It’s Friday, I’m in Love With This Open Thread

It’s also Friday the 13th, which, for half-assed superstitious people like myself, means I was sure something shitty was going to happen all day, while being self-aware enough to hate myself for thinking it. 

Regardless, it’s Friday night: superstitious and non-superstitious alike, we should be having fun in this open thread.

(P.S. 3x points all weekend!)

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  1. IIIiiiiiiiiiii don’t wanna do my paper edits. Even though I’m stuck inside at work all through this beautiful sunny day anyway. Blah. Five minute Persephe-break, then back to it. Oh- and lunch soon!

    On another note: just spent the last half of the week at this amazing women’s workshop/retreat called Coming Into Your Own. They do programs around the country (US) and the world. If you ever happen to run across one, or have some shit going on in your life that you want to work through better and want to seek them out- do it. Hands down. No lie. I am in such a better place this weekend because of it.

  2. I made breakfast this morning! I am normally cooking impaired, so I’m pretty proud of myself for this. But not only did I make breakfast, everyone said it was really good! Go me!

    I made this recipe for beer pancakes with a few modifications. Instead of two cups of beer I just dumped in one 12oz bottle of Bell’s Oberon* and called it a day. I also added a 1/4 tsp. of nutmeg and 1/4 tsp. of cinnamon, because at first taste they were bland. The finished product was slathered with apple butter and enjoyed thoroughly.

    *Semi-local beer. American wheat with citrusy notes.

  3. Someone gave us some gigantic rawhide dog bones. Right now one of the dogs is walking around with the bone in her mouth. It’s almost the size of her head and it’s too big for her to actually chew on, but she puts it down every once and again to lick it. It’s hysterical. I’ll see if I can get a picture.

  4. Hey all! I’ve been absent around these here parts the past few weeks but I’m back!

    I watched the third to last episode of Supernatural season 4 (when we meet Jimmy sans Castiel) and holy moly. All the sads. I’m looking forward to season 5 but I’ve read alot about how much season 6 sucks. Should I skip it? Will I miss major things happening?


  5. This week, I finally stopped being the bigger person and told someone to go fuck themselves.  I have never felt so at peace about the worst situation of my life.  Done being the whipping girl instead of the one who was wronged.  Done telling everyone, “It’s okay. I’m sure you had your reasons.”  Nope.  You cheated on me with her, and she whispered rumors about me until I couldn’t walk into a room.  You are terrible people who are still harassing me about this three years later.  You suck, and I am awesome.  Also, LAWYER, you idiots, so quit bothering me before I start thinking up reasons to sue your asses.

    And thank you for letting me get THAT off my chest.

      1. Honey, you don’t even know the HALF of it.  This whole thing was my fault, of course, for dating the guy she was sleeping with.  Which is what the message she sent me basically amounted to.  (Not that I knew the sleeping with was going on.  It’s still all my fault.  All of it.  STILL.)  And then when I told her off, she told me I was being surprisingly immature about the whole thing.  Me.

    1. HAHAHA! I have a graphic design degree so I’m also very aware of kerning. I helped my friend back home get a graphic design job at a tiny copy shop and taught him about kerning and leading. Anyway, a few weeks ago, I was at the blood donation place waiting for my turn and flipping through a magazine and saw some REALLY terrible kerning. I took a pic of it with my phone and emailed it to him. He replied with “EWWWWW!” It was a hilarious kerning based moment.

      I <3 good kerning!

  6. Had a fantastic evening last night.  Went up the Auckland Tower, which is the tallest building in the southern hemisphere to check out the sights.  Saw beautiful views, had a fabulous supper and a bottle of wine, checked out another observation deck, watched the sun set and finally… saw Henry Rollins’ new show.

    It was exactly as I expected and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  He had a couple of great rants against misogyny.  I just really, really enjoyed his show.  I also find him simultaneously scary and sexy.  Like I want to angry f*ck him, a lot, a lot.  If anyone has a chance to see his show (he’s on a world tour right now), I recommend it, if that’s your sort of thing.

    Also, the people watching was amazing.  What an eclectic crowd.

  7. I’m West Wing marathoning at the moment, and I love how topical it is for a show that ended years ago. Large hadron collider; oil drilling in Alaska…

    On another topic, in honour of my new points level, I give you: the other Idris

  8. Oh God ya’ll. I don’t think I can read anymore. It isn’t the politics or anything that get me – it’s the smug navel-gazing. I don’t mind navel-gazing pieces if they are well done, insightful, or add something new to an old conversation, but I so rarely see that caliber on that website anymore. I can’t even blame the editors for publishing stuff from Open Salon blogs (presumably so they don’t have to pay the writer); it’s just so dull and self-absorbed. And Cary Tennis just needs to stop. Just. Stop.

  9. So I’ve been thinking about going back to school for a masters. I have a BFA and, unless I teach, I’m really limited in what I can do. I’m also sick of the industry I’m in. Pretty much everyone I’ve talked to has tried to convince me not to go back to school. So I’m torn. I love school, and I love learning new things. I’ve thought about going back for programming, since I’ve always wanted to do that. I’ve also thought about English, but I think that’d stick me back in teaching.

    I’m unemployed right now. Well, I’m always unemployed. The way my industry works is that you get a job (salaried) for awhile and then after the project is finished they let you go. I hate that environment and want something more stable. I have to move where ever I can find work, and it makes me feel like I have no control over my life.

    Pretty sure there is no dream job where you sit around listening to 70s music and read, so I’m trying to figure out my next step. I’ll happily accept any advice or personal anecdotes. Here’s a Bowie song for those of you who are lazy like me and just woke up, possibly hung over.

        1. My advice would be the same as what you’re probably already heard a hundred times: if you’re going to go back to school, make sure your degree will be in something that is in demand and will net you some jobs. Unless you’re independently wealthy or you don’t mind a freelance/nomad lifestyle (and it sounds like you might be sick of that), then there is great virtue in exercising some practicality here. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re selling your soul or something – it just isn’t true.

          If there’s no way for you to gain experience in the area you want to work in, and if education is the only way to get your foot in the door, then I think going back to school might be your only real option. Why work in something you dislike for the rest of your life?


          Edit: Ah, you added to your comment and I see you like your work – well, that’s a little different. But not being able to get work makes things pretty difficult.

          1. That’s where I am. I keep applying for jobs outside my industry. I’ve applied to several secretarial jobs. Not that that’s my dream, but I think I could be happy at a job that is stable and pays me decently. Of course, I have no experience as a secretary. And even there I’ve seen several postings where they want a bilingual person (unfortunately I only know one language) or someone with special office administrator education (which I didn’t know existed). Everything that is salaried requires extra know-how. So that’s why I’m thinking about going back to school.

            I’ve taught in the past, and I know I like it. But I taught at the college level. And I’ve looked into art teacher positions at the elementary and high school levels and my mind boggles. They want you to have certificates and all this extra training, and I’ve got none of it. So I’m back at the school thing.

            1. As someone with a BFA working a desk job in an office at the moment, I can say that I am not wild about it. I keep trying to figure out what tangentially related art field I can go into that would be both stable and interesting. I kind of enjoy my side job teaching, but I’m not sure there are enough jobs teaching art for me to find employment if I go back for a teaching degree.

    1. Programming is pretty practical! Just pick a concentration that’s in demand but you can see yourself doing every day. And that’s the sort of thing you need the degree for, so school makes sense, and I think the market is pretty good even if you’ve gone to a state school or something.

  10. So, more BtVS: anyone else following Buffy into comic-book land for seasons 8 and 9? Potential spoilers:

    [spoiler] Because I would really love to kvetch about the awful “Buffy is pregnant, oh, wait, psych!” wimp-out. Whedon’s always done a better job than many in pop-culture when it comes to feminist issues* and Buffy specifically holds a special place in the feminist pop-culture pantheon… so… disappointed…

    (*Provided, of course, that one’s conception of feminism is not intersectional, thus requiring a critical look at race in the Whedon-verse, which is a whole ‘nother thang.) [/spoiler]

      1. Grr. Still spitting mad; this seems to be one topic where if it’s raised, a main character is either going to make the “right” choice, or else something totally convenient will just so happen to occur in such a way that no one can be mad at her.

        Also: what is the expiration date for spoiler warnings?

        1. We have spoiler code, so you could talk about it behind a spoiler cut:

          For a basic spoiler, use the following: [spoiler] Your stuff here… [/spoiler]
          This will create a nifty box around your spoiler text with a button to show or hide the contents.

          For a fancier spolier, you can change the text that appears in the header area of the spoiler box by using this set of shortcodes: [spoiler intro=”Intro Words Here” title=”Title Words Here”] spoilers here… [/spoiler]

  11. I had bought all the ingredients for a slow-cooker pork roast – potatoes (oh potatoes I still love you…), carrots, onion and seasoning. Then when I was laying in bed last night with the allrecipes app on my phone I discovered a recipe for BBQ pork that required root beer, pork and sauce. So guess what I just threw in the slowcooker? Meat covered with root beer is weird looking… and fizzy. But I have high hopes. Lots of positive reviews on allrecipes. Anybody ever tried this? It’s actually my first time using my slow cooker AND cooking pork so I’m a bit nervous.

    If interested:

  12. The husband-type person and our roommate just left for California, as the former has job training and the latter wanted to tag along (they’re staying with some of our good friends). The house feels empty. The mister and I did three years long distance, so I know it’s not a big deal per se, but we were clingy all morning.

    On the plus side, I have an awesome set of plans coming together for the weekend after my birthday, complete with chocolate tastings, massive quantities of ice cream, a photo shoot, and food trucks.  I just have to survive a ton of course work first.

      1. It’s a week, so it’s honestly not at all a problem. And he can call in a couple hours. I’m just whining to get it off my chest thanks to the semi-anonymity of Persephone so I can focus on other things. And because whining at school needs to be limited to 1) thesis troubles, 2) linear regression homework, or 3) undergrads.

        1. Undergrads are the WORST.  At my school, they crowd the elevators and try to get into our study lounge.  Um, you’re not carrying 20 pounds of books with you and you look like you’ve slept this week.  I can tell you’re not a law student.  Go to your crappy lounge.  And don’t eat our food!  (Seriously, I can complain about undergrads all day.

          1. I don’t want to be all ‘grr, undergrads suck’ because I’m sure there are a ton of college-aged Perspephoneers that are freaking fantastic and actually do incredible things like think when reading/replying to emails. It’s just that the ones I’ve been partnered with have been so… underwhelming.

            My current grievance is with a guy who’s been skipping meetings for reasons so dumb I won’t post them because I don’t want a paper trail of my rage. (Yet.) And not only does he know my committee chair is the head instructor for this course, but he felt it was a good idea to tell me that the class is at a “rough time for his schedule.”

            1. I definitely feel you. There’s a reason that I got so frustrated with a lot of my colleagues when I was in my last year in undergrad. Especially in my field (philosophy), because when folks are around the sophomore year, there’s a tendency to think they know everything.

              I had a phase like that. Fortunately it was relatively brief.

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