

      Hope you get some sleep. :)

  11. Hey there! I’m new around here and was hoping someone could help me figure out how to change my avatar. Each time I try, I get the same error message:

    Upload Failed! Error was: Unable to create directory /var/www/vhosts/ Is its parent directory writable by the server?

    I’ve tried uploading JPG, GIF, and PNG files, but none of them worked! Any ideas as to what I’m doing wrong here? Or is it just some bad Friday the 13th mojo?


    1. This is why I celebrate Wine Wednesday!  Every Wednesday, I actually make myself dinner and have a glass of wine with it.  Because I am a grown up lady who deserves such things.  And so is everyone else.  (Unless they are neither grown up nor a lady.  Then they will have to make substitutions.)


  12. I love this song! And I just had an impromptu dance party.

    Friend just had a pregnancy test come back negative (this is a good thing). I had a drink in her honor and am feeling good. I applied for another job today! I’m getting ready for some dinner. The only bummer is that I kinda want to go out; but have nobody to go out with. I’ve been stuck in the house all day and I didn’t even exercise like I said I would. I’m hoping to get a message from cute OKCupid boy; I have to reply to some OKCupid boys I’m not so excited about. How do you let people down easy? I want to meet more people and be friends, but how do I tell someone I think they’re really cool and would love to be friends, but am not interested in them romantically? Last time I met up with a guy too early and it turned out super awkward. Now I feel like it has gone too far. Gah! Online dating. I just feel a little bit like a loser since this is my nth straight Friday I’ve spent at home alone (I’ve seriously lost count). I need to meet more people! People who like to go out and have fun! My social circle consists of a few married couples. Fun, awesome married couples, but still. I need to broaden.

    Sigh. I think I’ll have some dinner, another drink, and watch a movie. And look at funny animal pictures. Here’s an apt gif. (if it works)

    All Friday the 13th has done is visit mediocrity upon me.

    1. Ahh so many truths let’s be losers together/besties. I’m importing CDs now in my pjs like a cool kid.   Can we have like an OKStupid thread for whenever it’s being silly? Which is often? One I really like kind of stood me up and while I hope he’ll text me soon, I doubt it since I haven’t heard from him since Tuesday afternoon. I do have a long-distance message buddy though, but we’re buddies because he initiated the buddy thing. I feel kind of ambivalent about the rest, and thought I was just being picky…

      If you didn’t seemingly live in Silicon Valley, though, I’d suggest that we go do fun things?

      1. I’m sorry  the one you liked stood you up. I’ve been messaging back and forth for awhile now with the one I like, and to be fair, I did only message him this morning. It is just that he is cute! And we have so much in common! And I keep getting responses from the other guys.

        I take it you don’t live in Silicon Valley? Sad day. I will totally join you on an OKStupid thread though.

        1. Nope, I’m on the opposite coast of things.

          I feel like the law of OKStoops is that anyone and everyone messages you EXCEPT the one you actually want to hear from. It’s like jellied toast, falling jelly side down. Well, jammed toast because that at least has fruit in it, right?

  13. I am very glad I can vent here about the weirdness that is my dating life right now, because all of my RL friends know too many of the involved parties for me to be completely honest. So, some background: a few months ago I had a Friend With Benefits, who is in my engineering sorority’s brother frat. He is friends and frat brothers with the guy I am now dating (who we shall call the Marine), which was a strange transition but everyone involved had seen it coming from a mile off. So the Marine and I have been dating about a month, nothing official, and there has been a minimum of awkwardness with the ex-FWB.

    Then 10 minutes ago on Facebook- BAM, ex-FWB is dating one of my sorority sisters. And I find myself utterly flabbergasted. First, I didn’t even know they were friends. Second, and most importantly, it’s strange to see him have feelings for anyone, because for the whole time I’ve know him he’s been rabidly anti-attachment (not just with me). I never had feelings for him, but I’m a little bit upset for reasons I am still struggling to figure out. I’m horrified at myself, but I’m actually a tiny bit jealous (oxytocin, you are a cruel hormone). And I know he probably felt some of this weirdness when I started dating the Marine, but I’m finding myself completely unsettled by having the tables turned.

    And in the final bit of brutal venting honesty, I’m annoyed that his relationship is Facebook official before mine. And if we go Facebook official soon, I KNOW the gossips in his frat and my sorority will call it a reaction to his relationship. And caring this much about Facebook makes me feel immature, but it’s the truth.

    Aaand now I’m thoroughly disgusted with myself and my misbehaving feelings. Thanks for listening guys :-/

    1. Feelings get misbehavy. If it makes you feel better, I get rabidly jealous when my occasional FWB is dating, whether or not I’m with someone else at the time. Sharing sucks and is zero fun unless cookies are involved. And I totally get that the sorority/frat thing adds a whole ‘nother layer of ugh to it.

      Also, engineering sorority = awesome.

      1. That does make me feel better, actually. Now that I’ve gotten over the shock my feelings have settled down a lot and I think it won’t be a problem again.

        Engineering sorority is super awesome. The frat involved is also an engineering frat, so when we get together there is lots of drunk nerdy fun all around.

    2. Can you hide FWB on Facebook for a while? Sometimes the less you know the better.

      It does suck to feel that way, but feelings are annoying and dribbly like that. I promise it will get better if you’re just able to acknowledge it, and then occupy yourself with other things.

      1. Sleeping on my feelings seems to have brought them back in line. The hiding on Facebook is a good idea, but now that I’m not upset I’m super curious about them. Also, just realized that I’m in full PMS mode, and that may have had a lot to do with last night’s freakout.

        Thank you very much for the advice and the sympathy, it really helps :-)

  14. I’ve been running ALOT lately, because I’m training for a local half-marathon (my first!). It’s been so interesting to first watch me go from 5km to 16 (so far), and to realize that I DO have the strength to do it. I’ve not found that elusive runners’ high – the best I’ve gotten is runners’ zen, perhaps. Any runners or other athletes here? My feet have been a bit sore after the long runs, so the internet tells me to give them an ice bath. Ugh. I’m compromising by resting them on an ice pack right now, and yowee, it’s cold!!! But I guess this reduces the swelling?

    Okay, that paragraph was a bit all over the place. Clearly I need some ice cream.

    1. Cold is awesome for swollen feet. If you don’t feel up for an ice bath, soaking them in plain-old cold water works too. My dad is an avid runner, but I’ve never seen the appeal. Swimming is my favorite, because when I work out because I hate to be hot. The pool keeps me cool while I sweat :)

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