News Appetizers Love Haiku

This week had much news
Man stripped for security
No dinosaurs, though.

Encomium for a Pop Culture Icon

Dick Clark died this week
He made rock and roll mainstream
Teenager for life.

You Gotta Fight, For Your Right, to Pollute

Fracking can pollute
Now toxins must be captured
The Right hates this plan.

Missile Tests Are a Giant Pissing Contest

Countries measure up
India test missile launch
Who has the biggest?

Nuns Are Radically Badass

Nuns are feminists
Vatican hates this pish posh
They’re launching a probe


Shrimp without eyes found
BP oil spill to blame, duh
We are all so screwed

One Day I’ll Wear a Unitard Through Security

Airport nude protest
TSA so not amused
No bombs with no clothes!

Cool Person Who Made Cool Music Died

Levon Helm, drummer
The Band, amazing music
Passed away Thursday.

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14 thoughts on “News Appetizers Love Haiku”

  1. Yeah….the actual sisters (very few are really nuns- they are the cloistered ones) who are in education and healthcare see a world that the bishops have more than likely never seen. My take is that they more than likely just turn a blind eye to Church teachings that actually interfere with their work. Kind of like Jesus ignoring the Pharisees in His day.

    1. Oh, I heard this on All Things Considered Today and it made me so angry.  The people in charge at the Vatican have no idea of what the priests and nuns who are good and who do try to follow Jesus’s teachings face and see on a daily basis.  The nuns are trying to do good and the Church is preventing them from doing so because of the archaic attitudes the institution still holds.

      Do not get me started.  Do not.  Because I will drop so many F-bombs it wouldn’t be pleasant.

  2. So. Vatican. Lemme splain somethin to ya. Lotso Catholics are not so on board with you on this idea that gay folks and abortions are a bigger problem than poverty and poor healthcare. We also tend to be more respectful of nuns than of bishops. No one is more holy than the Mother Superior. Not even God. The bishops were not the ones in our schools with the rosaries and the death glares. You are gonna loose on this one. The world view is changing, you can change with it (and yes, yes you can, I’ve seen you do it), or you can loose the faithful to other churches. VATICAN II HAPPENED OK. You cannot go back and undo it, and what’s more you seem to be the only ones that want to. The rest of the world likes the changes it made.

    Also Jonathan Frid died. I am having a sad about that. He will always be the real Barnabas Collins.

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