News Appetizers: Girl, I Do Not Like What I See Out There

Welcome back, poodles, for another roundabout recap of all the news that proves that this dear country is headed to hell in an embroidered handbasket. Will we make it through the week with a forced smile on our faces, or will we grimly gather round the old television and lament the very forces that make all things seem ever so desperate and awful sometimes? Either way, there will be gin – cotton candy for those who abstain from the devil’s drink. So gather up your wills and your wiles, let’s meet this week’s news head on with a brave face and a tight grip on sanity.

Send help, wordly brotheren and sisteren. Or booze. Send all the booze.

50-year-old Francis Gerald Grady was arrested in Grand Chute, Wisconsin on Tuesday in connection with the bombing of the local Planned Parenthood clinic. The Grand Chute clinic was bombed late Sunday night. Boy, there is nothing that screams pro-life like bombing a family planning clinic. (Huffington Post)

ICE arrested 3,168 undocumented immigrants in the last six days, making it the largest operation the agency has ever organized. Whatever your thoughts are on immigration, it goes without saying that ICE, the organization that  fabricates its numbers, invents proprietary categories for crimes that do not correspond with criminal law and only end up targeting 10% of immigrants with a  criminal record, is interested in mass deportation. (Colorline, TRAC Immigration)

Critical race theory and history. Apparently we can’t have it because it makes folks resent white guys and that hurts their feelings. (Salon)

In Oakland, a school shooting has shocked the Bay area.On Monday, 43-year-old One Goh began shooting at Oikos University, a small Christian school. According to reports, he “allegedly ordered the dozen or so people in a classroom to line up against a wall, drew a handgun and started firing.” The San Francisco Tribune states that at least seven people have died and that thirty-five were shot. “Police said the victims are six women and one man ranging in age from their 20s to 40s. The man was identified as Tshering Rinzing Bhutia, 38, of San Francisco, killed when the gunman stole his car outside the school Monday morning. Two of the women killed were 21-year-old student Lydia Sim and 24-year-old Kathleen Ping, authorities confirmed.” It is said to be the Bay area’s worst mass shooting. (NPR, The San Francisco Tribune)

Think happy thoughts. Think happy thoughts. Think happy thoughts.

Five legally married same-sex couples filed a lawsuit on Monday, challenging the 1996 law that bars the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages. Because fuck you America, get with the program. Seriously. Stop making people waste their valuable time fighting your triflin’ self on this nonsense. (NY Times)

The Trayvon Martin case has shown the worst in American racism, gun laws, biased law enforcement, and all other types of fuckery. The New York Times put that in better terms though. (NY Times)

Tornados ripped through Texas, leaving widespread damage, but no reports of casualties in Dallas-Fort Worth area. Come on nature, I know we haven’t been good to you, but can you cut us some slack? (Al Jazeera)

Apparently Romney, our game show host of a GOP VP is winning. No one cares. (Al Jazeera)

Will it get better? It has to get better right? Kids, all I know is that life is scary and that looking at the news can be downright depressing. Even more so if that is your every day-intimate-dyed in the wool reality and personhood.  So hug tight to your friends, and hope for a better tomorrow. But until then, can you pass me my drink?

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